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Jamaican Honeymoon Adventure, Must See For Every Couple


Whenever newlywed couples think of planning a honeymoon trip, the first thing they want is relaxing on sandy beaches, secondly luxurious resorts for spending quality time and finally exotic locations for clicking some beautiful photographs to keep them as memories! Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation is one such place which you are looking for your honeymoon! Its attractive white sand beaches filled with turquoise waters touching the shore, and palm trees gently swinging in the breeze pulls the attention of numerous lovebirds towards it.

Apart from its landscape, it offers various exotic and posh resorts, fun and adventure activities for couples, swimming, snorkelling and special massage and spa for couples!! Visiting Jamaica for your honeymoon will surely give you special moments of your life.

For our India Imagine readers, we have created a list of activities which couples can perform during their romantic gateway!

Relax on the Beach of Negril

This sandy white beach is also recognised as the seven-mile beach as it is quite spacious. This vacant beach offers people many fun activities, couples can enjoy under sun-kissed beaches. Watching the clear crystal turquoise water at the beach makes fall for this location. Hold the hands of each other and start strolling to watch the spectacular views of the sunset in the evenings.

Couple at Negril Beach
Couple at Negril Beach, Via:

At the beachfront, you can observe many cafes, dine-out restaurants and plenty of luxurious accommodations. This beach is a must-visit during your Jamaica honeymoon. Activities like snorkelling, paddle boarding, and meditation are also on offer on this beach which attracts many couples.

Enjoy Bamboo Rafting at Martha Brae River

Martha Brae River is the most attractive and adventurous destination in Jamaica. This river is approximately 30km from Montego Bay and about 10km from the south of Falmouth, Trelawny. Popular for bamboo rafting and the most romantic locations to visit during honeymoon for couples.

Couple Enjoying Bamboo Rafting at Martha Brae River
Couple Enjoying Bamboo Rafting at Martha Brae River, Via:

You can take a ride on a 30-foot bamboo raft with an experienced raft guide, he will also guide you about the history of the island and Martha bear river. This bamboo rafting begins from the Rafters village and ends after 4 km ride. You can also visit Miss Martha’s Herb Garden and learn about the legend of Martha Brae as the river is named after her. After that, enjoy a swim with your partner here.

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Explore Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctor’s Cave Beach is one of the most well-known beaches of Jamaica and it is located in Montego Bay. This beach provides numerous facilities for couples as well as normal travellers such as designer shops, impressive restaurants, modern cafes, and posh resorts.

Enjoy snorkelling at Doctor’s Cave Beach
Enjoy snorkelling at Doctor’s Cave Beach, Via:

Couples can enjoy swimming, can go snorkelling and see the magnificent corals and relax on the shore in a sunny atmosphere with your loved ones. The beach is perfect for newlyweds to escape from the hustle-bustle of the city and spend some quality time with each other.

Try Zipline Adventure at YS Falls

YS waterfalls are every couple’s favourite in Jamaica. This most popular natural attraction is located in the southwest direction of Saint Elizabeth Parish. Couples, you can easily reach YS Falls from Negril, Montego Bay, and Treasure Bay as they are located very close to the waterfall. The speciality of destinations is that it includes numerous attractions such as cascading waterfalls with majestic pools located at the base of the falls where you can enjoy swimming, canopy where you can take a zipline adventure ride.

Enjoy Zipline Adventure at YS Waterfalls
Enjoy Zipline Adventure at YS Waterfalls, Via:

Hike through the wooden tracks to reach on top of the waterfall and gardens where you can enjoy on nature’s lap and just relax there. Surely, a day trip to this pristine destination is one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

Taste Red Stripe Beer at Pelican Bar

Your honeymoon in Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without partying. But Pelican Bar is not like a normal Jamaican bar offering Margaritas and chilled beer with a lively nightlife. It is the most unique bar on the island which is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The only way to reach there is through the boat.

Couple at Pelican Bar
Couple at Pelican Bar, Via:

So couples get this unique experience of a party in the middle of the sea by sailing out to this bar made from palm sticks. This bar is a perfect spot to observe the scenic view of the sunset while enjoying Red Stripe beers.

Relax in Natural Jacuzzi at Mayfield Falls

These waterfalls are also renowned as the best honeymoon spot for couples in Jamaica and located in the Westmoreland, Glenbrook. Get mesmerized by the fascinating biosphere, cascading Mayfield waterfalls, pools located at the bottom of the falls and gushing waters.

Couple at Mayfield Waterfalls
Couple at Mayfield Waterfalls, Via:

Go for hiking with your bar to reach these waterfalls, picnics with other couples, relaxing in the natural jacuzzi, learn cooking seafood with the Jamaicans, and admire the folk dance of Jamaica. Those newlyweds who love adventure and tranquil places for relaxation then they must pay a visit to Mayfield Falls.

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Luxurious Resorts For Couples

This Caribbean island properly knows how to pamper its vacationers by providing leisure treatment and affordable amenities. Newlywed whether you desire for an all-inclusive resort or perfect beach resort, a small hotel or a resort that has massage spa & boutique, Jamaica has it all. We are mentioning some of the popular honeymoon Resorts in Jamaica check them out:

  • Half Moon Resort: Prince Harry has stayed in this romantic resort. It has a 68,000 square-foot spa, lagoon pool, yoga pavilion, and offers swimming with horses. Thus providing couples with complete pleasure.
  • East of Eden Villa: This villa is facing the Caribbean Sea, and provide a spacious air-conditioned room with all facilities, a swimming pool and rooftop deck.
  • Jakes Resort: This 20-year-old resort offers stunning views of the sunset as it is located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea.
A couple relaxing in the Jamaican resort
A couple relaxing in the Jamaican resort, Via:
  • Jamaica Inn: This is the same private resort where Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller honeymooned after that it gained so much popularity. This romantic resort offers ultimate privacy with convenience.
  • Round Hill Hotel and Villas: This little paradise is located in Montego Bay and offers guest rooms designed by Ralph Lauren, suites, and larger private villas with private pools for newlywed couples.

Enjoy Couple Massage and Spa

There’s live music, a saltwater tiled mosaic pool, and plenty of lounge Muskoka chairs to take in the extraordinary views. But when on a honeymoon in Jamaica, you have to take a spa day.

Couple Enjoying Massage at Jamaican Hotel, Via:

Jamaican hotel offers lovely spa-massage facilities and honeymoon packages on special request. Nothing brings you together more than a deep tissue massage followed by champagne and fresh fruit!

Bottom Line:

Summing up here, but I think, by reading our blog you must have understood that Jamaica is one of the most cherished destinations for a romantic getaway. If you are a couple who loves to relish delicious food, indulge in thrilling activities and relax at terrific resorts then Jamaica is an excellent option for your honeymoon.

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