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The Bahamas- A Romantic Caribbean Destination


Wedding is indeed a grand affair for many, so is the honeymoon trip. And that is exactly why choosing a honeymoon destination is a grand affair in itself. The newlyweds would ponder over the map a hundred times even before the big day. However, to lessen your burden, India Image has been chalking out some fabulous honeymoon destinations for you and the next on our list is the Bahamas.

So, read on the next place on our list to find out the wonder stored in for you.

The Bahamas is a country from the West Indies with capital city Nassau. There are many fascinating reasons behind it being one of the most sought places for a honeymoon. The Bahamas owns more than 700 islands, making it a place that has most enchanting beaches around this archipelago. The Bahamas has most exquisite resorts the newlyweds would fall for.

10 amazing places in the Bahamas that you shouldn’t miss on your honeymoon trip.

Nassau – Capital of the Bahamas

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and hence it should be on the top of the list. It is an island that has beautiful beaches to stroll on. The travellers who come to Nassau then visit neighbouring Paradise Island which is directly connected through Nassau Harbour bridges.

Nassau - Capital of the Bahamas
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The city welcomes tourists with lush green hilly landscapes. The century-old colonial buildings are also something to adore. Couples often enjoy scuba diving which is quite popular here.

Grand Bahama

Island in the Bahamas

Grand Bahama
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If you are looking for “quiet time” with your love, probably Grand Bahama the northernmost island is the better option. The place has mangrove swamps, exotic beaches, tree-lined coves and resorts exclusively for newlyweds. However, there is some good place here to go on a shopping spree.

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Long Island

Island in the Bahamas

Do you know the speciality of Long Island? Well, the island is split by Tropic of Cancer. The capital city of Long Island is Clarence town, a beautiful town to go for an errand.

Long Island
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With some restaurants for fine dining, and shopping areas the place is loved by tourists across the country.

Freeport, The Bahamas

City in Grand Bahama

Freeport is the main as well as a popular city on Grand Bahama. Perfect beaches, shopping space and resorts make the city undeniably most sought place.

Couples at beach in Freeport The Bahamas
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However, the island is popular for water sports and activities like snorkelling at Deadman’s Reef and Scuba diving. There are underwater caves for some extended adventures trip.

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Great Abaco

Island in the Bahamas

Great Abaco, The Bahamas
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The Abaco Islands are collective islands that are popular for marine life and exquisite and endangered species. The Walker’s Cay National Park is a feast for the eye, with turtles, sharks beaming around the water. The colourful coral reef is another attraction of the island.

West End

Town in the Bahamas

West End is the oldest town and the third-largest settlement in the Bahamas and the capital of Grand Bahama. The town is basically good for shopping and restaurants.

Couples in beach side resort West End
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Other than that one can opt to stay here as the town as some fabulous resorts for newlyweds. There is an airport in this town where you can connect to other islands or states nearby.

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Great Guana Cay – Islet in the Bahamas

Great Guana Cay is a 7 miles long islet hardly accommodating 150 natives on the shore. You can witness a great deal of cultural and architectural epitome in the small islet of The Bahamas.

Great Guana Cay - Islet in the Bahamas
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For a change try home-stay provide by the locals over there who are known for their social scene. A lovely place to be with your love and walk through the beautiful tiny shore.

Little San Salvador Island

Island in the Bahamas

Take a cruise and go to Little San Salvador Island. This tiny island is also called Half Moon Cay, owing to the crescent half-moon shape of the entire beach. Little San Salvador Island is a perfect place for a honeymoon as the island is isolated and well known for privacy.

San Salvador, The Bahamas
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Apart from fabulous marine life, the island is a hub for rich birdlife. Nothing can be as romantic as a private space in this little moon-shaped island!

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Matthew Town

Town in the Inagua Islands

Matthew Town is the main and utmost settlement on Great Inagua Island. The place is popular for the Lighthouse that was constructed way back in 1870. Matthew town, named after Bahamian Governor – George Matthew. There is a big salt company which is the main income source for many residing over there. The place is picturesque perfect. So, don’t forget to click some pictures of the great Lighthouse and make it a memory for a lifetime.

Green Turtle Cay

Island in the Bahamas

One more island on the list that is known for its picturesque village and beaches. This island also owns some exotic resorts particularly for the couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Turtle Cay
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The Bahamas is popular among the newlyweds for various reasons. Beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and yummy seafood are just a few to add to the list. But the main attractions are the private islands to ensure a hustle-bustle free romantic days to treasure the golden moments!

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