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14 Most Famous Religious festivals of India


Indian festivals are famous all around the world. India is a culture rich country that celebrates many festivals in a year. Even the list of holidays in India is more than elsewhere in the world. India as a nation emphasizes more on culture and tradition. So the respect for all the religions and their beliefs is also on the top priority here. Festivals bring in the joy of togetherness and festive moods. Each festival observed in India has its own significance, for example, Diwali for Hindus, Eid for Muslims, Christmas for Christians etc. To experience each one of them is like living a thousand lives in a single one. So lets start to explore the tradition and beliefs for some of the famous festivals in India.

1. Diwali – among festivals of lights

This famous Indian festival is also well known for illuminating our lives. In the present time all world celebrate Diwali cheerfully. This festival gives a ground-breaking message of the triumph of good over evil.

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Families enjoy the Diwali festival starting the day with Laxmi pooja. People wear new dresses, they bring sweets and diyas in their home. Ladies clean and decorate their houses with lighting lamps and rangolis. Celebrating Diwali festival is the best way to enhance the brotherhood among people and even the goodness within you.

2. Janmashtmi

On this day people celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday, this festival is very popular in North India. But mainly, this festival happens in Vrindavan and Mathura, the originating place of Krishna in Uttar Pradesh.

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Here, the temples are also loaded up with crowds, fasting on this propitious day and waiting for the high priest to reveal the Krishna Idol on the exact time of birth. Rest everywhere else, the celebration is praised with much fervor, with projects in the nearby communities the life stories of Lords Krishna in an artistic way.

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3. Christmas

Christmas is a famous and most important festival of Christians. They celebrate this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The percentage of Christianity is more than any other religion in the world, so it is one of the most observed festival all around the World. In India people of all religions celebrate this festival. That’s why India is an unique country, you may not find this kind of enthusiasm anywhere else.

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During the Christmas day individuals wear Santa dress and wear the reindeer headgear. A lot of house are decorated with Christmas tree with gifts hanging on it. Maximum houses are decorated with lights and hanging stars. People from all religion visit church for the special Jesus Christ blessings.

4. Dussehra

After 9 days of the Navrati festival, people observe the tenth day as Dussehra. The key fascination of this celebration is also the burning of Ravan and his two siblings. This represents Lord Rama devastates Ravan in the epic story of Ramayana. The representations of the 3 are loaded up with fireworks, bringing about a clusters of noisy sounds as the whole right around 100 feet high-structure separates.

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This is trailed by even humongous cheers from the group, that praise the representative accomplish. At certain spots, the days following up to Dussehra are set apart by depicting the whole Ramayana through road plays called Ramlila.

5. Hemis

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It is a significant two-day celebration in the beautiful valley of Ladakh. Hemis celebration is full of activities, dances in conventional outfits, that pull in numerous travelers from everywhere throughout the world. It is commended to stamp the birth ceremony of the founder of Tibet Tantric Buddhism

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7. Holi – colourful among other festivals

Holi is a festival of colors. All kinds of color gulaal are seen during this festival. This festival also reminds of victory of good over evil. So this is more of spreading love and happiness. Different colors are thrown around in the atmosphere to create the environment colorful and among people.

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The water guns, splashing water on each other and most fun-loving part water balloons are thrown on each other in a friendly fight. The fun is spreading worldwide and even it is celebrated in many different parts of the World. During this festive environment, a lot of sweets are prepared at every house and transferred to the neighborhood.

6. Durga Puja – A brighter among other festivals

A celebration praising the powerful Goddess Durga, Durga Puja is a noteworthy celebration for the Bengalis in India. The beautiful and high vitality celebration is praised by enlivening enormous pandals, in which an intensely adorned symbol of Goddess Durga sits.

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The celebration is set apart by many things, for example, dance, singing and food delight. Festivities of Durga Puja in Kolkata is a can’t-miss for any tourist, it is a lifetime chance to observe a celebration in the core of its reality.

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8. Eid – Ul – Fitr

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Eid-Ul-Fitr is a noteworthy celebration for Muslims in India. The celebration is set apart by individuals visiting the mosque for promising prayers, also wearing new garments and getting ready sweets like sewainyan to be enjoyed. Kids are also given idi, a little token of cash as a blessing by their elders. All relatives trade desserts and endowments with one another. It is a celebration that commends fellowship among humankind.

9. Onam – one among other festivals from Kerala

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Onam is a significant festival in Kerala and the celebration is an extremely colorful mix. Individuals celebrate this festival by doing many things like making flower rangoli with different decorative designs and ladies wear the stunning white and brilliant outskirt sarees. In this celebration ladies dance, Kathakali moves and show plays of individuals dressed as tigers and trackers

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10. Pongal

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The harvesting festival of Tamil Nadu, Pongal is a famous celebration in south India. The celebration is also praised in many things, for example, a conventional outfit, through dances, campfires and tunes of festivity. People also decorate their homes with many things, for example, lovely rangolis, utilizing shaded rice and power petals. These symbolizing the supporting harvest grown by the farmers.

11. Gurupurab

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Commending the birth anniversaries of the Sikh Gurus, Gurupurab is a significant celebration for the Sikh group. Gurdwaras are also lite up in a sparkle of affection and mankind. Kadha Prashad, a sweet and blessed dish is served at langars and individuals even burst crackers in the night to observe Gurgupurab. In short, this festival holds the same significance as Diwali for Hindus.

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12. Lohri

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Famous festival observed in Punjab, Lohri is also an exuberant celebration celebrated with joy and togetherness. The celebration is intended to praise the winter harvest in January. It is celebrated around the evening bonfire, where individuals eat popcorns and peanuts, luxuriating in the flame and the adoration for one another in this sublime celebration.

13. Ganesh Chaturthi

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This is the main festival of Marathi’s and widely observed all over India. It is also said that everyone should visit Maharashtra once during the Ganesh festival. Also, the environment is quite unbelievable, and every individual of the family finds their place in this festival. The festival carries for a span of over 10 days with families keeping an idol of Lord Ganesh and praying before it. The last day commences with the Visarjan of the Lord Ganesh idol inside the water body. In short, this festival is filled with a great amount of dance and celebrations.

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14. Raksha Bandhan – like non-other festivals

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Raksha Bandhan is a widely celebrated festival in all over India. Its significance is the bond between brothers and sisters. In this festival, the Rakhi is tied on the wrist of the brothers by their sisters. It signifies that whatever be the situation the brother will always protect his sisters and always give her all the happiness. In return, the sisters get a lot of sweets and even other goodies. The Puja which is done on this day through sister is also considered as one of the most powerful Puja for brothers.

All above are the main festivals of India. These festivals also prove that India has unity in diversity.

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