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10 Most Relaxing Holiday Destinations of World – You Must Visit Once


Are you fed up with your regular boring life and seeking a relaxing holiday? You’re the one who’s been staying at home for a long time, and want some break from your job to achieve Nirvana? Yes, you cannot go immediately but can plan an itinerary for executing your future travel goals. But where do you want to go to relax your soul and mind and looking for any relaxing holiday destinations?

Many people just want to soak up themselves at sun-kissed beaches and some want to trek forest to forget worries of life and leave their stress in paths. For others, it’s discovering new cultures, while some vacationers prefer peaceful locations.

Here we are listing some relaxing holiday destinations which you can add in your future travel itinerary.

1. Lake Louise – Canada, Relaxing Holiday Destinations

Canada’s Banff National Park is filled with stunning sceneries and crystalline lakes, but the best of them always be Lake Louise of Alberta. Whether its normal vacationer or campers or hikers, everyone can unwind by the turquoise water of Lake Louise and the surrounding panorama of Banff National Park. You will feel astounding by looking at the almost fresh atmosphere and real mountain views of this location.


Thus it’s an ideal destination for relaxing for outdoor lovers with some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth including high mountain peaks, thundering waterfalls. Whether you want to relax under the stars or staying at a luxurious resort with endless hiking trails and lots of wilderness, this can be a perfect option.

2. Ha Long Bay – Vietnam, Relaxing Holiday Destinations

If you’re looking for serene blue and green waters then you can include Ha Long Bay of Vietnam in your list. Halong Bay is most popular among those travellers who love enjoying boat rides between huge mountains and want to spend a few days exploring the limestone islands and rainforests. This world heritage site of UNESCO is known for its majestic blue-greenish water and many overlooking limestone mountains covered by rainforests.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Relaxing Holiday Destinations
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Via:

This bay is also home to many extinct species of plants and animals. If you want to lose your stress and burdens then this is perfect for you my friend. Junk boat trips, water kayaking expeditions, swimming, climbing and hiking can also be enjoyed here.

3. Seven Sisters – England, Relaxing Holiday Destinations

Seven Sisters situated in East Sussex, England is a paradise for those who want to lay down in green grass in front of sea coastline and with beautiful cliffs. This mesmerising destination and rolling green hills are part of a magnificent stretch of coastline between Seaford and Eastbourne, and it also includes an appealing Beachy Head.

Seven Sisters - England, Relaxing Holiday Destinations
Seven Sisters, England, Via:

These picturesque white chalk cliffs are protected as a Heritage Coast and the names seven sisters (cliffs) are Haven Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Bailey’s Hill and Went Hill. Visiting this beautiful countryside will give you immense pleasure and relaxation.

4. Dead Sea – Jordon, Relaxing Holiday Destinations

The most interesting and breathtaking place to voyage in Jordan is the Dead Sea. It is located at the lowest point of the Earth between the borders of Jordan and Israel. The beautiful colour blend of the Dead Sea will leave you fascinated. The speciality of this sea is that you can float on it, don’t get surprised, as this happens due to hyper-saline phenomena.

Dead Sea - Jordon, Relaxing Holiday Destinations
Dead Sea, Jordan, Via:

The surprisingly warm, incredibly weightless and mineral-rich water has attracted many visitors every year. You can enjoy floating in the cobalt waters of the Dead Sea. You can also pamper yourself with therapies from rejuvenating natural mud wraps and salt scrubs from the Dead Sea, which exfoliate the skin. This overall experience will be leaving you completely refreshed.

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5. Blue Lagoon – Iceland, Relaxing Holiday Destinations

If you are looking for the best possible experience of leisure you can have in Iceland, then Blue lagoon is the ultimate option for you. Blue Lagoon is situated within the UNESCO Global Geopark and by far it is the most popular sightseer destination. It comprises of a series of pools containing geothermal seawater rich in minerals like silica and sulphur that are considered good for treating skin conditions. You can imagine the charm of this location by this picture!


It consists of a series of pools that contain geothermal seawater rich in minerals such as silica and sulphur, known to be ideal for treating skin conditions. This geothermal spa is located in a lava field and connected to several beautiful resorts, where you can relax in the warm water even though the outside temperature is freezing.

6. Budapest – Hungary

If you want to sneak an extra dose of relaxation, a city break to beautiful Budapest is a great option for you. Hungary ‘s capital is separated by the calming Danube River and also boasts a fairytale-like palace, thermal spas and offers delicious food. Budapest is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. The sensational skyline for which Budapest is most famous is embellished alongside the Danube River, with architectural wonders of the 19th century.

Budapest - Hungary
Budapest – Hungary, Via:

You will certainly bring your hidden photographer out while visiting the fascinating riverside of Budapest. The Art Nouveau Gellert Baths offer an air of uniqueness among their mosaics and stained glass, while the Szechenyi Baths are the hottest in town, with outdoor swimming pools and water. You can visit Budapest if you love exploring a new city and find inner peace while discovering new places.

7. Bali – Indonesia

Bali is popularised all over the globe for its tranquil environments, appealing beaches, the calm ambience that the reason, it is heaven for couples. But For solo explorers, it is the destination of attaining absolute relaxation and mode of achieving nirvana. There are locations in Bali such as Sanur where you can capture the allure of colourful sunset or sunrise along the shallow waters or dive in the hot water Nusa Dua.

Sanur, Bali - Indonesia
Sanur, Bali – Indonesia, Via:

You can visit Ubud where you can enjoy everything from outdoor events to enlightenment and total relaxation. This coastal trip of Bali with lush green forest, calm rivers, amazing resorts and relaxing ambience makes you forget about every stress of your life.

8. Nachi Falls – Japan

The exquisite Japanese Nachi Falls is a lovely sight to behold. Hidden deep within the Nachi pine forest, the waterfall has an impressive drop of 133 metres. Nachi Falls attracts worshippers and tourists alike to Seiganto-Ji, a beautifully serene and intricate Buddhist temple originally designed to worship nature’s beauty.

Nachi Falls, Japan
Nachi Falls, Japan, Via:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the three-tiered pagoda complements the waterfall and helps create one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

9. Whitsunday Island – Australia

The Whitsundays is truly one of the best places in the world with the most spectacular sights in Australia. It consisting of 74 Island Wonders in the Great Barrier Reef, on the tropical coast of Queensland. It is home to one of the most scenic secluded beaches in the country, Whitehaven which features white silica sand and combination of the alluring sapphire blues, turquoises and even jade green at some specific spots.

Whitsunday Island, Via:

It’s nearly too much to do for anyone looking for the ultimate relaxation and wants to enjoy snorkelling with a wealth of marine life. The Whole Island is furnished with pristine grey sands which gives the entire region a fantastic look.

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10. Nordfjord – Norway

Nordfjord is tropical-paradise for travellers. It is the dream of many vacationers to travel Nordjord and the reason is soft white sand, clear turquoise water and a lush interior that’s just waiting for exploration. Even the most stressed-out city person will arrive here and feel relaxed instantly. You’re warmly welcomed in Nordfjord by a stunning stretch of coastline, soaring mountains and the largest glacier you’ll find in mainland Europe.

Nordjford- Norway
Nordfjord – Norway, Via:

The Nordfjord mountains plunge straight down into the fjord and the ocean from altitudes of a few thousand meters and create stunning waterfalls. Definitely the gleaming glaciers, straddling small valleys and the deepest lake in Europe will give you uttermost relaxation of mind and body!

Summing up here, but I think you deserve to go somewhere that matches your vibes and fill your heart with positivity and freshness. So choose wisely and visit according to interest where you love visiting beaches, islands or wanna explore the city or trek forest.

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