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Sierra Leone is a tropical country situated on the lines of the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone got its name from the Portuguese name ‘Serra Leao’, which signifies “Lion Mountain Range”. For the explorer, Sierra Leone is still West Africa’s mysterious seashore place. Sweet sands ascend from the delicate waters of the Atlantic, with the setting wearing sun-stained tones, rainforest green and the red, red streets of the north.

Shine On Sierra Leone Photography by Christine Chang
Shine On Sierra Leone Photography by Christine Chang / Image credit:

Rainforest cover imperiled species like the high contrast colobus monkey and the slippery dwarf hippo.

Let’s explore the amazing places in Sierra Leone.

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1. Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Tiwai

One of the unique island which comprises lavish rainforest, extraordinary and rich biodiversity and a high convergence of indigenous, species. Set on the Moa River, the whole island is run as a protection research project.

The acknowledgment of Tiwai Island as a UNESCO World Heritage site would give the stimulus to EFA to additional it’s aiming of ecological assurance and rebuilding in Western Africa.

Tiwai Island Sanctuary, Sierra Leone
Tiwai Island Sanctuary, Sierra Leone / Image credit:

The Island will offer awesome natural beauty and Tiwai Island’s flora and fauna is the ultimate attraction for nature lovers.

2. Banana Island, Southwest of Freetown

Banana Island is revealing the exotic charm known to be a favorite destination for tourists coming to Sierra Leone. It lies in the southwest of the Freetown Peninsula.

Banana Island Wellness Spa and Garden Resort
Banana Island Wellness Spa and Garden Resort / Image Credit:

The Banana Islands are the formation of three Islands: Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux. Adventure activities like fishing and swimming can be enjoyed over here. You can opt for boating to  Ricketts also for relaxation purposes.

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3. Mount Bintumani, Loma Mountains

The hoarse King of the Mountains also known as Loma Mansa. 1945m-high Mt Bintumani is the second-most elevated top in West Africa, after Mt Cameroon. Loma Mountains involve the northernmost remote backwoods in Sierra Leone and the biggest territory of montane timberland in the country.

Climbing Mount Bintumani, Sierra Leone's Highest Mountain
Climbing Mount Bintumani, Sierra Leone’s Highest Mountain / Image credit:

The mountain range is wealthy in high country birds and mammals, including duikers, colobus monkeys, bison, panthers and snakes. People who are into wildlife research, this mountain have everything to explore till a depth of marsh backwoods.

4. Turtle Islands, Southeast Peninsula

As the name recommends, Turtle Islands is home to many turtles. A journey to Turtle Islands will uncover the magnificence and the mysteries of the tour to Sierra Leone. As a  visitor, if you get the chance to visit the Turtle Islands during his days off it is ensured that this tour will be on the first spot on the list.

Turtle Islands, Sierra Leone
Turtle Islands, Sierra Leone / Image credit:

A gathering of eight islands off the southwest peninsular, the Turtle Islands are ideal and are inhabited by fishing networks. They are distant and hard to get, it can require in any event 3 hours from Freetown by speedboat.

The fresh water and air are perfect which makes swimming a genuinely pleasurable and relaxing experience.

5. Gola Forest Reserve, Kenema

The Gola Forest is the biggest territory of marsh tropical jungle staying in Sierra Leone and is quite possibly the main locales for the preservation of undermined untamed life in the country.

Cultural activities at Gola Rainforest National Park
Cultural activities at Gola Rainforest National Park / Image credit:

The Gola Forest is broadly perceived as one of the last critical leftover parts of the Upper Guinea timberland type in West Africa and henceforth is of endless worldwide biodiversity protection esteem.

6. Tokeh Beach

Among European wars, Tokeh Beach was one of the famous places to hangout. The most fantastic seashores on the promontory, a wide stretch of delicate white sand, supported by palm trees and forested slopes.

Tokeh Beach Resort, Sierra Leone
Tokeh Beach Resort, Sierra Leone / Image credit:

Arranged on the Atlantic coast, along a stretch of perfect white sand, against the sensational setting of lavish green mountains, Tokeh Beach Resort encompasses the greenery of  Sierra Leone’s taste. Symbolizes the picture that is frequently used to grandstand the country’s vacationers’ plans.

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7. Cotton Tree

Cotton tree is one of the old pieces of Freetown, situated in the capital city of Sierra Leone. Directing at the focal point of an indirect encompassed by a solid fence stands a tremendous Cotton Tree (Ceiba pentandra).

The Freetown Cotton Tree, Sierra Leone
The Freetown Cotton Tree, Sierra Leone / Image credit:

The tree is Freetown’s noteworthy image and the city’s most well-known milestone. The Cotton Tree is 500 years of age. People over here have faith that when a gathering of previous African American slaves, who had acquired their opportunity by battling for the British during the American War of Independence, arrived in Freetown, refreshed and supplicated under the shade of the tree.

8. Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Freetown

Tacugama is the ideal spot for those wishing to get away from the warmth and hustle of Freetown and appreciate fragrant woodland breezes in the organization of some phenomenal animals. The Sanctuary currently offers self-catering convenience as six perfectly made cabins.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary Sierra Leone
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary Sierra Leone / Image credit:

Tacugama is situated on the slopes of the Western Area Forest Reserve. The 100-section of land safe-haven is 10 minutes past the memorable mountain town of Regent.

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Best time to visit Sierra Leone

The dry is the best time to travel for Sierra Leone. The most suitable months are October to May. January and February will in general be the most blazing months. If you are looking for birds so you can discover December or January as a most rewarding one. In September there will be heavy storms on rustic streets that can turn out to be sloppy.

Sunset Boat Cruise Party, Sierra Leone
Sunset Boat Cruise Party, Sierra Leone / Image credit:

Whether you like to relax on a beautiful sandy beach or explore the luscious green nature reserves that Sierra Leone has everything as per your desire.

Sierra Leone is also home to the third-largest natural harbor in the world. Shipping from all over the globe goes to Freetown’s famous Queen Elizabeth II Quay. Sierra Leone is known for its blood diamonds.

In history, War was the major issue in this place but now this place is free from war. Now became a favorite destination for nature lovers.

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