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Why Austin is Still The Best Place in The World For a Perfect Getaway


Some places in the world are entirely worth visiting and Austin is one of them. It is the capital city of Texas and also listed number eleventh as the most populous city in America which was founded in 1839 and got the name from “Stephen Fuller Austin” who is the father & founder of Texas. Despite being the fastest-growing economy in the country the city is also the first choice for visitors in terms of tourism.

Tourism is a term that is very diverse and also has many aspects to it similarly, a place like Austin is packed with such form. The city lies in the central region of Texas which is surrounded by four ecological regions and also plays an important role in its sightseeing.

So let’s start to explore the best places:

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Texas State Capitol

It took almost six years in a row to complete the entire building which is known as Texas State Capitol. This building is a perfect example of Renaissance Revival architecture which is inspired by classic Italian architecture. It is home to the State Governor as well as an office of the Texas Legislature.

Texas State Capitol
Texas State Capitol / Image credit:

You can see this monument which lies in 22 acres of field with a height of 308 feet, protected as a National Historic Site by the government. For all seven days, it is open for the public, a 30 minutes free tour is also organized for the public. You can opt for that guided tour in which they tell every detail about the function and importance of the building.

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Bullock Texas State History Museum

It is not wrong to say that Bullock Texas State History Museum is one of its kind, this type of exciting and amazing museum you will not discover in any part of the world. A museum is a place where you can learn lots of interesting and important things related to history and arts but sometimes we forget that crucial information.

Bullock Texas State History Museum
Bullock Texas State History Museum / Image credit:

Therefore, in this museum you will not forget a single piece of information presented to you, this is because of its unique way of presentation. All the arts are displayed in a visual and in film format that makes it enjoyable. New events and activities are conducted in this form only, also there is an IMAX theatre that shows educational films and programs.

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Mount Bonnell

Tired of visiting such places that are crowded and jam-packed then you must go to Mount Bonnell. A place that brings peace and calmness to your mind and soul, it is considered as one of the highest points of Austin measured as 775 feet above sea level. The view of Lake Austin and some surrounding hills can also be viewed from the top.

Mount Bonnell
Mount Bonnell / Image credit:

Most of the tourists do visit this Mount Bonnell to see the stunning panoramic view and a cool city view. If you are someone who loves to travel with their pets then don’t worry, hiking with pets is also allowed here.

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Avenue Bridge

Under the Avenue Bridge is the world’s largest colony of bats. In the morning the bridge looks like a normal connecting flyover but in the evening it turns out to be a tourist spot. The evening is the time when millions of bats set on a ride around the bridge. As the sun sets, the view looks pretty amazing with dark orange sunlight reflecting through the water of the lake.

Avenue Bridge
Avenue Bridge / Image credit:

The bridge crosses Lady Bird Lake which is home to millions of bats. Here all the bats wander around the bridge in a cluster, makes a view that worth’s your time. This view can be seen through the bridge or water boats floating on the lake.

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Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

This museum is primarily focused on the work of Charles Umlauf, who was a famous 20th-century artist of America. Many of his sculptures are displayed in this museum. The Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum are present in the Zilker Metropolitan Park and some of the statues and figures are also displayed outside the museum.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum
Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum / Image credit:

Visitors can see these statues while roaming through the garden. Else sculptures are placed inside the museum, even you can see some other statues and paintings of other artists from the same era who presented some beautiful art pieces.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

If you want to relax and need to spend some quality time during your trip then you must visit Zilker Metropolitan Park. There are many aspects to this park, you will find several attractions and things to do. Especially, for kids, there are huge playgrounds that are loaded with different types of swings, volleyball courts, etc.

Zilker Metropolitan Park
Zilker Metropolitan Park / Image credit:

Lady Bird Lake is a reservoir that surrounds the park due to which it looks quite wonderful. Entire Park is spread in 351 acres which also hosts different music events, theme-based gardens, etc. The Zilker Park is open all seven days with minimal entrance fees.

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If you have already visited the city in past and have not been to one of these places then this time you must list down all these places. Thus, next time you should not forget such special places, as without visiting here your trip will not conclude. So, without further ado book your tickets and enjoy the best of Austin.

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