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Travel Lithuania – The Most Beautiful Baltic State of Europe


All the Baltic countries, be it Lithuania, Estonia or Latvia all hold a special place in Europe. These European States have gained independence from the Russian Empire and are now considered close to U.S. allies. However, in terms of tourism Baltic states are also known for Castles, museums, amazing beaches rewarded with endless stretches of golden shoreline, architecture, quaint villages, palaces, national parks and much more. Among the three Baltic states, Lithuania attracts tourists a lot.

In our previous blogs, you have read about Latvia and Estonia. So, I am here with the travel guide of the last Baltic state of Europe i.e Lithuania.

Let’s begin with the insight of Lithuania –

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Quick Insight of Lithuania

Lithuania is an awesome little European nation tucked between Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus. Mostly this nation is renowned for its panoramas, flatlands, rich forests, dunes, beautiful lakes and specially seashore with golden sandy beaches. Also, it is well-known for being the world’s only country with its official fragrance “The Scent of Lithuania.”

Lithuania / Image Credit:

Inhabited in the 12th century and thus the country really has a lot to offer in terms of historical aspects too. Its cozy little towns, diverse landscape, coastal plains, snowfall in winters, the Curonian Spit are most attractive among photographers. Military history sights, delectable local food and welcoming Lithuanian make this tiny country a true tourist destination.

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Lithuanian Cities & Their Popular Landmarks

Wander in the Medieval Old City of Vilnius

Your trip to Lithuania will be incomplete without visiting its capital city. Vilnius is the largest and prettiest city of Lithuania known for its cultural influences, impressive landmarks and posh restaurants for dining. If you love medieval heritage then the city offers an amalgam of impressive Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and classical buildings.

Vilnius City Lithuania
Vilnius City Lithuania / Image Credit:

Its old town is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. You can also pay a visit to Gediminas Hill for appreciating the scenic aspects of the city and some famous landmarks from the top. With its variety of enticing attractions, famous cobbled stone street and lavish cafes, Vilnius tops the list of peaceful and wholesome tourist spots among travellers.

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Popular Landmarks of Vilnius

  • Cathedral Square
  • Vilnius Museum of Illusions
  • Old Town and the St Anne’s Church
  • Gate of Dawn and the Gediminas Castle
  • New Town and the Gediminas Avenue
  • Jewish district and the Jewish Synagogue
  • Republic of Uzupis
  • The Palace of Grand Dukes

Learn Art, Culture & History of Lithuania at Kaunas

Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest capital, is situated in the centre of the country’s central area. The mighty Neris and Nemunas rivers converge at one point in this area and you can see them from here.

Kaunas Lithuania
Kaunas Lithuania / Image Credit:

It’s known for its vibrant and colourful culture, lush parks, the impressive and beautiful architecture of its Old Town. This lovely town boasts over 40 museums, 18 theatres, 20 traditional casts and a variety of other art groups that play at state festivals and celebrations. Hence, the city hosts numerous festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Some of its most popular festivals include the Kaunas Jazz, the Pazaislis Music Festival, Operetta in the Kaunas Castle etc.

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Kaunas Castle, Kaunas
Kaunas Castle, Kaunas / Image Credit: Erika Žigutytė from

Popular Landmarks of Kaunas

  • Kaunas Town Hall
  • Kaunas Castle, House of Perkunas, Church of St. Gertrude and Vytautas Church.
  • New Town and the Liberty Avenue
  • St. Michael the Archangel Church
  • Pazaislis Monastery and the Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park.
  • The Konstantinas Ciurlionis Museum, Devil‘s Museum and the Musical Theatre

Explore the Klaipeda and its Artistic Castle

Moving to western Lithuania, the lovely city of Klaipeda is built around the old town and harbour and is best visited during the summer vacation. After seeing the attractions, lounge by the port, walk along the sea canal and listen to classical and light music all night at festivals and concerts.

Klaipeda Port view
Klaipeda Port view / Image Credit:

Travellers will go sailing, eat a fancy meal, drink a cocktail and spend quality time with their loved ones. This quaint city boasts stunning architecture and a wide range of recreational opportunities. Soon after you leave Klaipeda, you will be left with a bucket full of long-lasting memories of bohemian natives, white seagulls and the fresh scent of the sea.

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Popular Landmarks of Klaipeda

Klaipeda Black Ghost Statue
Klaipeda Black Ghost Statue / Image Credit:

  • Old Town and the Lietuvninku Square
  • Kurshskaya Kosa
  • Klaipeda Castle
  • The Aukstoji street and the Didzioji street
  • Black Sea Ghost statue
  • Klaipeda Sea Museum and Dolphinarium
  • The Museum of Clocks and Watches

Curonian Spit National Park

The Curonian Spit national park is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and its southern part belongs to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

Curonian Spit -Lithuania
Curonian Spit -Lithuania / Image Credit:

It is known as the pearl of the Baltic Sea, is a long strip of wind-blown dunes surrounded from both sides by the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea.

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Relax at the Seaside Summer Resorts of Palanga

Palanga is one of the fastest-growing seaside summer resort towns in western Lithuania, situated on the Baltic Sea’s shores. This charming town is renowned for its long stretches of sandy beach. Locals and tourists from nearby countries flock to this picturesque seaside town to relax and drink.

Palanga Lithuania / Image Credit:

The city’s main thoroughfare, Jonas Basanavicius Boulevard, is lined with a multitude of restaurants, cocktail lounges and fine dining establishments. Palanga Kurhaus is one of the most popular attractions in Palanga’s downtown area.

Popular Landmarks of Palanga

  • Jonas Basanavicius boulevard with the Sea Bridge
  • Alley of Counts Tiskeviciai with the Concert Hall
  • Tiskeviciai Palace and the Most Holy Virgin Mary’s Ascension Church.
  • The Amber Museum and the Palanga Resort Museum
  • Fairy Tale Park

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Take Trakai Island Trip

Trakai is a surreal mix of islands off the coast, grassy slopes, glistening seas and rolling meadows. Throughout the year, it attracts large numbers of tourists and residents. Many visitors come to see the Lord of the Rings-style castle at the Trakai Historical National Park’s centre.

Trakai Lithuania / Image Credit:

Beautiful scenery, nature parks, lush woodland and the majestic Island Castle on Lake Galv are all well-known features. This town is one of Lithuania’s most tempting weekend getaways. In Trakai, you can enjoy a range of adventure sports such as swimming, fishing, sailing in an aero-boat, paragliding, horseback riding and more.

Popular Landmarks of Trakai

Tarkai Castle / Image Credit:

  • Historical National Park of Trakai
  • Trakai Island Castle and the Museum of History.
  • The Uzutrakis Manor.
  • Karaim community restaurant for dining.

Cherish the Natural Beauty of Plateliai

Standing right in the midst of another of Lithuania’s great natural jewels. Plateliai is the well-loved approach to reach the Zemaitija National Park, which crowns the grassy Zemaiciu Highland area just a short distance from the Baltic Sea’s salt-washed shore. The green and verdant surroundings allow for nice walking and there are also attractions like the Soviet-era Plokstine missile base, which is now home to the interesting Cold War Museum. One magnificent timber church can be located in the town of Plateliai itself.

Plateliai / Image Credit:

One magnificent timber church can be located in the town of Plateliai itself.

Popular Landmarks of Plateliai

  • Zemaitija Park Forest
  • Skaidrios Valtys
  • The Witch’s Ash
  • Parish of the Apostles Peter and Paul

What to Eat in Lithuania?

If you’re visiting Lithuania for the first time, you may be curious about what to eat. From traditional food to modern cuisine, you can savour many cuisines during your trip and dine at the best Vilnius restaurants. Many Lithuanian cuisines include potatoes, wild mushrooms and beets as their base ingredients and many are influenced by Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and Russia.

Savour Cepelini, Potato Dumplings - Lithuania
Savour Cepelini, Potato Dumplings – Lithuania / Image Credit:

Potato Dumplings filled with minced meat also known as Cepelini are the best you can savour in Lithuania. Apart from this, Cold Beet Soup, Bulviniai Blynai a kind of Pancakes, Kepta Duona, Kibinai a popular pastry made of meat, Juoda Duona is a famous cuisine in Lithuania.

Party in Nightclubs of Vilnius

Vilnius has a vibrant nightlife that features some of the best music, drinks and people in Lithuania, if not the entire Baltic country. There is plenty for everyone’s taste in Vilnius, from electronic music to pop to clubs, so go clubbing at least once when you are in Lithuania. Besides this, Loftas, Opium, Tamsta Club etc are some famous nightclubs in Vilnius.

Party in the Club Moscow at Vilnius / Image Credit:

Concluding here but if you are planning any trip to the Baltics, then Lithuania will be the first on your way and it definitely worth your visit especially with the family people.

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