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World’s Most Beautiful Libraries – Must Visit By Every Booklover


For book readers, their entire life revolves around either bookshelf or at the library. Also Whenever they tour any country, they always keep books in hand or searches for antiquated libraries. For these book lovers who love travelling, there are many beautiful libraries established around the world. So travels around the world to witness some of the astounding libraries with a touch out medieval and modern era, which exhibits a treasure of unique and imaginative architecture.

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Bookaholics let’s start exploring these libraries- 

Stiftsbibliothek Admont – Austria

Stiftsbibliothek Admont is the largest monastery library in the world was constructed in 1776. This largest monastery library of Austria is recognised for its Baroque architecture, art and manuscripts. Because of its mesmerizing architecture and huge collection, it attracts many travellers and scholars throughout the world. The library of Admont is one of the most extensive works of the late European Baroque. There are different artistic genres inside it which makes visiting this library worth such as design, frescoes, sculptures, manuscripts and print works.

Stiftsbibliothek Admont / Image Credit:

It has 4 Museums, 26 Parishes, 200000 Volumes and 1400 Manuscripts. Watching books which are kept here is truly architectural brilliance. This authentic masterpiece was built by Josef Hueber, an Austrian architect and it is today regarded as one of the world’s best library buildings. Besides that, it is surely a destination that surprises the visitors and makes a lasting impression.

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Stockholm Public Library – Sweden

The public library in Stockholm is one of the city’s notable landmarks which was founded in 1928. Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund designed the stunning library. The collection of the library contains almost 44,00,000 objects including 2 million books and 2.4 million audio recordings and videos.

Stockholm Public Library Sweden / Image Credit:

The Stockholm public library collection also includes 100 different languages. The public library in Stockholm offers visitors free access to the stacks, the first library in Sweden to offer such design. There are also lots of windows in the interior of the library building to welcome natural light.

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Library of Congress – U.S

The Library of Congress situated in Washington D.C. at the United States and it is the world’s largest library, in both shelf space and book count. The Congress Library was founded as part of the new Capitol building in the year 1800. You will be surprised to know that the library houses a collection of 158 million stretched across in 838 miles of bookshelves.

Library of Congress / Image Credit:

Its vast collection includes 33 million books, 13.5 million photographs, 98 million manuscripts, 6.7 million musical pieces, 5.5 million maps and millions of recordings. In recent times this library adds more than 11,000 new items in its collection in a single day. The library’s rare book collection comprises over 700,000 volumes, the largest in North America. All reader, as well as travel enthusiasts, you can visit these amazing spot which is full of learning and impressive must be your kind of destinations which you are looking for.

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George Peabody Library – Baltimore

The George Peabody Library is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful library spaces in the world but is also an essential space for teaching and research. But now it becomes a tourist spot as well as the most popular wedding venue in Baltimore, Unites States. The Library Building was opened in 1878 and designed in collaboration with the Peabody Institute, Dr Nathanael H. Morison & Baltimore architect Edmund G. Lind.

George Peabody Library / Image Credit:

The layering room comprises five tiers of decorative cast-iron balconies, which rise 61 meters above the stage. This beautiful library comprises over 300,000 volumes acquired in five decorative tiers. The book and artefact collection are quite impressive here but also the cathedral like-atrium, marble floors, and wrought-iron accessories are the centre of attraction here. Whether you are bookaholic or not you must pay a visit to this library in Baltimore.

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Tianjin Binhai Library – China

Tianjin Binhai Library in China is opened in 2017 is popular for its futuristic building design. This library received over 10,000 visitors per day back and thus made Tianjin Binhai a top tourist in China. It is established by a Dutch firm- MVRDV.

Tianjin Binhai Library / Image Credit:

It features a huge luminous sphere which is known as The Eye, in the middle of an auditorium, cathedral-like vaulted domes, and floor to ceil shelves which are moving. It highest shelves are inaccessible but they don’t have books on them instead. They hold aluminium plates printed with book images. This library can hold more than 1.35 million books inside it.

State Library of Victoria – Australia

The State Library of Victoria is a cultural icon and architectural epitome of Victoria. If reports to be belied than this state library holds around 2.2 million items including significant journals, artefacts and paintings that showcase the history and culture of Victoria State. The collection of this library also includes thousands of audio files, maps, pictures, newspapers and manuscript.

State Library of Victoria – Australia / Image Credit:

This places also offers fabulous artworks and exhibitions for visitors and readers. It s galleries and important collections reflect the story of Victoria State in different stages in history. Besides this, it also impresses with its architecture, as it includes galleries from the 19th century, an impressive hall, seminar rooms and a conference centre. The library’s most important attraction is the dome shape reading room which you can see the above image. The room has an octagonal design and is capable of seating 600 readers at a time.

Trinity College Library – Ireland

The Dublin-based Trinity College Library is Ireland’s largest library. With a total of over 6 million printed volumes, this library has a wide selection of papers, manuscripts, audio recordings, maps and electronic books. The book of Kell and Durrow’s book is the most important treasures within the Trinity College Library Dublin collection.

Trinity College Library / Image Credit:

Talking about the main attraction then there is a large gallery, which is 295 feet long and 42 feet wide located inside Trinity College Library Dublin. This gallery is lined with a series of famous writers and philosophers which are placed in the form of marble sculptures. Today the long gallery is home to over 200,000 old library books. Now it has become Ireland’s most populous tourist attractions.

Bibliotheque Nationale de France

Bibliotheque Nationale de France is the third largest library in Europe and popularly known as National Library. The old building of France’s National Library was established in 1461 by replacing it in 1995 with a magnificent new construction. The new building of the library is famous for its architectural design and infrastructure. There is also a magnificent garden inside this building.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France / Image Credit:

With some private reading rooms, this library can hold up to 1600 readers too. There are 400,000 books and publications, 10,000 historic documents, 5,000 Greek manuscripts, thousands of images and maps. The library has 40 million items. France’s National Library also provides a digital library that is called Gallica for online users. But only registered students and guests are allowed inside the library.

National Library of Finland – Helsinki

The National Library of Finland is the oldest and largest cultured library and one of the most stunning buildings in Finland. It comprises of unique collection, description, preservation and artefacts of the national heritage of Finland. It is situated adjacent to  Senate Square and the Helsinki Cathedral.

The National Library of Finland / Image Credit:L

The main building was designed in the early 19th century by C.L. Engel which dragged inspiration from Classicism with Corinthian columns, central rotunda, and halls coated with stucco marble. But later it went renovations in the 2010s and furnished with the wooden floors and ceiling in the building. It also has an underground book cave to store some of the library’s three million books.

Bottom Line

We must recommend that where you are bookaholic are not if you love travelling new destinations and landmarks and you are history buff then once you should visit these libraries as they will leave you awestruck with their architectural brilliance and collection.

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