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Top 10 Natural Hot Springs Around the World


Hot spring is essentially a pool of geothermally warmed, mineral-rich groundwater that rises to the ground surface. Visiting Natural Hot springs is all about soothing yourself with hot water, enjoying mesmerizing sceneries, and healing your body and relaxing your mind. Taking a hot spring bath is more comforting and rejuvenating than the hot tubs and jets. These geothermal features are a bit like nature’s own hot tubs settled in beautiful locations.

There are many natural hot springs from the calmly fizzy pools of Japan to the volcanic geysers of North America which are popular around the world. They make the perfect holiday trip fun and refreshing at the same time. Here for you, we are listing some best and impressive natural hot springs destination in the world. Check them out!

1. Pamukkale – Turkey, Natural Hot Springs

Quite popular as the cotton castle in the Turkish language, Pamukkale is a surreal natural hot water spring which is situated in western Turkey. The reason behind its popularity is the white terraces, made of travertine. It offers 17 tiered pools of warm water for visitants to swim in, which situated below the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hieropolis.

Pamukkale - Turkey, Natural Hot Springs
Couple at hot springs Pamukkale, Via:

Pamukkale looks almost spectacular with its pure white formations and steaming water, while also offering excellent views of nearby destination Denizli. The hot springs thrill tourists with a constant water temperature of about 94 degrees while at the same time serving both the culture and heritage.

2. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa – Iceland

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is one of the world’s most famous hot spring destinations, as well as the most picturesque one. It consists of a series of pools featuring geothermal seawater rich in minerals such as silica and sulphur, considered to be suitable for the treatment of skin conditions. The temperature of the water ranges between 98° and 102° F and is good for the skin and cures many diseases.

Blue Lagoon- Iceland, Natural Hot Springs
Blue Lagoon- Iceland, Via:

This spa is situated in a field of lava and is linked with many lovely resorts where even though the outside temperature is cold, you can relax in warm water. If you are looking for the best possible leisure experience you can have in Iceland, then the Blue Lagoon is the ultimate choice.

3. Banjar Hot Springs – Indonesia

You know Bali for its beautiful beach clubs, electric surfing scenery, and lush, green forests. But no one knows about the Banjar Hot spring which is located near the famous Buddhist monastery of Brahma Vihara Arama. There is a spa resort at hot spring destination which offers massages and body scrub with a private pool and jacuzzi, there is also a restaurant with a 50-seat outdoor shade, serving west and Indian cuisine.

Natural Hot Springs
Banjar Hot Spring, Bali, Via:

But these are the healing waters for which you are here. The bright green waters feed into three different pools with 26% of sulfur that can ease itching, inflamed skin with a temperature of around 100.4 degrees.

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4. Takaragawa Onsen – Japan, Natural Hot Springs

Japan is all over famous for its natural hot springs and Takaragawa onsen is one of them. The wonderful Hot pool is one of the world’s finest natural hot springs and popular for its scenic beauty. The four outdoor baths that sit on a river, surrounded by trees and mountains, are supposed to be full of mystical waters.

Takaragawa Onsen, Natural Hot Springs
Takaragawa Onsen, Via:

This hot spring water enhances the circulation of the blood, relieve hypertension, healing wounds, nervous disorders and skin problems. Such medicinal properties make spring even more popular with both tourists and locals.

5. Terme di Saturnia – Italy, Natural Hot Springs

Italy is popular for wines, food landmarks, museums but it also hosts one of the best hot springs in the world in the form of the Terme di Saturnia. Set in the Tuscan countryside, these geothermal springs which are said to have been created by Jupiter (God).

Terme di Saturnia, Natural Hot Springs
Terme di Saturnia , Via:

These hot springs in South Tuscany touch temperatures of up to 99 ° F, making them warm and attractive, no matter what air temperature. More than 2,000 years ago they were a favourite among Romans, and remain popular with locals and visitors in current time also.

6. Chena Hot Springs – Alaska

Chena Hot Springs, a natural hot spring with its own resort, is situated approximately 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, in Alaska. Chena Hot Springs, a natural hot spring with its own resort, is situated approximately 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, in Alaska. The key attraction is the hot springs, discovered by gold mining brothers in 1905.

Chena Hot Spring
Chena Hot Springs, Via:

Visitors can soak themselves in 106° F in the lake, surrounded by rock, and glimpse the underwater world. The resort has many other options for travellers such as diving, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis.

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7. The Boiling River – USA

The boiling river is the best-kept secret of Yellow National Park, USA.  The National Park Service allows soakers to experience the Boiling River during the daytime. Each year, people use rocks to create pools along the edge of the river, where hot water from Boiling River mixes with the cold water of the passing Gardner River, resulting in improvised private pools.

The Boiling River
The Boiling River – USA, Via:

You can soak up in Yellowstone hot springs throughout the year, including winter. There’s no better way to beat cold weather, and many find it more soothing at that time of year.

8. Brahma Kund – India, Natural Hot Springs

These thermal wells are located in Rajgir in the wonderful Bihar state. The water of the Rajgir Hot Springs originates from the Saptaparni cave and spreads through 7 streams. This water has remarkable therapeutic capabilities because of its rich mineral content.

Brahma Kund, Natural Hot Springs
Brahma Kund, bihar, India, Via:

It is important for the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Jains as they consider this hot spring sacred. Separate bathrooms for women and men are created here so they can bath here.

9. Termas de Puritama – Atacama Desert

Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert can be the driest on earth, but some wonderful hot springs are still home to it. The Puritama Springs is surrounded by geysers and volcanoes and sit at height of 11,400 ft at the foot of a canyon in the Atacama Desert.

Termas de Puritama
Termas de Puritama, Via:

It is believed that this hot spring has been used by the Atacama people for centuries to cure arthritis, and fatigue, the eight outdoor pools filled with sulfuric water of around 91.4 degrees and they are connected by wooden footpaths. If in the Atacama there can be an oasis, Termas de Puritama may be the one.

10. Blood Pond – Japan

The Blood Pond Hot Spring is located in the town of Beppu, Japan and this natural hot spring is the result of high concentration of iron salts in that area. Thus it has red coloured water and hence this hot spring is named Blood Pond. The temperature of this natural hot spring and the surrounding steam is around 90° C and even the locals refer to the area as hell.

Blood Pond
Blood Pond, Via:

There are many other popular hot springs in the world which we have not mentioned above such as Dunton Hot Springs, Yangpachen Hot Springs, Deception Island of Antarctica, Olympic Hot Springs – Washington, Khir Ganga -India, etc.

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