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Las Coloradas- The Land Of Pink Lakes And Pink Flamingo


Have you heard about the Pink lakes of Las Coloradas? If not, stick to the write-up as there will be a detailed description of the place and the fabulous things the place owns…

Las Coloradas is a small closely-knit community in Rio Lagartos, Mexico. The place was just a sleepy fishing village that was more into a livelihood by fishing and salt production before getting noticed by travellers worldwide. The salt production here, however, was dated way back to the Mayan period. The salt deposits across the beaches make the sand look completely different from other sand shores. But the most fascinating is the pink color all over that makes the water in the lakes look absolute pinkish. The view is mesmerizing in itself making the tourists wonder how the water turned pink in color, that too so bright and clear.
Well, the answer is the plankton, algae and brine shrimps in the water that is making water to get its pink color as the sun evaporates water and when the bottom of the lakes is clear and crystal.

Things to do when you are in Las Coloradas

Go Flamingo for once in a lifetime experience

Flamingo las coloradas
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In Las Coloradas, there are huge number of Flamingo birds roaming around. So, what’s special about it? The Flamingos here are pink in color! The shrimp and algae that are part of this surrounding are responsible for this pink colored beautiful bird. The Flamingos that come to the shores eat the tiny creatures which result in this beautiful transformation.

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Drive along the shores of Río Lagartos

If you think that Las Coloradas is all about pink lakes and Flamingos then you are wrong. The road that connects to Las Coloradas and Río Lagartos, is lined up with beautiful beaches that are adorned with white sands. One such beach is Cancunito Beach. The beach has some exotic turtles in quantity that will leave you no choice but to splash in the water and be a kid again.

Río Lagartos Shore drive
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While reaching Río Lagartos, you can book a boat ride and visit the amazing Granja de Crocodiles. There are many tiny Crocodiles over there and you can literally take hold of one in your arms. It’s a legally authorized Crocodile farm.

More things to do along the way to Las Coloradas

And for more on the way to Las Colorado, there are two towns that you would come across. The town Valladolid and Chiquilá are known for historical significance and some beautiful resorts for the tourists.

  • Valladolid owns some beautiful colonial architecture like churches and houses that makes a great view of downtown. Most of the tourists love to explore the caves and sinkholes that are naturally occurred.

    Valladolid las colorado
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    After the sightseeing and adventure cave tour tourists love to dig into tasty food from some of the fabulous and famous restaurants of Valladolid like La Casona de Valladolid and Yerbabuena Del Sisal.

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  • While Chiquilá is more to explore. Travelers some time take a ferry and go the most astonishing island of the place – Holbox Island (Isla Holbox). The island is known for its famous lobster pizza available at Roots and Edelyn Restaurant.

    Chiquilá Las Coloradas
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    Apart from fishing and going for kayaking through the mangroves people love to take a bike to ride every nook and corner of the island.

Things to keep in mind while traveling to Las Coloradas

  • Unlike other beaches, or water shores the pink lake of Las Coloradas is not for those who are looking for a place to swim. It is clearly written that swimming and getting too close to the lake is prohibited
  • Make sure you bring extra Mexican pesos with you as there are no ATMs around the place.

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  • Make sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen lotions as the weather tends to be a bit extreme which may give you sunburns.
  • The place is picturesque perfect, so don’t forget your camera, possibly bring your best camera for every click will be worth millions of memories.

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Las Coloradas definitely is one of the smallest and less “things to do” places you saw so far. But tell me, how many pink lakes you have visited and watched a group of pink Flamingos strolling around you? There is only one place on earth where that can happen and it is indeed Las Coloradas!

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