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Explore The Exceptional Tango, Football And Buenos Aires – Visit Argentina


Have you been to Argentina? No, then you have missed one of the enthralling places on earth. The place is part of Southern America and occupies an area of 2,780,400 km² and strongly holds the place of the second largest country in Southern America and without any doubt eighth largest in the world.

But what makes the place unique? If you ask me, I would say everything!
The majestic architectural epitomes, natural parks, dance that makes everyone tap their feet, mind-blowing historical significance, wine, football and the heartthrob Lionel Messi.

Let’s get into the details here at India Imagine and know the place more…

Places to visit in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and one of the most famous places in the country. The city is also one of Argentina’s top tourist attractions. The place is bright, colorful and vibrant with European style landmarks and buildings with a different architectural niche. Tourists often come here to visit the 19th century most iconic central square and the colorful open-air museum Caminito.

BuenosAires Argentina
BuenosAires Argentina / Image credit:

Night view of the iconic Obelisk of 9 de Julio Avenue is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a central park Bosques De Palermo where you can walk along with beautiful peacocks. Don’t try to grab them or scare those beautiful birds, it may not go well with the guards and locals there. Buenos Aires is also a hub for many shopping centers to get a hang of shopaholic.

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Monumento-a-la-Bandera, Rosario
Monumento-a-la-Bandera, Rosario / Image credit:

Rosario is an Argentinean city famous for parkland, amphitheatre and the highly regarded National Flag Memorial. Tourists love the most Parana River aquarium that has some exotic fish and tiny sea creatures. The picturesque Rosario-Victoria Bridge is worth a visit. It would take only a day to cover the major attractions of the city.

La Plata

La Plata, Argentina
La Plata, Argentina / Image credit:

La Plata is a well-planned city. Close to the capital city Buenos Aires, tourists visit this place for sure. The famous neo-Gothic Cathedral of La Plata is the main center of attraction that pulls the travelers. The La Plata Museum and the plaza are fascinatingly built in a German Renaissance style and also exhibit the best historical exhibits of the country Argentina.

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If you are looking forward to explore some historic sights and monuments that hold stories from the past, Salta is the place you are looking for. Salta which means the beautiful holds some peculiar colonial architecture combined with epic valleys and scenery.

Salta Argentina
Salta, Argentina / Image credit:

There is an 18th-century town hall that was later turned to a historical museum in the center of the city. Along with the historical sites tourists are awestruck by Andean landscapes around the city.

Santiago del Estero

The history of Santiago del Estero marks back to 1550 when it was first founded by a Spanish conquistador. Now it is a province of Argentina. The city is a center to wildlife with the famous Copo National Park where tourists enjoy a rare view of jaguars and extremely rare giant armadillos. Stay at Santiago will be the best choice as the city is beaming with exotic and luxurious resorts and hotels for tourists coming in.

Santiago del Estero Argentina
Santiago del Estero, Argentina / Image credit:

Argentina is famous for its beautiful landscapes, historic buildings and monuments, the city of Buenos Aires (that we have already discussed), football, wine and many other things.
To list our few, here we go..

Gauchos – Every country has a symbol that speaks out for the place and stands out. Gauchos also called the cowboys is the national symbol of Argentina. They become famous for their contribution to the War of Independence. It has been noted that the Gauchos are slowly declining and it has become an utter necessity to preserve their presence and story for the generation to come.

Tango – We all know Tango. The dance with unique steps and rhythm has become the face of Argentina. If you are in Argentina don’t miss the spectacular dance style that we enjoyed only on our silver screen.

Steak and Wine – Argentinean steak and wine are the combinations you can’t afford to miss. Authentic rich and flavorful wine is what Argentina is known for. The wine is made from unique ripe grapes from Mendoza. Tourists develop a love for these combinations and stay Bon appetite until they are back from the visit.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi / Image credit:

Football and Lionel Messi – Argentineans are crazy about Football and Lionel Messi. They typically live and breathe football. If you are at the time then you may spend some peso and book a football match or else just grab a Jersey. Or nothing else a poster of our heartthrob Lionel Messi.

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Argentina has the highest literacy rate with 99.93% in entire South America with Females holding the majority of post and position. There are more than 734 bookshops in the capital city Buenos Aires itself! More facts would captivate our interest, but to know more you have to visit the place, and I can vouch for it anytime!

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