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Visit Angkor Thom And Wat Of Cambodia And Experience The Alluring History!


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation that is popular among tourists who are looking for serenity and serendipity. The place is well known for its landscape spans, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline and temples that are considered the main attraction. Phnom Penh is its capital, and powerhouse to some extraordinary places to explore such as the Art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum’s historical and archaeological exhibits. However, we are today going to explore only the Angkor part( Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat)of the country. Rest places we will cover going forward.

Explore the ancient part of Cambodia along with India Imagine…

Angkor Thom – Temples and ancient ruins

Angkor Thom is located in present-day Cambodia, was the capital city of the Khmer empire. The place was established by King Jayavarman. Angkor Thom is predominantly owned by fascinating temples and archaeological sites.

Angkor Thom
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Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, enjoy the serenity of this place that found its place into world heritage.

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Places to visit while Visiting Angkor Thom:

Bayon – Angor Thom

Bayon is situated at the heart of Angkor Thom and is considered as the soul of the place by its mesmerizing sight. It was built by Jayavarman VII around the 12th century. It epitomizes the creativity with Gothic towers that are decorated with 216 gargantuan

Angkor Bayon temple, Angor Thom
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smiling faces of Avalokiteshvara, and it is adorned with 1.2km of extraordinary bas-reliefs incorporating more than 11,000 figures. The top part of the Bayon was closed for restoration in December 2019 and is not scheduled to reopen until 2022.

Baphuon- Hindu Temple

Baphuon is nicknamed as ‘world’s largest jigsaw puzzle’. The Baphuon was literally torn apart by a team of archaeologists to its core,

Baphuon Combodia
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which destroyed what was else a perfectly arranged turned in to complete catastrophe. The place is favourite among the people who have a better taste for archaeological purposes.

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Terrace of Elephants, Angkor Tham

It is one of the famous Archaeological Sites in Angkor Thom. Unlike the name suggests, it is a 350m-long Terrace of Elephants is a giant viewing stand for public ceremonies and served as a base for the king’s grand audience hall.

Terrace of Elephants, Angkor Tham
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The ceremony of the Khmer empire was always held with extreme grandeur with giant horse chariots and elephants parading that looks like a grand affair attended by mandarins and handmaidens bearing gold and silver utensils. The site is worth watching that would embrace the memories for a lifetime.

Meet the five Gates that holds historical significance.

The South Gate of Angkor Thom

The south gate of Angkor Thom is one of the most loved gates by tourists who come here. The gate has been restored in order to preserve the past reminisce.

The South Gate Angkor Thom
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The gate is on the main road into Angkor Thom from Angkor Wat, and it gets very busy at peak times.

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The North Gate

Unlike the south gate the north gate of Angkor Thom mainly the walled city with Preah Khan and the temples of the Grand Circuit.

The East Gate

This is the most favourite gate among the tourists due to its ambience, with no roads going through, just forest path to walk across to Chau Say Tevoda.

The East Gate Angkor Tham
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The gate became so famous and it was used as the location in a famous Hollywood flick “Tomb Raider “! Yeah, you got it.

The West Gate

The west gate has a different story altogether, the gate has completely collapsed, leaving a jumble of ancient stones sticking out of the soil, yet the gate has witnessed some major historical events.

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Angkor Wat for fun and excitement.

Some 7 kms away from Angkor Thom is Angkor Wat, yet another spectacular location to roam around and things to do that would be a mix of fun and adventure. The best part of the place is the amalgamation of cultural, traditional, historical and modern fun activities. Go around the city to explore monuments, temples, museums and be ready to shop and party at night!

Angkor Wat
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There is a story behind the origin of Angkor Wat, it was a Hindu temple built in order to express the then King’s devotion to God. The temple was built as a palace of Vishnu, who was considered to be enshrined there to allow the people to receive his beneficence.
The famous place in Angkor Wat in Siem Reap a unique blend of splendour and culture, a city that receives millions of visitors every year. Angkor Wat gives you the fun that would be jungle adventures to vibrant culture to great nightlife, these things add to the charm and allure of this historical city. In the country’s northwest are the ruins of Angkor Wat, a massive stone temple complex built during the Khmer Empire implicates the historical significance as well. People often come here to take a break and get back the much-needed peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? This year ditch the conventional touring destinations and come in here, to Cambodia’s Angkor Thom and Wat and enrich yourself with rich history!

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