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Bring Home The Essence Of The South Carolina – Greenville


Visited the United States and missed Greenville, in South Carolina? You have committed a crime! Not exactly though, tourists never miss visiting Greenville for sure. Greenville ensures travelers with plenty of attractions, both natural and man-made. From events, food and architectural epitomes, there is something for everyone.

India Imagine brings you some fascinating facts about Greenville and interesting things to do, Along with it.

Falls Park on the river bank – Reedy

Falls Park on the Reedy is a travelers paradise. It is an enormously big 32 acres of land quite opposite to the famous downtown Greenville. Tourists visiting for the time wouldn’t have any issues in finding out this park as you can ask anybody and everybody…all knew the park, it’s that famous. Locals often come here for picnics with family, to get a view of River Reedy and walk their pets across.

Reedy River Greenville
Reedy River Greenville / Image credit:

The sunset and sunrise are mesmerizing views of the place. Just above the park, a giant bridge connects the place and downtown. The liberty bridge is a picturesque sight to catch some memories through pictures. The park has stood in Top US Parks standing against the challenges.

Science center for an exceptional experience

If you are a person with a particular taste in science, you are in a spot in the place. This place is an educational hub with more than 600 students and science enthusiasts. Several ideas can be checked in, there is an arboretum in there with a stunning variety of plants, shrubs, tree to watch and study.

Science center Greenville
Science center Greenville / Image credit:

The view is in less than scenic beauty and perfect for a walk. Rooper Mountain science center also has a butterfly garden, Natural trail, History farm that a specimen and a Planetarium. If you book your seat on Friday there will be a Carolina Skies that a live session to watch and learn the sky and astounding things above there.

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Greenville Peace Centre for art and culture

Unlike the name, Greenville Peace Centre is an art center in downtown. The main center to conduct a variety of activities and events such as Broadway tours, musical concerts, dance and comedies. The Peace Centre is a cultural hub devoted to the art lovers. Spread across six acres the campus is one of the main tourist attractions of Grenville, Carolina.

Museum of American Art

Museum of American Art Greenville
Museum of American Art Greenville / Image credit:

The Greenville County Museum in Greenville, South Carolina mainly focuses on American art and artifacts. Several mind-blowing works of famous artists are a part of the Greenville Museum. Helen Turner, Jasper Johns are few to name among them. The museum is well known for its particularly designed and taste for collections. Three sets of collections exhibit to attract tourists – Southern collection, American art and The Greenville collection.

Children’s museums, the best in the country!

Children museum Greenville
Children museum Greenville / Image credit:

Greenville’s Children Museum is the 7th largest children’s museum in the country and without any doubt 10th largest in the world as it is spread over in an extensively 80,000 square feet. Explore and experience and learn to stimulate flight or try hand-built a robot. The museum gives you a grand entire to 18 galleries with more than 110 variety of things to indulge in. If you are with your family, don’t miss this chance of learning with fun.

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Greenville Zoo, Cleveland

Greenville Zoo, Cleveland Greenville
Greenville Zoo, Cleveland Greenville / Image credit:

Yet another place that you could have fun with your kids is Greenville Zoo, in Cleveland. It is just a walkable distance to cover the entire Zoo, probably a good 30 minutes will be more than sufficient. Several varieties of local exotic animals are found in the zoo. The zoo is kept in a steady and clean since it was started around 1960.

Attend the festivals and explore the cultural appetite

If you are at the time of the year, there are several events and festivals to be a part of. Greenville is filled with unique events of flavor, music and dance. Theatres and downtown hall, the Peace Center has been a witness to some of the mega-events that rocked the city and the people alike.

Hike, stroll or bicycle like an Outlander

Hiking Greenville
Hiking Greenville / Image credit:

Greenville is not all about museums, art and Science exhibition, there are a lot of venues and trails for outdoor activities as well. Golfing in Greenville is one of its kind experience. The golf courts are surrounded by landscapes and lush green meadows and by the riverside. Wildlife trek is also one of the popular activities. Travellers often enjoy hiking or riding bicycles across the work or Greenville Park.

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Don’t forget to take souvenirs along with memories

The Main street of Greenville is a busy street full of people in a shopping spree. Pick up your favorite souvenirs that touch the tradition and culture of the land. The place has some good outdoor gears for an affordable price that could make a perfect deal. If you are not in a mood to shop just go around the Main Street juggling through the street shops and click some pictures.

Food for thought and events!

Greenville is known as a food paradise for sure. The downtown is known as a food destination as the restaurant offers gourmet food to tasty street food. It’s up to you to choose and tingle your tastebuds. Also try to join in the annual food festival that consists of food, music and super brewed wines on their platters. All you need is to dig in!

Food styles Greenville
Food styles Greenville / Image credit:

Greenville may be an enclosed county that comes right from American soap opera, but the place does touch the heart with its warmth, knowledge, art and culture, scenic beauty and food! Just grab your travel bag now!


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