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Top Ten Picturesque Perfect Places Across The World


We are living in an Instagram world. Anything and everything depends on how good it looks for an Instagram feeds or story. And travel also falls immensely into that. Traveling to different places has a new meaning other than experience, to collect memories to some perfect clicks. Well, several places on earth would take your breath away and give others some serious photography goals. Are you still in confusion about where you can find such unique places?

That’s what we are here for, to help you out find your dream destination that would upskill the beauty of your photography.

Bora Bora- French

The Bora Bora is a dreamer’s land. Beautiful lagoons and coral reefs make the waters tranquil and serene. This makes this small island the best among the small turquoise Islands in the city. People enjoy water activities and sit there to enjoy the best of picturesque places.

Halong Bay – Vietnam

Halong Bay
Halong Bay / Image Credit:

Halong bay in Vietnam is a picturesque place with emerald waters and limestone and forest. The landscape looks right out of a portrait. Tourists come down to Haring Bay to enjoy a junk boat ride and water activities like Scuba diving, kayaking and others like rock climbing and hiking. You can take a boat ride to various other tiny islands in the vicinity. The islands here are named after the shape and size. The unique beauty of the place has been listed the place into the UNESCO world heritage list.

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Bagan – Myanmar

Myanmar Bagan
Image credit:

This ancient city has a past that goes back to the 13 century. The site is listed on the top of the UNESCO world heritage site in terms of its uniqueness. The city was once the capital of the Pagan kingdom. If you are wondering what is so special about the Bagan? It is the most popular tourist place in Myanmar. There are more than 2000 pagodas Buddhist stupas and temples dedicated to Buddhism laying across the city. If you stay here for two days or more you will be able to cover all the places including the 2000 pagodas that the place is famous for. Well, don’t forget to carry your camera with you, as you are going g to one of the most picturesque places on the earth.

Zhangye Danxia Landform – China

Zhangye Danxia Landform
Zhangye Danxia Landform / Image credit:

Zhangye’s Danxia is beautiful in form of landscape. It was voted to top as the most beautiful landscape in China. This landform is completely nature’s magic as it was created by the erosion of red sandstone. The landform was also a result of the desert standing there for a long and going through the erosion process. The process led to what it looks like in the present. People gather here just to click some beautiful picture of this landform that looks like a perfectly carved oil painting on a canvas.

Meteora – Greece

Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece / Image credit:

Meteora is unbelievably beautiful. The view goes like this, a monastery built on the top of the stone mountains. The view from the suspension looks right out of a movie screen. We can wonder how was a monetary built on such height. But the fact is that few monks in the 9th century climbed this enormous huge and extremely height stone hill and were settled there in caves. These look not only fabulous but mysteriously beautiful too.

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Keukenhof – Netherlands

Keukenhof, Netherlands
Keukenhof, Netherlands / Image credit:

After landforms, mountains and temples we are now looking at the beautiful flower garden of Keukenhof. It is not only famous for its beautiful scenery, but it is also one of the largest gardens in entire Europe. This garden is said to be planted in a vast area of 32 hectares of land. The collection of a variety of tulips pulls tourists in here. The view is mesmerizingly beautiful. You will need to walk through the garden to enjoy the flowers that bloom here.

Li River – China

Li River
Li River / Image credit:

The Li River of China is nothing like any other. Surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys the river view is mystically beautiful. This river is to the Pearl basin of China. The beauty of the river and surrounding is such a marvelous thing to watch that it is often mentioned as ” The world’s top 10 watery wonders “. This river is one of the popular tourist attractions in China.

Monument Valley – USA

Monument Valley
Monument Valley / Image credit:

Take a close look at Monument valley and you can easily recognize them from several Hollywood flicks. The site is such an extraordinary place that people are lured to visit the location and click some awesome pictures to take home. Situated on the Arizona- Utah state, this place is a unique cluster of sandstone erected nearly 1000 ft height. The red coloured sandstones and the further areas are warped into a look that is quite mesmerizing.

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Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia / Image credit:

Plitvice lakes, in one word, can be described as Stunning! The Plitvice lakes National Park in Croatia is a stunningly beautiful and mesmerizingly beautiful space. The lake water looks greenish surrounded by the waterfalls and plants to give it a more mystical look. You need to go through the north entrance to meet the lake. If not swimming, just sit there for a while and enjoy the best moments of your life.

Bamboo forest – Japan

Bamboo forest, Japan
Bamboo forest, Japan / Image credit:

The bamboo forest of Japan is a natural forest that is a part of Japan’s soundscapes. It is situated in the outskirts of the City of Kyoto. The view of tall bamboo shoots colliding and thickly towering towards the sky is worth a visit. Around the moon, the sun brightens up the left a small shone through the bamboo forest. All this makes the place a beautiful place to stay for a while. You can walk through the trials that pass through the thickly dense forest.

We have almost covered mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, gardens and landscapes that are picture-perfect. There are many more but we have tried to get the unique one and not much visited one. So, when you chalk out a list for this year’s travel just go through this read! Till then Bon Voyage…

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