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Places in Philadelphia For Art Lovers


Out of the fifty states in the U.S., Philadelphia in Pennsylvania State is quite a place to check for those who love to explore places of historical relevance. There is a lot to explore and look forward to for all age groups. If you are a tourist, you will definitely not have a second to get bored as your entire stay can get scheduled in checking out museums, zoos, parks, famous eateries, educational institutions and much more. Apart from the most common places to visit, some unseen gems in Philadelphia may catch your eye and you get to visit these places easily as there wouldn’t be as much crowd.

You can now find untouched spaces of art and have fun checking them out-

Barnes Foundation

Philadelphia Art Lovers
Barnes Foundation/Image Credit:

If you appreciate art and horticulture, then it’s a place you surely shouldn’t miss a chance to check out. The huge collection of artworks by impressionist, post-Impressionist and even modernist artists adorn the foundation walls—an impressive collection of 900 paintings and 4000 objects from various parts of the world. The foundation is known to send the artworks on world tour wherein they get showcased in various renowned galleries. The foundation now has new galleries which are on par with the original set-up. You can now view the artworks with natural light to enhance the viewing experience. There is also an excellent opportunity to enroll in a program for art education. The new space boasts of the conservation department, a retail shop and a café as well.

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Institute of Contemporary Art

Philadelphia Art Lovers
Institute of Contemporary Art/Image Credit:

You will find this museum on the Pennsylvania university campus, where you can catch on some of the most innovative art of our time. If you want to check out some of the recent and promising artists, this museum could be your best bet. It’s an excellent opportunity to watch how many of those artists now have been able to hold the international spotlight. You can look forward to mounts exhibitions for those interested in contemporary art adventures. As an art lover, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get tours of the gallery, catch up on films and lectures regarding art; what’s more exciting than to get to talk to the artist himself or herself.

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La Salle University Art Museum

Philadelphia Art Lovers
La Salle Art Museum/Image

The La Salle exhibits of art collections dating back Renaissance to the present era. You can’t simply miss out on the amazing collections which have vast historical significance, such as the Japanese prints, Indian miniatures, Illustrated Bibles, African carvings and many more. There is a separate dedicated section for Pre-Columbian pottery and ancient Greek ceramics, rare in most museums of the world.

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Philadelphia Art Lovers
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts/Image Credit:

The academy ensures being the first and oldest museum and art school in the U.S. You will find art collections from the 19th and 20th centuries that contain paintings, sculptures as well works on paper. You will be happy to note that their ever-increasing collection of modern and contemporary works exhibitions is well balanced with historical art. You can get the privilege of checking out their annual displays of regional art. The collection is also famous for being able to make the installations more informative by chronological placing and thematic format.

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Philadelphia Art Lovers
Philadelphia Museum of Art-Temple Art/Image Credit:

This museum originally came into being way back in 1876 with major art holdings from Europe, America and Asia. These include 240,000 objects, including sculptures, drawings, paintings, armor, photographs and other decorative pieces. Some rare and authentic pieces found in this museum are the Chinese palace hall, a 16th-century Indian temple hall as well as a Japanese teahouse. A lot of the paintings have French Impressionism as well as the post-impressionism influence on the European representations. The artworks dating three centuries back are some of the fines found in  America are present in the Philadelphia museum.

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Perelman Building

Philadelphia Art Lovers
Perelman Building/Image Credit:

It is one of the annexes of the Philadelphia museum containing a host of galleries, conservation labs, a museum library, among other things. Each gallery has gotten dedicated to a specific art collection, one of which is the Julien Levy gallery which houses 150,000 drawings, prints and photographs. A costume and textile collection of 30,000 works has gotten prominently showcased in the  Joan Spain gallery. If you want to look at modern and contemporary furniture design and ceramic works, you can check out the Collab gallery. There is a special gallery for special exhibitions and you can also be privy to study galleries by appointment.

Rodin Museum

Philadelphia Art Lovers
Rodin Museum/Image Credit: thelighting

Rodin museum has the biggest set of works of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures outside of Paris. It contains his other works: in bronze castings, plaster studies, drawings, prints, letters, etc.; this museum initially was designed to showcase Rodin’s works. You can check out Rodin’s best-known works, ‘The Thinker,’ placed in the entry courtyard. A fun fact that you would like to know that Rodin sculpted (1800-1917) 100 figures till his death.

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University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Philadelphia Art Lovers
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology/Imagine Credit:

The museum contains galleries on three floors that exhibit archeological and anthropological artifacts dating back to Mesopotamia, east Asia, Mediterranean World, Egypt, etc. The building itself is an architectural marvel with a dramatic dome, several courtyards and gardens. It has a fountain as well as a reflecting pool. The building has glass mosaics with iron gates and stone carving, making the place exquisite on its own.

Woodmere Art Museum

Philadelphia Art Lovers
Woodmere art Museum/Image Credit:

The museum not only boasts of great art collection but as a visitor, you have ample opportunities to enroll in art classes, including special ones for children as well. You can be a part of the special events and exhibitions. The museum holds gallery talks, concerts, lectures and field trips. You definitely cannot miss out on the juried exhibition that gets some of the best artworks of current times.

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Now that if you are an art enthusiast, visiting Philadelphia would be a dream come true. With so many famous and renowned artists whose artworks are hard to come by are showcased. If you are lucky and you have timed your visit right, you may get to catch on talks by the artist himself or herself. It would such a learning experience.

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