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Discover Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World


In many Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you have seen actors romancing and singing songs on a Gondola (transportation boat) above mesmerising canals such as American Pie and The Great Gambler. There are some charming canal cities around the world that offer a stunning backdrop for a perfect holiday where you can enjoy water rides via Gondola.

What a splendid view it going to be, when you will eat in the middle of gleaming water, enjoying in a houseboat and making memories with friends on the waterfront. Let’s discover some of the most gorgeous canal cities in the world and add them in your bucket list for future travel goals.

Venice – Italy, Canal Cities

The wonderful unique city of Venice is always on the top of every travel lover and the top choice of honeymoon couples. This city is amazing whether we talk about its lagoon, its carnival or palaces. But one thing which made Venice popular throughout the world is its beautiful canal system. This city is established on a group of 118 islands which are separated by their famous canals.

Venice - Italy, Canal Cities
Venice – Italy, Via:

It has a special rowing boat known as Gondola. Over 350 of them are in Venice, and no visit to this city is complete without riding in one. he largest waterway in Venice is the Grand Canal and riding over gondola cruise through this canal will give you a perfect view of Venice. You can also appreciate the beauty of Venice City’s fascinating palaces and other historic buildings.

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Annecy – France, Canal Cities

Annecy in France is renowned as the Venice of the Alps. If the sun hits right on Annecy’s canals, they stat glimmering like green-blue in colour just like a sea glass that the beauty of this canal. The serene beauty, Annecy and soothing atmosphere of the city are the major reasons which pull many tourists towards France.

Annecy - France, Canal Cities
Annecy – France, Via:

The Annecy is constructed around the Lord Annecy castle, which remains the centrepiece of the Thiou Canal. When you reach there you will find numerous small winding paths along the canals, which lead you through the old city centre. During your water ride, you will witness the mirror image of the different coloured houses in the clear crystal water which adorning the waterfront of the canal.

Birmingham – England

Birmingham is the busiest metropolitan city in England. Yes, it is popular for amazing palaces and museums but the attractive open canals which are stretched along 100 miles of pretty, brings many tourists towards it. This city has more canals than that of Venice. The oldest canal of Birmingham connects it with Wednesbury town.

Birmingham - England
Birmingham – England, Via:

Earlier in the past, there were 174 miles of canal in this city. Currently, there are only 100 miles of navigable canal left. A peaceful cruise through canals of Birmingham brings you the magical view of the city. A serene cruise rude on the Birmingham Canal will give you a magical view of the city.

Bruges – Belgium, Canal Cities

Bruges is the most historic, colourful and serene destination of Belgium. It is a popular destination for couples who often come for the astonishing beauty of the canals. The reason for its popularity 15th-century buildings, ornate church towers and most importantly its network of canals.

Bruges - Belgium, Canal Cities
Bruges – Belgium, Via:

Once a necessary stop for merchant ships selling first cloth and later Castilian and Basque fur, Bruges was the centre of a flourishing medieval economy in Europe. It’s still a hub for trade. The canals of Bruges are called Reien and together they surround the city to form the Bruges egg. By you wandering in the close streets and crossing bridges you will find yourself falling in love with the city like many before you.

Alleppey – India

Alleppey, a city in the Indian state of Kerala is known as Venice of the East in the Indian State of Kerala. The picturesque town is typically composed of lagoons, rivers and lakes. It is part of the large backwater. Backwater Vembanad is one of the most beautiful areas of Alleppey.

Alleppey, Kerala - India
Alleppey, Kerala – India, Via:

These canals were dug about 100 years ago to transport a coconut-husk fibre which is used in floor mats, brushes, and rope. The canals of Alleppey City allow you to rent houseboats and speed boats for cruises. This brings with it another dimension of the city’s history and stunning natural beauty.

Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm is one of the greatest city of Sweden built on 14 islands in Lake Malaren. It is renowned due to huge parks and clean surrounding. Stockholm is the biggest archipelago in Sweden. This archipelago contains more than 30,000 small and large islands and links the east town with the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm- Sweden
Stockholm- Sweden, Via:

Its canal links several beautiful islands and boating is the perfect way to experience Sweden. Many visitors are drawn to the beautiful blue waters of Sweden because if this mesmerising canals and clean environment. In the city, you can swim and enjoy fishing. The best way to visit the city is to take a boat. So add this beautiful canal city in your bucket list!

St. Petersburg – Russia

This crown jewel is crossed by a complex channel network between Russian towns. The grand Neva River splits into beaches passing through the State Hermitage Museum and cathedrals and mansions around 1800. IIn the evening you will see many tourists visiting these canals due to the moderate climate and serene surroundings. The water offers a great opportunity to view the city from a different angle, either on an orchestrated canal trip or by public ferry to another city.

St. Petersburg - Russia
St. Petersburg – Russia, Via:

You will sail past 18th and 19th-century architectural masterpieces, comparing brightly coloured structures and a vast array of various bridges. You will float across the Moyka Canal and admire the beautiful buildings of the 18th century, including many small palaces, and the Pushkin Museum, built alongside canals.

Giethoorn – Netherlands, Canal Cities

Known as the Venice of the Netherlands, Giethoorn is a beautiful canal village located in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands. The land here is divided by canals and linked by small bridges. That’s why there are more than 180 bridges in the village of Giethoorn. But you have to visit this destination via walking ways or by cycling as there are no vehicles allowed in this town.

Giethoorn - Netherlands, Canal Cities
Giethoorn – Netherlands, Via:

But tourists can take noise-free boats which available for sailing along the Giethoorn Canals. The boats in this village are known as whisper boats because they are fitted with silent electric motors instead of noisy petrol engines. So you can enjoy a peaceful ride through the dreamy canals of the village of Giethoorn.

Bangkok – Thailand, Canal Cities

How we can forget the biggest floating market atop the canal system of Bangkok, Thailand. The canal system in Bangkok is generally called as Klongs. The 18 km long Khlong Saen Saeb is the main remaining canal in Bangkok city. It runs across east to the western part of the city.

Bangkok-Floating Market, Canal Cities
Bangkok-Floating Market, Via:

The boat ride in Khlong Saen Saeb is the best way for sightseeing. It connects you to important historical places and shopping centres. The floating markets are another important part of Bangkok waterways.

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Hamburg – Germany

Hamburg is Germany’s largest port as it has more bridges than that of combined Venice and Amsterdam. It’s not only the quantity but the consistently simple charm of these bridges and canals that make Hamburg an eye-catching destination for everyone especially honeymoon couples. The canals flow in straight lines between a mixture of old and new German architecture, creating perfectly symmetrical water-bound walkways. Your trip without enjoying the cruise ride at the canal is will not be worth visiting Hamburg.

Hamburg- Germany, Via:

There are many other canal cities that are impressive and you may add them to your travel list such as Copenhagen city in Denmark, Cape Coral in Florida, Water town in China, Tigre in Argentina, Utrecht in the Netherlands etc. Hope you have like our articles. Let us know which canal cities you have visited so far. Keep Reading and stay connected with indiaimagine to read fresh travel content!

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