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Seven Wonders Of The World: Epitome Of Beauty, Culture & Diversity


Have you ever wondered what makes a place or monument so special that it grabs the hearts of millions for years? Well, it is exquisiteness of the place, the preciseness with which the monument was built and techniques that evolve in making a place or monument makes them “Wonder of The World”. It was in the year of 2007; the new seven wonders of the world were declared as a result of online voting by millions across.

Listing out here, are the seven wonders of the world that would probably take your breath away!😉

1. Great Wall of China, Seven Wonders Of The World

We know the great wall of china, even a preschool kid knew it. And the reason is quite oblivious. It is the longest man made structure on earth. Built across the northern borders of china precisely speaking 500 years ago. However, the great wall of china was not built over the same period or the rule of one dynasty.

Great Wall of China, Seven Wonders Of The World

It took almost 2500 years and 4 different dynasties and English rules to construct the great wall of China. The incredible parts of the wall were said to be constructed under the rule of the Ming dynasty. Approximately 13170 miles long, it is one of the fabulous man-made structures on the earth.

Do you know – It was said that the great wall of china is the thing that came sees from the moon, however, it is just a myth!

2. Christ the Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro)

The new addition to the list of seven wonders of the world is the pride of Brazilians i.e the Statue of Christ the Redeemer. Also known as Cristo Redentor. It is the 98 ft high standing statue of Jesus Christ with arms stretch approximately 28 meters wide. Situated on Mount Corcovado, Rio de Janerio in Brazil, the statue of Christ the Redeemer was built in 1931.

 Seven Wonders Of The World
Tourist clicking pictures with Christ The Redeemer, Via:

Due to constant exposure to wind and lightning constant maintenance and safety aspects conducted to make it as perfect as it was, always.

Do you know – The entire statue was built with the donation money that came across mostly form the Catholics from Brazil. 

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3. Machu Picchu (Peru), Seven Wonders Of The World

Above the Urubamba river valley stands tall in the mountains of Andes, Peru is “the lost city of Incas”. Well, known archaeologists believe that the city of Machu Picchu was built around the 15th century as an estate for the then emperor. Machu Picchu is popular as the icon of Inca civilization.

 Seven Wonders Of The World

Machu Picchu was declared world heritage site by UNESCO in 1983 and later in 2007, it entered into the new list of seven wonders of the world!

Do you know- The magnificent archaeological site remained unknown to the world till 1911 until archaeologist Hiram Bingham rediscovered it! 

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4. Chichen Itza (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico)

People who wants to learn about Mayan culture, the Chichen Itza is a hub of knowledge for them. Also known as the Temple of Kukulcan which is a pyramid. With a height 79 ft, designed as steps and it is one of the major attractions of Mexico. The pyramid constructed around the 9th century as a temple to the Kukulcan god.

 Seven Wonders Of The World
Chichen Itza, Via:

Although, the construction is mesmerizing to the people of the archaeological world. During autumn when the sun showers at the late noon on the pyramid the shadow illuminates like a feathered serpent crawling down the pyramid. Well, that is more than enough for this World Heritage to be a part of seven wonders and rule the hearts of millions!

Do you know- The pyramid has 91 steps on each side, together the four sides become a total of 365 steps! 

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5. The Roman Colosseum (Rome)

One of the oldest structures alive on earth! it was built around 70-80 AD, at the heart of the city of Rome under the reign of the Flavian dynasty. The Colosseum is an oval-shaped amphitheater that can hold more than 50000 spectators at a time. Well know gladiator contest, executions and dramas were held in the colosseum.

 Seven Wonders Of The World
Roman Colosseum, Via:

Thus, it is a fact that colosseum has a haunting history over 2000 years, standing tall and strong.

Do you know- The giant colosseum, partly destructed due to earthquakes, robbery and other anti-social elements. But still, the structure is an iconic symbol of Rome and has been a part of seven wonders for centuries and more to go.

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6. Taj Mahal (Agra, India), Seven Wonders Of The World

Located on the shores of Yamuna, in the heart of the Indian city Agra stands shimmering, the mesmerizingly beautiful, Taj Mahal. Built around 1632, by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to rest his wife’s tomb soon become one of the iconic symbols of eternal love. Can one describe the beauty of Taj in few words -NO? The grandeur and the white marble and explicating pattern with which the Taj has been built gives you an ample idea of the craftsmanship the ancient days prevailed.

 Seven Wonders Of The World
Foreign tourists at Taj Mahal, Via:

Thousands of tourists come across the globe to get a glimpse of this element of beauty throughout the year. Considered as the most visited seven wonders of the world.

Do you know- The Taj mahal is also the tomb of Shah Jahan himself! The emperor wanted to be buried near his beloved wife!

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7. Petra (Jordan)

One of the most famous rock-cut archaeological sites is situated in the deserts of Jordan, called Petra. The site states long back to 300 BC. Accessible from a narrow valley known as Al Siq. Petra consists of tombs and temples all crabbed out with sandstone and pink color showered on them. Hence, the city is also called the “Rose City”

Petra, Via:

Moreover, Petra once a noted trading city for the Nabateans, which resulted in a good ripe of wealth and also few enemies around. From the year 1985, Petra listed among the UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Do you know- Petra is an architectural beauty and another fact that makes the place more unique is its water conduit system. According to UNESCO, the city of Petra is “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”.

To sum up, this is the list of our New Seven wonders of the world. Voted and listed by millions of people across the world. Besides this, some of the sites are new entries while others remain wonders for centuries to rule the hearts of millions.

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