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Boyana Church – The Medieval Balkan Architecture Of Bulgaria


Few places around the world are listed among the World Heritage Site, to preserve and protect indigenous sites. These sites can be landscapes, forest areas, architecture, or beaches and islands. And in the run to protect and preserve such places, it becomes mandatory to create awareness among the people particularly the tourist. Through sustainable tourism, awareness is created and practiced.
We have been looking into and exploring some of the fabulous travel destinations around the world which are also listed in the World Heritage Site. And the next topic of ours the Boyana Church is a medieval architecture that is amazingly beautiful.

Let’s get to know more about the Boyana Church and everything about its history!

About Boyana Church

Boyana Church Bulgaria
Boyana Church Bulgaria: Image Credit/

The place is simply the best form of architectural epitome when looked through an architect’s point of view. However, when you look at it through the eyes of a tourist it is all about the beauty of the place. Boyana Church is all about that wonderful architectural epitome situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. The entire place has been there from the 10th century and is thus known to be the oldest city in the world. Boyana church was built in the 10th century first, and later two more structure was added in the 13th and the 19th century respectively. The church is located in the outskirts of the place Sofia which makes it more alluring with wonderful landscapes and hills. It is amazing to see how the tourist attracts the place around the year.

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History of Boyana Church

Boyana Church Mural Paintings
Boyana Church Mural Paintings: Image Credit/

The Church is a medieval Bulgarian church situated on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In 1979, the building was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Structural wise the building is three structural buildings. The first and the oldest church among the three were built in the 10th century. And the next one was erected by the 13th century, almost two-century later. The last and the foremost structure were built in the early 19th century. The place is a perfect amalgamation of art and culture. The paintings are medieval artifacts that allow perfectly preserved monuments.

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Protection and Management

Church Boyana
Church Boyana: Image Credit/

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site the Church undergoes major protection and preservice. The management is taken seriously under the Cultural Heritage Law and Protection and Prevention Act. In the Cultural Heritage Law, the more focus is on the research, protection and studying the place and architecture. It is listed in the immovable property that is a wonderful heritage place.
And the protection and preservation are adopted by the Official Cover Letter. The place is well preserved and maintained under federal management as well.

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Best time to travel the place

Church in Bulgaria
Church in Bulgaria: Image Credit/

The climate of Bulgaria is most of the time continental. The winters are cold and summers are warm. This makes the place good all around the year. The Bulgarian cities are quite welcoming all around the year. People love to visit the place during the winters as the place becomes extraordinarily beautiful.
In accordance with the climate, an Air Conditioner is installed in order to protect the artifacts and paintings inside the Church. Bulgaria is one of the best and affordable places for travel destinations.

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Other Spots in the Premises of the Church

Rila Monaster Boyana Church
Rila Monastery Boyana Church: Image Credit/

The premises and the surrounding of the Boyana Church are kept utter protected with integrity. Most of the surroundings are protected to keep away from modernity. A huge park is made the church to beautify the area and also to preserve nature. Boyana church is also considered a place with historical significance. Hence to maintain that integrity, different boundaries have been created for prevention purposes. Also, a small buffer zone is created for any further modification purposes. Hence the place is entirely assured.

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Boyana Church as a tourist destination

Church: Image Credit/

Boyana church is situated in Sofia Bulgaria which is considered the best tourist place. Best in terms of environment and affordability. And since Boyana church is a major hot spot destination in Sofia and also a famous World Heritage Site, tourists end up visiting the place quite often. This church is a well-known weekend getaway among the tourist and local people. Boyana church also attracts photographers worldwide with its old charm and beauty. So, Boyana church is indeed the best tourists spot for exploring and learning.

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Over the course of years, the purpose of tourism has changed drastically. Now it is not just a means of merry time but also a matter of learning and exploring new things. And when we talk about traveling, sustainable travel is the new concept to protect the indigenous place. Boyana Church is one such place to travel. This place is a perfect place for those who love to explore offbeat places. Historical significance and the cultural aspects come along with it! So, pack your bags and visit Bulgaria to re-invent the Boyana Church!

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