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Places to Explore in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa


The country Congo is officially known as the “Democratic Republic of the Congo”, situated at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This west-central African country is full of wilderness and natural scenic beauty. The land where you can enjoy wild safari and capture amazing natural photographs. Africa is blessed to have Congo as a part of their beautiful country.

Kate Humble in the Congo
Kate Humble in the Congo / Image credit:

If you plan a trip to Africa, don’t miss the chance to explore Congo. Here are the top 10 stunning places to visit in the country. Let’s have a look.

1. Kinshasa

The biggest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo is Kinshasa which is famous for the river Congo. Kinshasa is an incredible vacation destination that incorporates the central market, the Kinshasa Museum and the Kinshasa Fine Arts Academy.

Pan African Festival, Congo
Pan African Festival, Congo / Image credit:

Kinshasa is a city of joy, celebrations featuring like Jazz Kif Festival, Pan African Music Festival and International Stars Festival are celebrated every year in association with the Brazzaville Creative City of Music.

2. Loufoulakari Falls and Bela Falls

Bela falls, Congo
Bela falls, Congo / Image credit:

Loufoulakari and Bela Falls are the great cascades of Congo and offer a wonderful perspective in the Congolese wild jungle. Amid lavish woods enjoy the sparkling waterfalls on your vacations. The place is also known for its photogenic beauty which attracts thousands of tourists every year to Congo.

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3. Kohuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park Congo
Kahuzi Biega National Park Congo / Image credit:

In the world, Kohuzi Biega National Park is famous for its volcanoes and in the year 1997, this park was announced as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Apart from this, the park is naturally encompassed with tropical forests and wild creatures. The primary focus of this national park is to conserve the gorillas for which territory was expanded from 750 to 6000 square kilometers. You can also have a look at the Luka and Lugulu River which is situated adjacent to mountain valleys.

4. Lake Kivu

Bananas market Lake Kivu
Bananas market Lake Kivu / Image credit:

Lake Kivu is perhaps the most profound lake. The strange properties of the lake make a fascinating subject for researchers. The temperature changes when snow melts and water becomes thicker and vice versa. Lake Kivu’s surroundings are beautifully landscaped with lush green trees and mountains.

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5. Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo Volcano, Congo
Nyiragongo Volcano, Congo / Image credit:

Nyiragongo Volcano is situated on the world’s biggest magma lake. Still, this area is the home of wild creatures like chimpanzees, monkeys, bushbuck, three-horned chameleon, and a heap of bird animal groups. One can feel the untamed life of Congo through adventure activities like hiking and trailing on the valley underneath.

6. Lola Ya Bonobo

Lola ya Bonobo, Congo
Lola ya Bonobo, Congo / Image credit:

Lola ya Bonobo is the world’s first bonobo haven which was established in 1994 by Claudine Andre. Bonobos are different animal varieties as Chimpanzees. The densely forested walls along with huge trails are designed for these animals to feel safe and conserved. Trails here lead around the huge, forested walled-in areas, yet the energetic bonobos frequently hang out directly at the front, particularly toward the beginning of the day.

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7. Falls of Zongo

Zongo falls near Kinshasa
Zongo falls near Kinshasa / Image credit:

Falls of Zongo is an incredible and photogenic spot with a height of 213 feet. Falls seem to be the wilderness shelter, making awesome mists and fantastic rainbows. Situated in rich greenery that makes an extraordinary photograph opportunity for nature lovers. Tourists can enjoy a 4×4 Drive across the falls also.

8. Maiko

Maiko National Park Congo
Maiko National Park Congo / Image credit:

Maiko National Park is set in the thick tropical jungles of the Congo region. This park is famous for eastern swamp gorillas, chimpanzees, woods elephants, Congo peacock, okapi and Congo Peafowl. Maiko National Park is one of the most extravagant gorilla territories in Africa with 800  gorillas in the territory.

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9. Boyoma Falls

Boyoma Falls
Boyoma Falls / Image credit:

On Lualaba River, Boyoma Falls are located with heavenly loaded beauty. Earlier these falls were also called Stanley Falls. Boyoma Falls are incredibly famous for their sheer volume of water and width. One can get lots of information about the 200-year-old fishing strategies of Africa at this falls.

10. Okapi Wildlife Reserve

The sensational landscape of Okapi Wildlife Reserve is located in the northeast of Congo. The largest drainage system of Africa is also constructed at this reserve only.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve
Okapi Wildlife Reserve / Image credit:

Okapi Wildlife Reserve is a home for migrant dwarf Mbuti and Efe trackers and various types of creatures and birds. While enjoying a safari in Congo experience genuine wilderness incorporating chasing with the dwarfs.

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Best time to visit Congo

If you are looking for Congo to travel to, the ideal opportunity to visit Congo is during the long dry season from May to September. And July can be extraordinarily the driest month in Congo. The temperature drops somewhat during these months. Since Congo is situated near to the equator, so the majority of the months are dry in the year, still you can make the best choice from the above months listed.

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The Congo is an amazing place to visit in Africa. If you are an animal lover especially  Gorillas, you can find the rare species here in the Congo country itself. The cascading waterfalls and mountains of Congo offer’s opportunities for adventure lovers to enjoy themselves and also make it to their bucket list. So next time if you plan a trip to Africa, don’t miss the chance to explore Congo.

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