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Plan a tour to General Santos, Philippines


General Santos City is an awesome destination that comprises dazzling tropical islands, presenting an ultimate method to unwind while as yet appreciating all the luxuries. On the southern shores of Mindanao, the beautiful city General Santos is present at Sarangani Bay of the Celebes Sea.

Until 1954, General Santos was known by the name “Buayan City”. General Santos is also known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. The city is the hub of many media experts and production houses.

Places and destinations covered in this post:

  • SM City General Santos
  • Plaza Heneral Santos
  • Lake Sebu
  • KCC Mall of Gensan
  • London Beach Resort
  • Wave Super Club
  • Punta Isla Resort
  • Sarangani Island
  • Sanchez Peak
  • Dolores Tropicana Beach Resort

Let’s have a look at the top 10 tourist destinations at General Santos City.

1. SM City General Santos

SM City General Santos is one of the best modern shopping malls with all amenities according to European standards. This mall provides everything at reasonable rates when it comes to food or shopping.

SM City Gensan
SM City Gensan / Image credit:

It is one of the pleasant spots where you will be able to get your taste and style easily. You will get everything under one roof in this mall. So you can start your tour from this mall at General Santos.

2. Plaza Heneral Santos

With several trees and greenery, Plaza Heneral Santos is significantly wide. You can see wonderful trees and blossoms once you visit over here.

General Santos City Park, Plaza Heneral Santos
General Santos City Park, Plaza Heneral Santos / Image

This is the perfect new spot where young people do flips with their rad skateboards. Once the climate cools in the late evening you can enjoy a walk through streets where bakeshops and other food restaurants are available.

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3. Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is known for its lofty cascades, springs and rich in biodiversity. Lake Sebu is amongst the greatest lake in the areas of  South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

7 Waterfalls in Lake Sebu South Cotabato
7 Waterfalls in Lake Sebu South Cotabato / Image credit:

The adventures at Lake Sebu will take your travel experience to the next level. Traveling to the seven falls and enjoy a  zip line ride that drifts over the most stunning wide-open landscape. This spot comes under the topmost place for a zip line adventure, hence Seven Falls become a unique spot in General Santos.

4. KCC Mall of Gensan

KCC Mall has a ton to bring to the plate to any individual who needs to shop and feast. The general store is affordable for the visitors.

KCC Mall of Gensan
KCC Mall of Gensan / Image credit:

KCC Mall is one of the notable shopping centers, so your visit will not be complete if you miss seeing this mall. This mall is offering clusters of things where world-class brands like Aeropostale, Aldo, F&F, and so o,  are lined up for you to shop. When it comes to your taste, Sunburst, Yellow Cab (Buffet) and Gerry’s Grill are present. You will not be returned empty stomach from this mall as this place will catch your nose with the spicy smell of tasty food.

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5. London Beach Resort

If you are looking for a private resort in General Santos, so London Beach Resort is best suited for you. This resort is offering complimentary wireless internet to visitors, a pool facility and a cafeteria.

London Beach Resort and Hotel, General Santos
London Beach Resort and Hotel, General Santos / Image credit:

The area is surrounded by natural beauty and away from city chaos. This is the place where you can enjoy the resort’s amenities with natural charm.

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6. Wave Super Club

Wave Super club is all about DJ nights and drinks. In the evening if you want to enjoy full volume music and party with friends this the place you can explore in General Santos.

Wave Super Club Gensan
Wave Super Club Gensan / Image credit:

The club is open each Friday and Saturday (6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.). A perfect place to spend the weekend and enjoy getting boozed with DJ beats on the dance floor. Just rock and roll your legs and have fun.

7. Punta Isla Resort

Punta Isla Lake Resort ensures a lovely stay for visitors. This resort is situated 35 kilometers away from the downtown area, where tourists can appreciate city attractions and adventures. At this resort, you can avail yourself facilities like 24-hour security, vehicle parking, Wi-Fi in open territories, and air terminal exchange can be delighted at the hotel.

Punta Isla Lake Resort in Philippines
Punta Isla Lake Resort in Philippines / Image credit:

Punta Isla Lake Resort is an ideal spot of stay for trippers searching for solace and accommodation in Lake Sebu.

8. Sarangani Island

Gensan’s best view can be seen from Sarangani Islands. One of the awesome island having dim blue, transparent and quiet water reservoir which add beauty to this island.

SarBay fest, Mindanao's biggest beach party
SarBay fest, Mindanao’s biggest beach party / Image credit:

Once you reach, you feel the island breezes are like paradise entry, it’s an astounding place of visit.

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9. Sanchez Peak

Sanchez peak is possessed by Mr and Mrs Jun Sanchez. The interesting story behind this peak is that the first pilgrim of the land are Blaans and was provided to the dad of uncle Jun as an endowment of companionship. The Amsikung seven falls can be seen from the back of Sanchez’s top.

Sanchez Peak
Sanchez Peak / Image credit:

If you want to reach Sanchez Peak,  there are two paths available. One is in Purok Balakayo in Barangay Conel and on the other side is the Purok Balsinang in Barangay Olympog. For mountain climbing, this is the perfect place to enjoy the mountaineering experience at General Santos.

10. Dolores Tropicana Beach Resort

If you are looking for the chief hotels in General Santos so Dolores Tropicana Resort is one of them on the list. This resort is situated in the topographical area which makes an ideal spot to invite tourists when visiting General Santos.

Dolores Tropicana Resort & Hotel, General Santos
Dolores Tropicana Resort and Hotel, General Santos / Image credit:

There is a separate area for children to enjoy swimming at Kiddie pool and play at the Kids Playground. For adults Gliding Island Adventure is the one to have fun. The “Bakhaw” Hall and the open Hall are good for dines, meetups and shows.

Best time to visit General Santos

Plan your trip to General Santos from January until April and July until December, when you will have a warm temperature with average precipitation. Since General Santos city is having a tropical rainforest climate, so most of the time it’s warm and humid. So plan your vacation in the above-mentioned months.

General Santos is one of the emerging cities in the Philippines where you can find all kinds of fun activities not only for adults but also for kids. The city invites people of all age groups.

City Government of Gensan
City Government of Gensan / Image credit:

So if you are planning for the Philippines with your family don’t miss the chance to explore this charming General Santos city.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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