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Alabama’s 8 Beaches That Offer Incredible Natural Beauty


The state of Alabama lies in the Southeastern part of the USA and it is well known for its tourist attractions and plenty of wonderful natural beaches. The beaches you will see here are not as simple as other beaches, incredible beauty with the amalgamation of ideal weather makes it diverse and stunning. The sugar-white sand on the beach is sleek and a  walk makes you feel like a light massage to your foot. To take a walk on the beach is the most comfortable and enjoyable moment maybe that’s why the state has a bunch of nicknames like “Heart of Dixie” and the “Cotton State”.

So let’s explore some of the incredible beaches of Alabama:

Orange Beach

Situated along the Gulf of Mexico is the beautiful Orange beach. It is a fun place for everyone, there is no age bar, and fun activities are regulary conducted on the beach. You can hire a bike to check out the 15-mile long trail that includes various amazing things like experiencing six different eco-systems.

Orange Beach
Orange Beach / Image credit:

On the coastal line of this beach, you can easily see the multiple eco-systems with different flora and fauna and it is also home to several wildlife creatures like wild animals, birds, alligators and wild boar. Due to its various adventure activities, the beach is quite famous amongst the tourist.

Gulf Shores

The Gulf Shores is rated one of the favorite beaches for tourists as it has every essential item that a person would need on the beach. The government has put some initiative, as a result, the beauty of the seashore has enhanced drastically, seaside activities is also increased as people visit here every morning.

Gulf Shores
Gulf Shores / Image credit:

Some of the prime facilities that are focused here are wheelchair-accessible mats, walking paths, restrooms, amphitheater, green space and easy support access points. Adventure sports like dolphin tours and Jet Ski are also available for the public.

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Alabama Point Beach

Near Orange beach, there is another wonderful seashore known as Alabama Point Beach. This portion of the beach is divided by Perdido Pass from neighboring Florida. The beach has completely soft white sand with mild waves that are good for beach bathing.

Alabama Point Beach
Alabama Point Beach / Image credit:

You also have a view of Perdido Pass, it is a bridge which is constructed over the beach and is also the prime attraction. Through this bridge, you can enjoy the panoramic view and can easily get a good photograph. Usually, the beach is not bustling hence; it is a good place for family picnics.

Fort Morgan Public Beach

This is a long-fingered-shaped beach line that allows you to explore some new sides of Fort Morgan Peninsula. The look and feel of the shoreline are pretty beautiful and also packed with several luxury hotels. The benefit of checking-in at one of the hotels is that you will be getting private access to the beach.

Fort Morgan Public Beach
Fort Morgan Public Beach / Image credit:

There are only two access points to this beach where you can enjoy free. Rental beach houses are available for tourists however, only a few tourists opt for them which results in fewer crowds on the beach.

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West Beach

This is the beach you may want to visit, the scenic beauty that all travelers experience here is unmatchable. White sand with the clear blue sky is just mesmerizing to see. This coastal line extends from Fort Morgan to Mobile Bay and you will find lots of residential homes that are designed uniquely.

West Beach
West Beach / Image credit:

West beach is a good place to spend your holiday; you can rent some luxury resorts and enjoy its amazing facilities. There are lots of hotels and resorts near the seaside that provides you amazing view with plenty of activity to do.

Dauphin Island Park and Beach

It is a place that surrounds you with stunning landscapes and several activities to do. It is spread in a stretch of approximately 14 miles with shinny sand spread all over the coastline. Camping grounds, watching birds, celebrating a special event are some of the activities that you can perform here and the beautiful view adds the cherry on top.

Dauphin Island Park and Beach
Dauphin Island Park and Beach / Image credit:

However, to enjoy all these fun activities you need to pay some nominal amount as an entry fee. The Dauphin Island Park is the only pet-friendly beach and traveling modes like buses, RVs and trailers are also allowed on the beach.

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Romar Beach

The Romar beach is a small beach with less population that’s why many tourists love to visit. It is one of the most iconic ones coupled with water sports and general amenities. The beach houses, resorts, hotels are perfect places to stay in and from here you can enjoy the famous Romar sunset also.

Romar Beach
Romar Beach / Image credit:

This beach is well known for its viewing of sunset; a beautiful red colored shadow gets imprinted throughout the sky during the evening. There are very fewer resorts on this beach and most of them are filled most of the time, so do check availability before visiting the beach.

Florida Point Beach

Most of the coastline you will see here are inside the state of Alabama but Florida Point beach is the only one that is present on the border of the state. Due to its weird location, visitors do travel to this beach just to enjoy the silence and natural beauty with endless water. The tides here are very aggressive, due to which the level of fun increases.

florida point beach
Florida point beach / Image credit:

General amenities like parking and restrooms are entirely free and even the facility of water sports are also available. You can also view the charter boats traveling from here as it is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Perdido Pass.

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Whether or not you want to perform some water adventure on these beaches but one thing you would surely adore is the peace and beauty of every coast. There is a lot to see and do here, so book your tickets and get ready to feel the beauty of Alabama.

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