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Gothenburg – A Neoclassical Eminence With Nordic Influence


Gothenburg is one of the major tourist attractions in Sweden. It is basically and foremost a sea fort, that has quite a similarities and influence that of Dutch culture. When you stay in Gothenburg you will feel at home. It is also one of the best places for a definite family vacation with amusement parks, cafes and restaurants. With less than 5 lakh people the city is away from the hustle-bustle and quite easily errand able.
People fall in love with the authentic old-day charm and stay here to reminiscing the same.

It will be a good idea to stop luring you more about the place and get into the best possible things that can be done in Gothenburg.

Archipelago – A string of pearl

Archipelago: Image credit/

The archipelago of Gothenburg is both northern and southern archipelago. It is made up of more than 20 islands alongside the beautiful Sweden Coastline. Tourist describes the beauty of Gothenburg archipelago as a string of pearl. You can take a tram and explore the fabulous and tranquil waters of the southern archipelago. The Northern archipelago is more crowded than Southern with vehicles and local crowd gathering. However, people come down to Höno to spend time kayaking and other water activities.

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Parks – For fun and adrenaline rush

Parks: Image Credit/

As I had already said Gothenburg is quite popular among the family. And the best available Amusement parks and water parks are also a reason. Liseberg is the most loved amusement park among the kids. It is also Europe’s most sought-after park. Tourists come here to push and check on their adrenaline levels too. There are gardens, cafes and bars in the park to go for.

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Botanical garden – Largest in Europe

Botanical garden
Botanical garden: Image Credit/

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in entire Europe. It is spread vastly over 175 hectares of land and gives the tourists one best ride throughout the garden. There are more than 16000 different varieties of plants in the garden and one among Arboretum is one among the major attractions. It is a marvelous sight to see the greenhouse set up there.

Museum – Just want you to wish for

goeteborgs-naturhistoriska-museum: Image Credit/

You just need to choose a museum according to tour taste. Are you an art lover? A culture geek? An unapologetic history and past lover? Or an ardent nature lover? Whoever and whatever your taste is, just step into Gothenburg Museums. There is the Museum of art, Maritiman, Volvo Museum, Radiomuseet, Natural History Museum and many more. And too true, I have never known a place that is too busy preserving its best!

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Universeum – A special landmark

Universeum, Gothenburg
Universeum, Gothenburg: Image Credit/

If you ask why I didn’t involve Universeum in the Museums and writing a different bit on it? Then there is only one answer, the Universeum is too special and a significant part of Gothenburg tourism. It is a scientific place which is a part of Evenemangssträket. The Universeum holds a particular interest in world culture. It is one of the most visited places in Gothenburg.

Historical significance – More into trade and export

Historical significance
Historical significance: Image Credit/

It was during the 17th century that Gothenburg predominantly grew to what it is now. This beautiful city was built with major exporting plans and business. It was here the biggest fish and shipping trade emerged with the help of Sweden East India Company. The place holds z major historical significance of trade and business.

Fish market – Best one ever

Fish market
Fish market: Image Credit/

If you are a seafood lover, this place will be no less than heaven. The marketplace looks much like a church, particularly that of Neo-Gothic Church. It was planned and designed by Victor von Gergerfelt in the late 17th century. This fish market is nothing like others, it has a variety of fish and other seafood items like never before.

Boat ride at the harbor – For Family tour

Harbor Gothenburg
Harbor Gothenburg: Image Credit/

A family trip to the harbor is a major get-together thing the tourists indulge in. You can explore the beauty of the city by opting for a boat ride alongside the city sea route. The boat rides are not only fun-filled and sightseeing but also entertaining and informative. You can opt for a ferry and cruise as well. You need to check with the service and book your slot as there is a higher demand for such rides across the city.

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Shopping – Collect the best things out

Shopping: Image Credit/

Shopping at Gothenburg can be a luxurious affair. From jewelry to eateries you have what you want. Swedish jewelry is quite famous over there, particularly the Sami Lapland jewelry. People also take home handicrafts and artifacts as souvenirs. The beautiful Swedish Christmas Ornaments are also an attraction to a great extent.

Eat and accommodation – Possibly cheaper one

Cafes and Restaurant
Cafes and Restaurant: Image Credit/

As we know most of the European places are quite costly. But Gothenburg is one cheaper place to stay. Food is tasty and inexpensive and if you are looking for free accommodation try to stay with the locals. It is not only free but will also ensure you to know the culture and tradition of the place.

Tour to European destinations is a dream come true to many of us. The Neo-Classical buildings, vast landscapes and a better living condition is what makes the place better tourist place.
So as you add Gothenburg to your bucket list, it’s a bye from me!

Bon Voyage!!

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