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Explore The Extraordinary Wachau Cultural Landscape Of Austria


Most of us opt for a vacation when summer arrives. We look for frosty mountains, hill stations, Beautiful landscapes and scenic nature views to soothe our minds and body. What if our next topic on India Imagine is everything we need for a vacation? Well, let’s check it out!
Our next topic online is the world-famous UNSECO Heritage Site “Wachau Valley” of Austria. The place has been inscribed into the Heritage List in the year 2000. Since then there has been a tremendous increase in tourists arriving here every year.
An epitome of cultural and sustainable tourism, Wachau Cultural Landscape is the topic of the day!

So, let’s explore the place, know about the history and bit of culture

About the Wachau Cultural Landscape

Evening View of Wachau
Evening View of Wachau: Image Credit/

The Wachau Cultural Landscape is situated in Austria near the most beautiful Danube River. The place is known for its fabulous hills and vineyards. There are several fortresses in the vicinity for the art and cultural lover in you!
Why is it preserved? The landscape of the area is visibly high quality. Above all there is architecture, towns and villages with urban designs, ruins of castles and monasteries all play an important role in making it a World Heritage Site. The entire vicinity needs to be preserved due to its historical significance factor. Also the vineyards all around the place look extraordinarily beautiful to keep the place intact and beautiful.
If you explore the place you will come to know how the monasteries have imparted to a great extent to the cultural development of the place. Don’t miss the famous castle where the Lionheart Richard was imprisoned.

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History of the Wachau Cultural Landscape

Wachau Landscape
Wachau Landscape: Image Credit/

The history of Wachau Cultural Landscape is an extraordinary affair. The imprints if the place is marked back to almost 11th century. At first, the settlement was more of homogeneous existence. The town has some irregular homes and patterns roads. The building and houses in the streets are precisely architecture from the 16th century. It was in this era that stone construction started replacing houses made of wooden. That was the major change in terms of architecture.
Since then there were castles, fortress and small monasteries paving way to the development of the architectural epitomes.
And that is how the Castles in Durnstein, Gottweig Abbey and Melk Abbey were erected in the land of Wachau Cultural Landscape. Several majestic Baroque churches were built on the soil with great persistence.

Protecting the World Heritage Site under the law

Cultural Heritage Wachau
Cultural Heritage Wachau: Image Credit/

The property is inscribed under the UNSECO Heritage Site and that shows the importance of the place. And hence the place has gained national and international importance. There are several laws implemented under the federal to preserve the place. The most important is the Austrian monument protection act 1923. This protection act is for the development and protection of historic monuments. And then the 1959 Act on water law also places am pivotal role in the development of the place.
This overall regulations and implementations are the basic foundation of how the heritage site has persevered.

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Best time to visit Wachau Cultural Landscape

Vineyard Wachau
Vineyard Wachau: Image Credit/

Wachau Cultural Landscape is known for its natural beauty. And hence it is better to visit the place in the end of the march to relish the beauty of the place. It is during this season the beautiful apricot trees are blossom. The sight is worth a visit. Tourists love to explore the place till the end of October as it is the season when the vineyards are full of ripe grapes. The landscape of the place at that time is heavenly and mesmerizing. The fall and the autumn are beautiful like never before.
Nevertheless, the Wachau Cultural Landscape is a place that is known for around the year visit. This is because of the festivals that happen all around the year. Tourist loves the festivals to understand the culture and tradition of the place.

How to get around the place

Wachau Valley
Wachau Valley: Image Credit/

You can pick up a cab from the Vienna airport and ride all the way to explore the city. However, there are buses available to your service too. But for a hustle-free ride, it is recommended to hire a cab. If that doesn’t fit your budget then there is the best option available. The tourist just takes a train directly to reach the place. You can reach the nearby city like Krems through the train. However, inside the beautiful valley, you need to take a bus that will take you from the WL1 and WL2 and most of the villages.
Tourists love to take ferries through the lakes of Wachau and there are beautiful three ferries in the fabulous Wachau Cultural Landscape.

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The Wachau Cultural Landscape is one of the best UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vienna. With amazing landscape, an extraordinary nature commencing of lakes, mountains and lush greenery, the place has won the heart of every travel lover. Visiting the place is like promoting an extraordinary sustainable tourism. And taking time to explore the Heritage Site is how we can give back to the nature that nourishes us! With that note I put the beautiful place into my next travel destination.
Bon Voyage!


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