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Tromsø: A Norwegian City Known For Arctic Adventure


Norway is a place where the old and the new blend seamlessly, alluring natural landscapes and where you can find excellent attractions everywhere showcasing cultural and traditions of the country. Every Norwegian city is blessed with outstanding glaciers, striking buildings, world-class monuments and downtown scenes. Be its any city like Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø or Lofoten…

Talking about Tromsø city it is located in the northern region of Norway. It is majorly renowned for its cultural and adventure activities just above the Arctic circle. But many travellers are still unaware of its unfamiliar destinations which definitely need to be explored by everyone.

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A Quick Glance at Tromsø

Tromsø is renowned as the important fishing port as well as a popular location for observing and researching the famous Aurora, or northern lights at Norway. Tromsø is that city where your Arctic adventure begins as it is the important base for Arctic excursions. You see, the sun never sets above the Arctic Circle. Thus Tromsø, also known as the Arctic Capital. Tromsø begs for more exploration than marvelling at the sky. You can enjoy midnight sun concerts here during summer or northern lights concerts during winter.

Here we give you the ultimate travel guide to Tromsø with everything you need to know –

History Meets Modern Architecture at Arctic Cathedral

Arctic Cathedral is an outstanding piece of architectural brilliance that is standing in Tromsdalen Valley. This cathedral has renowned as the Cathedral of the Arctic Sea and is now become the landmark location of Tromsø. This structure is featured by a gleaming white and triangular architecture that can be easily seen from a plane.

Arctic Cathedral Tromso / Image Credit:

For people who are interested in Nordic architecture and the history of religion in Norway, this is surely a place for your itinerary. Completed in 1965, the Arctic Cathedral is a groundbreaking piece of architecture influenced by the design of the Arctic. The glass mosaic window with “Return of Jesus” dominates the interior.

Visit Polaria – A Unique Museum

In Tromsø, Polaria is a must-visit by everyone. Polaria is a journey of discovery for the whole family. If you are curious about how animals, people, fish and plants are living together side by side, Polaria is the perfect place to meet and understand life in the Arctic. Tromsø’s unique new museum dedicated to everything to do with the Arctic, located near to central Tromsø.

Polaria Tromso / Image Credit:

It’s built-in such a way that it looks like Arctic ice icebergs pushed onto the ground, the outside looks like a deposing collection of dominoes. Visitors will find a number of displays on the Arctic, including an extensive installation demonstrating how climate change has an inevitable impact on glaciers and wildlife in the Arctic, as well as a film on the Aurora Borealis.

Get Mesmerised by Northern Lights

Tromsø is in the Northern Lights Oval, the prime location for gazing at the Aurora. If you want to get a clear view of the city, away from light pollution and want should come during the new moon or waning and waxing crescent when there’s less competing light in the sky. Tromsø is the best place for observing the Northern lights at Arctic circle.

Watch Northern Lights / Image Credit:

Numerous northern lights are on the menu, from dog sledging and mountain biking to cycling and cruising. There are several companies that arrange trips by boat and they will teach you how to set up your camera to catch the Aurora in its entirety.

Tromsø Arctic – Alpine Botanic Garden

The Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden of Tromsø and its exquisite collections are a must-see for those interested in the rare flora of Northern Norway. The flowering season begins in early May amid the snow, rewarding tourists with displays of violet saxifrage and yellow cushion plants, passion flowers and a number of flowering varieties.

Tromso Alpine Botanic Garden / Image Credit:

The garden consists of 25 sets, each including different cold-weather or area species including Himalayan, the Arctic and other extreme climates, and typical Norwegian plants. Among its most common species are the giant Tibetan blue poppy and a wide variety of cold-hard rhododendrons.

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Observe Terrific Views of Tromsø from Fjellheisen

Maybe you have been exhausted by enduring well-known monuments, northern lights and other celestial activities of Tromsø on the ground. Then its time for a cable car rides to observe the beautiful ways of Nordic city from the mountain top. And Fjellheisen is the name of that cable car which will give you the panoramic views of Tromsø.

Fjellheisen Tromso / Image Credit:

This Fjellheisen will take you up to Mount Storsteinen which is located at the elevation of which is 421 meters in elevation. This small ride takes you to a lookout point where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the midnight sun. The snowy mountain range and all of Tromsø can also be seen from the point of view, which will definitely make your trip even more unforgettable.

Tour of Breathtaking Tromsø Fjords Via Boat

A fjord is actually a Norwegian word which means a narrow elongated sea gulf that is usually enclosed by steep cliffs. Tromsø is highly popular for breathtaking views of Fjords and surely a paradise for nature lovers. The reason is quite simple and that is its location above the Arctic circle. The glaciers on the landscape of Tromsø give a scenic view can not be found anywhere. Kaldfjorden, Balsfjorden, Ullsfjorden and Malangen are some popular fjords close to Tromsø.

Admire the beautiful views of Tromso Fjords / Image Credit:

Some fjords are located at distant locations. You can go on a cruise to see these amazingly beautiful water bodies, leaving from Tromsø’s harbour on the Polar Queen or Fjord Queen via joining a cruise trip with a trained tour guide. By scrolling the polar scene of snow-capped mountains and slight waterfalls will scroll by, and you may catch sight of seals, reindeer and sea eagles, as well as humpback whales.

Tip: Due to the remote location of Tromsø at the Arctic circle, this city has a cold atmosphere. Thus it is essential for everyone to keep warm outfits with them as per their health conditions.

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