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A Trip to Zanzibar – An Untouched Tanzanian Island


Have you ever heard of the place called Zanzibar? It is an island in the laps of the Tanzanian archipelago. It is one place that hasn’t allowed tourism to invade its privacy and nature. Zanzibar is an Islamic-influenced place with lots of minarets, century-old townships and mosques on every lane.

Zanzibar is also one of the safest islands to visit in Africa. The Tanzanian archipelago is considered the most peaceful place, and you can just assume what a trip would be to Zanzibar? Before leaping into the places and destinations, let’s know what can Zanzibar, as a place has hidden for its tourists. So, let me chalk out few reasons to visit Zanzibar.

Fascinating history and art

Zanzibar/Image Credit:

Zanzibar is an amalgamation of Islamic and African culture, and that is what exactly attracts the tourists on the streets of the great place. There are several historical landmarks and architectural explorations to quench the thirst of a history lover in you. Also, Zanzibar has World UNSECO Heritage Site to its credit. The stone town and the house of wonders are few to name.

Beaches and tropical forest

Zanzibar Beaches
Zanzibar Beaches/Image Credit:

Who doesn’t love beautiful, sandy beaches? And if it is all about tropical forests with beaches and trees in the surrounding, the ambiance is altogether different. And that makes the place to ensure tourists the best of water activities and adventures. This includes jet-skiing, surfing and snorkeling. You can hire a cruise and enjoy Zanzibar’s blue waters.

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Nature and wildlife

Zanzibar wildlife
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Africa is known for its thick forest, mountain streams and stunning wildlife. And Zanzibar has its fabulous part of fauna and flora. There are rare colobus monkeys and leopards found in the forests of Zanzibar. And to make it more attractive, marine life plays an important role in the beautification of the place. People often visit the National Park in the area to enjoy the serenity.

Destinations that you can explore in Zanzibar

Freddie Mercury Museum

Freddie Mercury Museum
Freddie Mercury Museum/Image Credit:

Though Freddie Mercury( Farrokh Bulsara)was born to Indian parents, he was born here in Zanzibar. I am sure we all know who the legend Freddie is? He was the vocalist of the Queen band that once rocked 80’s music and the world alike and still thrives in the hearts of millions. I am a crazy fan of this 80s band and can’t miss this one place if I visit Zanzibar. The Freddie Mercury Museum was first inaugurated on 24th November 2019 remembering the 28th death anniversary of the legend. This museum happened with the partnership of the Queen production itself. You can witness the life of Freddie Mercury in a nutshell, here in the Museum.
You can visit the museum daily between 10 to 6!

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House of Wonders

House of Wonders
House of Wonders/Image Credit:

House of Wonders or the palace of wonder is the main and Important landmark of Zanzibar. It was once palace to the second sultans of Zanzibar, who was also the person who had it constructed. The House of Wonders carries wonderful memories of the history of Zanzibar and conserves the culture of the place.

Old Fort

Old Fort
Old Fort/Image Credit:

Also known as the Arab Fort, is located in Zanzibar’s capital Stone Town. This place is surrounded by old buildings and markets. Also, it is considered the most crowded part of Stone Town. The old fort also plays the role of fortification walls to the seafront. There are quite another of vendors in the streets of the old fort. You can collect some handicrafts to take back home.

Shiv Shakti Temple

Shiv Shakti Temple is the only Hindu temple in Zanzibar and is located amid the crowded locality of Stone town… It is dedicated to Shiv Parvati and daily rituals are held here for the devotees seeking blessings. It is a heartwarming experience to see a temple working peacefully among the Muslim crowd.

Jaws corner

Jaws corner/Image Credit:

The Jaws corner is the street reminiscing the movie Jaws with wall graffiti and prints. Tourists and locals gather here to sip a hot cuppa coffee and start a conversation. It has the best ambiance to start any conversation under the sky. The crowd that is lured here is often young and vibrant. And the evenings are filled with laughter and coffee aroma.

Zanzibar can be fun-filled, adventurous, nostalgic at the same time. This place has something or the other to offer its tourist. For me, it is the Freddie Mercury Museum. What’s yours? Till you sleep over it, it’s a Bon Voyage from me!!

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