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9 Unsolved Mysteries And Legends Throughout The World


Unexplained mysteries has always intrigued us throughout Ancient History. The most exciting part of them being Ancient mysteries and their aliens. But still, if we look out, we could find many Supernatural or unexplained phenomena that hold a lot more mysteries than we could ever think of. Here we will be discussing some of the unexplained phenomena that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat and will make you feel what the possibilities of these events are.

Book Of Enochian

Enochian is a mysterious language that 16 the century soothsayers John Dee and Edward Kelley recorded in their private diaries. They guaranteed this ‘heavenly discourse’ enabled performers and mediums to speak with angel realms.

Book Of Enoch

In the year 1581, mediums John Dee and Edward Kelley, believed to been contacted from angels from heaven, who enlighten them with the basic’s of a language with one is able to communicate with ‘the opposite side.’ This ‘celestial’ language contained its own letter set, sentence structure, and punctuation, which they recorded in diaries. The new dialect was designated “Enochian” and originated from John Dee’s declaration that the Biblical Patriarch Enoch had been the last human to know the language.

Phaistos Disc – The  Undeciphered Code

In 1908 an Italian archaeologist wandered into, what were the remains of Phaistos, an old Minoan royal residence on the south shoreline of Crete. In an underground temple store, among bone residue, and ashes, he found a strikingly unblemished brilliant toned plate. The revelation is known as one of the most popular puzzles in paleo history: The Phaistos Disk.

Phaistos Disc Image

The Phaistos (or Phaestos) Disk is a large, umber-shaded, terminated mud plate, around 15 cm (5.91 inches) in the distance across and 1 cm (0.39 inches) thick. The two sides of the plate are secured with a winding of abnormal stepped images, hovering clockwise towards the circle’s middle. It’s assumed the 45 remarkable photos were made by squeezing hieroglyphic seals into the cold, delicate mud plate.

Codex Gigas – The Devil’s Bible

Codex Gigas, otherwise called ‘the Devil’s Bible,’ is the biggest and likely one of the most bizarre medieval original copies on the planet. The riddle likes when the book came into existence, who made it and what does the devil picture denotes is still a mystery. What is the composition extremely about?

The Devil’s Bible is renowned for two highlights – its size and the one of a kind portrayal of the Devil. The codex wound up known as the Codex Gigas, ‘mammoth book,’ because of its giganticness. Took about 160 creature skins to make this enormous book and require two-person to lift the book. It gauges 36 inches (91 cm) tall, 20 inches (50.5 cm) wide, and very nearly nine inches (22.86 cm) thick. It weighs 165 lbs. (74.8 kg).

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Lost City Of Atlantis In India

The zoological, geological, sociological proof found in the district shows that the Girinagar mountain chain has every one of the attributes of the lost city of Atlantis. Although, the proposal that this site is Atlantis is as yet hypothetical.

Atlantis City Imaginary Picture As Described By The Historians

The geology and thick social condition of India have likenesses with a couple of different places around the world, and its rising quest in archaeological destinations recommends a particular inclination for this nation to be a challenger in the quest for the overlooked unique land. Known references to Atlantis are related to Egypt and the Greece of Plato.

The Lost City Of Z Mysteries 

The Lost City of Z is the name surveyor Percy Fawcett provides for a mystery city. It is somewhere near Chile and has roads made in silver and rooftops made of gold.

The Lost City Of Z Imaginary Picture.

Since Europeans landed in the New World, there have been accounts of fantastic stories about the city of gold. Spanish Conquerer, Francisco de Orellana was the first to wander along the Rio Negro looking for this mythical city. In 1925, at 58 years old, wayfarer Percy Fawcett headed into the wildernesses of Brazil to locate a lost puzzling town he called “Z.” He and his group vanished and no one was ever found.

Hy-Brasil – The Invisible Island Of Legends

Hy-Brasil is a strange island showing up on maps from 1325 to the 1800s. In Irish legend, it says that the island is invisible in fog except for one day when it shows up to everyone. Many theories about the island came from all around Europe for quite a long time. Some stories say it is a place for holy people or heaven where Gods live.

Abraham Ortelius Map of Europe Showing Hy-Brasil as Brafil

On most maps, the island is about 321 km (200 miles) off the west shoreline of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean. One of the most obvious geological highlights of Hy-Brasil on those maps is that it regularly shows up as a hover with a channel (or stream) running east to west crosswise over it.

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The Dare Stone – Fake Or Real History Of Roanoke

In the year 1937, a man comes into the history department at Emory University and hands them a stone that he claimed to have found while driving through the woods of North Carolina. The stone contains high quartz sediment and dates back to the 16th century with a note from a lady called “Stone”.

Original Dare Stone

Many other stones came into existence first case but all those were fake according to the inspections. The stone text dates back to the 16th century and describes a lady known as Eleanor White Dare personal experience with Roanoke colonists. The message on the stone cases that the majority of the colonists died from disease and war with threatening Native American groups. It explicitly refers to the demise of her significant other and their little girl, Virginia.

Yeti – Claims Indian Army Mysteries 

A tweet from the Indian armed force has released a storm of discussion via web-based networking media. It asserted on twitter that an Indian military undertaking discovered impressions that have a place with the famous Yeti. The reaction to the case is a mix one,  and some did question while others cannot believe the existence.

Yeti FootPrint Image Credit: Eric Shipton in 1951

An Indian armed force group made the indicated find on April 9, close to the Makalu Base Camp in the Himalayan country of Nepal.

They were participating in the primary Indian undertaking to the remote Mount Makalu, the fifth most astounding crest on the planet arranged toward the south of Mount Everest. At this height which is about 29,000 feet, no human can survive because of low air pressure.

The Unbreakable Glass Mysteries 

Bending glass is a kind of unbreakable glass that was designed during the Roman time frame. Human-made glass invention took place during the Phoenicians. Through the span of the centuries, glass-creators sharpened their skills, improving the procedures used to deliver glass. Ostensibly one of the most charming of these glass types is the supposed flexible glass.

The Flexible Glass made during the Roman Empire.

Unbreakable glass is one of the lost inventions which dates back to the Roman Empire. While no physical proof of such a glass is available, there are two primary sources bearing witness to its reality. One of them is Pliny’s ‘Natural History’ and the other one is ‘Satyricon’, which we knew as Petronius. Although Pliny’s work is visible through the big manuals, the Petronius seems like a story. It looks like a fantastic story crafted by journalists of different eras.

So if you feel like these things really kind of move you in and out then do check my upcoming contents which will have more and more topics related to these phenomena and others too, hope so that you like these contents, and if you have any thoughts, do let us know in the comment section.

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