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Travel To Montenegro And Rejuvenate Your Mind And Soul


Across the southern European coast of Balkans, Montenegro is located with borders touching the great Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, and the Adriatic Sea and Croatia. This place has a history that takes you back to the 9th century, where Montenegro was ruled and cultivated by some powerful empires like Roman and Ottoman-rulers throughout the years…

Well, what makes it a popular and most sought after place as travel destinations is altogether a different story. Some fabulous beaches, old rugged cities, and scenic beauty of nature are few to point out.

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Do tourists often ask if Montenegro is worth visiting? We will talk about it but let’s get in the second question, is Montenegro a costly place? No, it is quite a cheaper place if you plan your tour a bit disciplined manner. You can visit the place anytime around the year yet, May to October is considered the best possible time to visit. People speak English in Montenegro which makes the place easy towards errands and shopping.

Montenegro Beautiful landscape
Montenegro Beautiful landscape / Image credit:

Now getting into the first question, if Montenegro is worth visit? Well, Montenegro has everything a tourist can ask for. Sightseeing, adventure, food, best accommodation, and perfect weather to do all the above activities. So, let’s chalk out the best places to visit in Montenegro!

Kotor – A Medieval City Of Montenegro

It is a bayside town or village with a fascinating medieval architecture standing tall to its credit. Saint George island has Monastery with historic significance. Lovćen is another attraction. A mountain with hiking trails and Mausoleum.

Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro / Image credit:

Kotor is an amalgamation of nature and man-made beauty. On one side of the place has islands, mountains, and beaches, on the other hand, there is the giant architectural epitome to balance it out.

Budva – Town in Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro
Budva, Montenegro / Image credit:

Probably, one of the main town which is situated on the Adriatic Sea. The place is well known for hotels that are good on pockets yet with all comforting amenities. People come here to enjoy and relax on the sandy beach shores and watch the sunset.

Podgorica – The capital City

Podgorica is the capital and the most visited city in Montenegro. Apart from the vibrant night lives, cafes, and restaurants that serve the best cuisines, the city also has other reasons that pull travelers. Podgorica is the main business center and people across the country come here for their business trips.

Podgorica, Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro / Image credit:

But, the best part is the sightseeing and surplus shopping corners. The place is filled with modern archaeological buildings and an abundance of wildlife. A mixture of everything for everyone.

Sveti Stefan – Dream stay for the tourists

Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan / Image credit:

Sveti Stefan is the place every tourist would like to opt for accommodation. A small islet with a star hotel cut out from the rest of the world. Most travelers come here to enjoy a luxurious stay looking towards the blue tranquil waters of the islets. A dream place for honeymooners also favorites among solo travelers and family tour travelers alike.

Perast – A Venice look alike

Some websites refer to this piece of land from Montenegro, a replica of tiny Venice floating. It is a tiny city with not more than 250 people living there. Perast has a rich ancient history and mind-blowing natural sights. There are a couple of restaurants in the waterfront that look romantic an+d the experience would e worth a visit.

Durmitor – UNESCO Heritage Site

Durmitor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A national park with large area protecting and preserving various species of flora and fauna. The place is breathtakingly beautiful with glacier mountains and landscapes spreading across till your eyes can fetch. The amazing, Bobotov Kuk, is also the highest peak, in the Alps.

Durmitor, Montenegro
Durmitor, Montenegro / Image credit:

Choosing Montenegro for travel and tour is completely worth every penny. No tourists have come back disappointed from this heavenly beautiful place. Be accustomed to the local customs and way of living to make your trip a more fruitful and better experience.

Bon Voyage!

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