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Malta- A Place Where Popeye Lived!


An archipelago Island between the North African Coast and Sicily is Malta. One of the densely populated countries with significant historical past to its credit. There is a history that this island country was ruled by some famous rulers like Moors, British and Romans which is evident from the fortress, temples and burial chambers that are centuries old. The capital of Malta is Valletta, also a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site.

Apart from all these facts, do you know what’s going to pump your adrenaline to rush to the place? Well, this place is a favorite spot for Hollywood movies and your favorite Netflix flick Game Of Thrones was shot all over these island. And not to mention, our favorite Popeye lived here…

Hence, we will discuss today at India Imagine, the top destinations of Malta and what made them on that list?

Valletta-The capital city

Valletta is Malta’s capital city and one of the top listed UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites due to the preserved baroque landmarks across the city. Tourists spend time visiting the 16th century high baroque cathedral which is the main attraction of the city.

valletta / Image credit:

Then there is this beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens that astound you with water view just above the beautiful garden. The National war museum and the Lascaris war room(World War 2 headquarters turned in to visitors museum) visited with high regard as it exhibits Military history and artifacts related to the place.

Last but not least visit the famous Is-Suq Tal-Belt Valletta food market for authentic cuisine and flavors. And the Merchant street where you can shop artifacts and crafts to take back home.

Gozo- Explore the blue lagoon

Gozo, Malta / Image credit:

Gozo is a Maltese island filled with beautiful blue lagoons and picturesque beaches to its credit. Ramla beach is not only famous for the scenic views but also the Roman ruins across the red sandy beaches. The nearest to the island is the village of Xaghra which is not 45 minutes walk from the island. There is a bus service for tourists’ convenience.

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Mdina- An architectural hub

Travelers come down to Mdina for the love of the architectural design of the medieval period. The Cathedrals and Baroque architecture are favorite among the wanderlust who cone several miles to get a glimpse of it.

Mdina, Malta / Image credit:

There are St Paul’s Catacombs which was once a place for Roman burial, it is a view to watch the narrow hovering paths towards the burials. A spine chilling experience. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful ‘Silent City’ to hear their whispering tales.

Sliema-The resort city

Sliema can be referred to as the resort city of Malta, as travelers prefer to stay here rather than any other place owing to the beautiful and exotic resorts with luxurious amenities. For outdoor activities, people visit the National Museum Of Archaeology to know the history and Ballutta Bay for water sports activities.

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Saint Julian’s- The seaside town

Saint Julian
Saint Julian, Malta / Image credit:

Maltese seaside town is famous for its beaches, seafood and nightlife. Travelers prefer swimming at St George’s Bay that as perfect swimming water with beachside amenities to relax and chill out. Visit Malta’s tallest building Portormaso Business Tower which is also a hub to some fabulous nightclub.

Popeye village-For the kid in you

Popeye village
Popeye village, Malta / Image credit:

Kids and adults are going to enjoy this little village like nothing as they will reminisce their favorite character Popeye who belongs here. This village is the former Popeye film set that has a big theme park dedicated to the characters of your favorite cartoon show!

Paceville- For happening nightlife

Paceville Malta
Paceville, Malta / Image credit:

Paceville is for fun-loving people. When you get sightseeing hangover, you need to take a break and come to this place. Paceville has the best multi max, casinos and night bars to make the best nightlife experience. Some several pubs and restaurants serve you with authentic Maltese cuisine and serve the best wine to our credit.

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Victoria-A Royal touch

When you are in Gozo, you must visit the capital city of Victoria. As the name reminisces, the place is all about beauty with elegance. Folklore Museums, Basilica, and Museum make the place more rich and royal. Visit the town square at the heart of the city to shop like a royal. If you are with kids do visit the famous Natural Science Museum that exhibits nature that has historical significance.

Malta is normally a safe place for tourist destinations, but there are few things you need to get acquainted with before going to the place.

  • Firstly Malta is going to be crowded around the year with visitors rushing in and out of the island. So plan accordingly and avoid surprises!
  • Prefer taking the bus rather than white taxis available there, which is not only super expensive but also has recorded a few unexpected events.
  • While interacting with locals in Malta, avoid talking politics, Maltese are quite serious about their political history and current status and you sure don’t want to piss them off.
  • There are a lot of band performances happening across the town and villages, be ready to be a part of it.
  • Travelers can swim or bath at any beach or seawater as Malta has the cleanest water in entire Europe.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of the place, you are ready to visit the Mediterranean island and create the best possible memories for a lifetime!

Bon Voyage!

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