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Explore The Captivating Cities of Georgia


Georgia is a small but amazing country with varied landscapes with beaches and hilltops to centuries-old monasteries with cobblestoned streets providing a perfect high for a traveler. You find amazing time checking out the cuisines, the buzzing undercover bazaars and little places wherein you taste the local wines and feed into the gossip of the quaint countryside.


This city happens to be the capital of Georgia, embedded with diverse culture with a lot of influence due to Persian and Russian rule. Mountains surround Tbilisi. You can check this out by taking an aerial view on a ride in a cable car or funicular. Several heritage buildings dot the city landscape, which is a treat for all those who want to soak in the culture of the place. The city has a lot to offer in terms of visual treats, such as the contemporary ornate art buildings to the medieval orthodox churches.

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The Capital City, Tbilisi/ Image Credit:

You could still find the Soviet Modernist structures that reflect the long, complicated history of the place. A 4th-century fortress, Narikala, got reconstructed and returned to its old grandeur. When all the history learning gets done, you could pop to the Rike Concert Hall or walk on the  Bridge of Peace. You need to visit Tbilisi for its detailing and get mesmerized at once cobblestoned old town changing with times yet holding the city’s history close to its heart.


It’s one of the charming cities that you cannot afford not to visit while in Georgia. You may wonder why the hullabaloo, Kutaisi happens to be the cultural capital during the medieval era, with several poets, musicians, and scholars who once roamed on this very land. The city later changed with Soviet rule and became an industrial hub instead. The city’s outskirts host a medieval cathedral called the Gelati Monastery, which has elaborate frescos, a heritage site.

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The Scenic Kutaisi/Image Credit:

If you trek a little further on the hillside, you couldn’t escape the Motsameta monastery wherein martyr’s remains reside. The city’s state museum is something you can look forward to as you can ponder on the historical manuscripts of Georgia. Ceramics and textiles are on display for visitors. The Imereti region of Kutaisi has canyons, waterfalls, caves and wineries that add to the must-sees for your trip to this city.


A port city overlooking the Black Sea, it’s a great place to have some fun known to the locals and tourists alike known to be the ‘Las Vegas of Caucasus.’ With a slew of cool cafes and other creative spaces, the city has taken to the upbeat culture of modern trends. If you are fond of street art, this a place to check out some cool creativity. Bored of just looking around and want to get some adventure, you can check the some of the best national parks in Western Georgia.

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Amazing Nightlife of Batumi/Image Credit:

You would wonder what makes Batumi stand out from the rest of the cities, then take a glance at the outlandish contemporary architecture that has crept in, which adds to the city’s reputation of being the most happening place in Georgia. Suppose you are game for urban hikes and check out the Batumi’s scenic view using the aerial cableway.

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The oldest cities in Georgia are ideal for a day trip, known for the several churches, which speaks of the how pivotal role the city played in the spread of Christianity. You will find many monasteries with inscriptions in the early version of the Georgian alphabet and frescos that display the Georgian culture. Mtskheta city has the privilege of lying in the confluence of the rivers blue Mtkvari and emerald Aragvi, making it a breathtaking view.

The Confluence of Two Rivers Mtskheta/Image Credit:

The most popular cathedral Svetitskhoveli built in the 11th century was chosen by Georgia St. Nino’s patron saint. This place has since had historical significance because kings got coronated and later, it became their final resting place as well. Ten monarchs happen to be buried deep within the heavy stone floor.

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The Scenic View of Gori/Image Credit:

When you first travel to the city, you cannot help but notice the peaceful neighborhoods with tidy streets and parks. As you enter the main street, you could check out the local cafes and ice cream shops. The place looks quaint and interesting with brick architecture which dates pretty much back, giving its identity. Gori also lies in the confluence of two rivers, the Mtkvari and Liakhvi. The place is named after the Georgian word for heap or hill because the city sits at the foot of a massive hill with a stone fortress at the top that you find cascading towards the river’s edge. If you crave a scenic view from the top, your best bet is the Gori Jvari Church located on the opposite bank of the river. There is a war museum just 12 km away for you to check out.


Getting into the city, you could feel the vibes that lovely countryside has, where you can check out the proverbial wine route. You could also take time out to pop into a lot of wine bars or restaurants that have family-owned wine cellars to get the taste of some fine wine before you proceed to explore the rest of the city.

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The Modern City of Telavi/ Image Credit:

Telavi is the biggest city in Georgia known for being a transport hub. The place has great historical monuments dating to the 10-12th centuries, taken up again in the 17th century. If you are a history buff, this place will blow your socks off because it is also known as the ‘medieval city. Wherein you will find those archeological findings intact and well preserved. The medieval churches, monasteries and castles are prominent in the town of Kakheti.


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The Botanical Gardens of Zugdidi/Image Credit:

The name of the place means ‘big hill’ found in the eastern part of the city. Zugdidi has a beautiful 19th-century place built for the final ruling family known as the Dadiani. The courtyard also has a monastery and private botanical gardens. Whilst there, you can check out the museum as well, which holds the French connection in the form of a bronze Napoleon Deathmask.

There is the Rukhi castle as well as the checking out the potters at work artistically making black smoked ceramics displayed at the Orkol studio, which also exhibits the soviet era mosaics. With all the roaming around and checking the places, you sure would want to grab a bite. You will be astounded by the amazing food delicacies heavily influenced by the Megrelian culture. It would be a good break and have a feast that different yet delicious and unique to the region.


One of the smaller cities in Georgia, meaning ‘new castle,’ has a lot to offer for a traveler. Being near the Turkish border and Armenia, you find several influences and have developed a multicultural society that lives in this region. Having a long history with the Ottomans, Mongols and Iranians ruling the place has always had the fighting spirit symbolizing its heritage.

The Monumental Buildings of Akhaltsikhe/Image Credit:

Over the years, the city has seen a sea of change. You will find a modern take on structures, which now have become part of the city landscape. The extensive renovations are quite ad-hoc and seem out of place for those who still believe in the old-world charm. Though you still fall in love with the city because some places still lure you into making that dash, one such place is the Sapara monastery as well as the Khertvisi fortress.

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If you want to try out a laid-back trip, learn about the city in the day and relax with a glass of local wine, Georgia is the perfect destination to plan your next holiday.

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