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Plan Your Holiday in Sri Lanka Numerous of Places to Visit


Sri Lanka is an island country perfectly suited for vacations with your family in South-Asia. Previously this country was known by the name “Ceylon”. Sri Lanka is a land of possibility, encounters and adventures; this place is also known as the home of innumerable treasures. An island deeply rooted in nature, history, heritage and values. Lankan economy is much dependent on tourism business because the island’s scenic beauty is one of the major factors that draw tourists here. There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka that will provide you a limitless experience that truly immerses in authentic culture and unspoiled nature, so expect a visit of lifetime memories here.

Water sports are the main attraction and the main source of revenue generation in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy many water sports here such as scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing and many more. Most of the people visit this island to enjoy these water rides.

So read below to find the must-see exciting places while visiting Sri Lanka:

Sigiriya Rock Fortress – Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock Fort is the first on our list and it is truly magnificent. Rising dramatically over the central plains, the rocky mountain of Sigiriya is perhaps the most dramatic sight in Sri Lanka. The rock walls are 200 meters from the bottom, thanks entirely to a flat plateau on top. You have to climb the stairs that lead to the steep walls to reach the top. The stairs are steep and you will find many graffiti along the way. The surrounding landscape (pottery covered with water lilies, water gardens and cave temples) adds to Syria’s appeal as a rock star. Above all, you will see the remains of an ancient civilization. Unique engineering knowledge was required to build such a large structure centuries ago, the fort has many famous caves and gardens; Impressively, they are some of the first landscape gardens in the world.

Galle Fort

It is noticeable that you will be lost within Cobblestone Street and the streets surrounded by Galle Fort. These days’ fashionable restaurants, hotels, clothing and souvenirs are full of retailers. During the noons you will find snake charmers and bus vendors column the seawall. However, the fort was not consistently such a metropolitan place. The Portuguese built an original fort in 1505 after their first landing on the island. Once the Dutch finally seized Gall’s management, they made several improvements, as well as building the massive ocean wall that also connects the fort. The Galle Fort is an excellent example of how the mix of European and Asian design looks like.

Temple of the Tooth

The Temple of Tooth can be an incredibly happy place. The temple has all the teeth of Buddha. Legend has it that on his death, his teeth were stolen then black-marketed from India to Sri Lanka. It was black-marketed within the rule of a princess when her father’s kingdom was attached. It immediately became an object of paramount importance and was celebrated and paraded throughout history. However, several attempts have been made to steal or destroy teeth. Daily, the pujas are held to commemorate the relic and also offers guests and tourists to have a glimpse of these teeth.

Adam’s Peak – Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak - Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

The stone has some footprints on the top of Adam’s Peak. It has religious significance for a variety of different religions. However, there is currently a Buddhist sanctuary on the mountain. For Buddhists, the footprint is that of the Buddha; For Christians, the foot-print is that of Adam; And to Hindus, the print is given to Shiva. The location can be a standard place to visit, especially on full moon nights. To reach the highest elevation of the mountain, we walk through steep stairs with more than 5000 stars. The pathway is lined with several tea-stalls and food retailers that serve as places of rest. The majority starts at 2:30 a.m. to receive the summit at sunrise.

Yala National Park – Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Yala National Park - Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Yala Park is made up of meshing views and real abundance of Sri Lankan life. This park has the highest number of leopards in the world. Thus it is more likely to see them. Even if leopards are the most attraction of this place, they are also closely followed by elephants, sloth bears and crocodiles. The park is divided into five blocks; Until Yala Park was built in 1938, hunters were quite active in the region. Make sure that you make time to visit the Educational Passenger Center at the entrance to the garage for a perceptual display concerning the world.


Mirissa is the ultimate getaway of Sri Lankan beach. The palm overhanging lavish the gorgeous Long Beach and are lined with trendy restaurants and hotels. Western Vogue cuisine at the restaurant is on the coast of Sri Lanka. At some distance from beach you will find Parrot Rock. It is these small steps that result in excellent views of the sea and the outline at the top. Day trips to Mirissa include whale watching, skin diving, and surf-riding. Weligama, which is only several kilometers from Mirissa, is one of the most effective beaches to explore surf-riding. Back in the daytime and evening, many restaurants flip their locations to beach clubs and sip out drinks and tunes.

Ravana Falls – Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Ravana Falls - Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

The beautiful Ravana Falls is used for bathing in hot summer months. Within the season, the flow of water is powerful and is a formidable scene. The falls are a part of the Ravana Ella life shelter, and also the nearby cave is believed that it belongs to Ravana. Thanks to the city of Ella most handheld on the road, the caves are a typical stop off objective for guests throughout their journey. Many attacking monkeys sleep in dense trees and are usually seen eating fruits. Although they are not allowed to get too close, often, they will become over-friendly with guests.

Dambulla Cave Temple – Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Dambulla Cave Temple - Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

The Dambulla Cave Temple is a blessed Buddhist site. There is no entry fee for visitors to enter the temple but is currently busy due to the spiritual significance of this part. Devotees from everywhere in the world visit the present place. More than eighty caves are documented in space; However, the most prominent five are made with celebrated magnificent sculptures and paintings. Once before prehistoric Sri Lankan people had the number of caves before Christ up to 1000, thus it is surprising that they would have built temples at that point.

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Kataragama festival

One of the most important holidays inland, the Kataragama festival takes place once a year in July or August and is dedicated to one of the Hindu deities. It takes place in the amount of two weeks and people from all over the world return to the hitch. The festival is filled with a parade of elephants and colorful costumes. Many traditional dances are accompanied by musicians, performers and fireflies to feed the infectious energy of the festival.


This white sand beach within the small beach town of Unavutuna can be an excellent place to relax. The city has a variety of snorkel diving and diving operators who make the most of the abundance of coral reefs just off the coast. Colorful fish and bountiful turtles are ideal in these waters. There are a variety of excellent eating options at the beach, which welcomes guests to use their sunlight and relax the day with one hand soaking.

Mihintale – Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Mihintale - Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Mihintale is a mountain that is close to the city of Anuradhapura. Its peak has immense spiritual significance in the Buddhist community. It is believed that at the head of this mountain, a Buddhist monk named Mahinda met King Devanampatyasa and, with this meeting, initiated Buddhism in the country. The monk Mahinda impressed the king with the calmness of Buddhist philosophy, and his satisfied, calm nature. The king renounced war and went to establish peace throughout the kingdom. There are many magnificent spiritual and historical structures on and around the Mihintale Mountains. Many pilgrims travel annually.

Nine Arch Bridge

One of the most attractive sites in Sri Lanka is the Nine Arch Bridge, within the small town of Ella. This viewpoint offers a panorama of ample space, made up of abundant greenery and tea fields. Guests will watch the trains roll over the bridge as they make their approach to the Demodor loop. This place is built in the early days of the railway enlargement inland, the bridge is particularly spectacular as a result; it is made of cement, stone and brick while employing no steel.

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