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Touring Oxford And Exploring University Town of England


Oxford gets noted as a place of learning. It has long been appreciated for having a number of prestigious educational institutions for producing some of the finest personalities. Apart from the educational edifices of the place, you can find several delightful sights such as well-manicured gardens, courtyards and prominent university parks that allow the public for sightseeing. You will find that these facilities seem well maintained for travelers and a must-see when you are touring Oxford town.

Touring Oxford City Centre

The city center is a hub for colleges. It also has other world-famous attractions that given impetus to the place, causing a huge influx of visitors touring Oxford. This is the center of Oxford town where you get to the crossroads. And the travelers get an opportunity to venture and check out the other marvels of the town.

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Touring Oxford’s City Centre/Image Credit:

Some of them are Queen’s street, St. Aldate’s, St. Martin’s tower, or the Carfax tower. These places provide an excellent place for photo-ops as you will have perfect medieval buildings enhancing your images. High Street is an interesting place to hang out. It houses magnificent buildings, no wonder it gets called the finest street in London.

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University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

A beautiful church, found in the city’s heart. It is located near the oldest university in Britain, which is a must-see while touring Oxford. The sacred building has held its fort among all the monuments in the town. The liturgy and music seem the church’s highlight. It has enthralled its listeners and worshippers of the place alike for years now. The church tower is one of the best lookout posts in the town.

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Inside of University Church of St. Mary the Virgin while touring Oxford/Image Credit:

It has for years inspired modern-day architects with the Baroque entrance and spires. You will also find decorative gargoyles and grotesques that adorn the façade. But visitors are more enamored by the ornate south porch and spiral columns and curly pediment. You may notice unlike other churches, St. Mary, the virgin church seemed rebuilt in the perpendicular style.

Christ Church Cathedral

The church has been a place of worship since the 7th century. The attraction of visitors because of the impressive architecture and a war memorial garden that the church houses on its premises. It’s very to locate and found at the heart of the city center when you are touring Oxford. A lot of filmmakers have utilized the church as an ideal location for their shoots, such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

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Interiors of Christ Church Cathedral While Touring Oxford/Image Credit:

Those who love flowers and greenery will feast their eyes on the beautiful garden setting the church owns. It composes of the south and northeast garden. The rose garden gets a change twice a year with a circle garden planted with lavender, which seems embedded with other flowers to give a striking appearance.

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Magdalen College

One of the ancient buildings in town, yet beautiful and majestic in its own right, is spread across 100 acres of land. A college that has a deer park is also fascinating news. You could take a walk by the riverside as well. A large tower known as the Magdalen tower is part of the college building.

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Check Out The Beautiful lawns of Magdalen College while Touring Oxford/Image Credit:

Several other towers such as muniment tower, the founders; tower with tapestries leading to a passage with grotesque figures known as hieroglyphs. The college garden grows plants from all over the world. And take a walk over the bridge on the Cherwell river while touring Oxford town.

Touring Oxford’s Radcliff Square

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Touring Oxford’s Radcliff Square/Image Credit:

Only square in Britain that is named Radcliff, which you will come across when touring Oxford. While you are at Radcliff square, you could check out the Library at the Oxford building, which has a 250-year history attached to it. There is an actual place known as the Radcliff camera, which is because of the picturesque grandness of the surrounding edifices. It’s a perfect place to click some awesome pictures for posterity. You will the most iconic setting for your pics, such as an intricately carved dor or a lone lampost, make an instant hit on Instagram.

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Sheldonian Theatre

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Have look inside The Sheldonian Theatre While Touring Oxford:/Image Credit:

It is a beautiful place that has an old-world charm oozing elegance and sophistication at the same time. The building got built in the year 1664. It happens to be one of the eye-catching edifices you see when touring Oxford. The theatre gets often used for private dining, drinks and receptions. There award ceremonies, musical concerts and performances held at this venue wherein hundreds of people have enjoyed this place for years. It also has indoor space, which is a rarity nowadays, wherein the guests can enjoy their drinks and take in the panoramic view of the skyline of Oxford.

Ashmolean Museum

The museum is a house of art and archeology and holds the honor of being the first public museum of Britain. There is so much history associated with the museum, all because of the collections that date back to half a million years. It has Egyptian mummies to modern art you will find everything in history and much more in this fascinating place. The rich collection represents the world’s greatest civilizations containing ceramics of Cairo to Anglo-Saxon treasures.

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Find Out More on Sculptures of Various Artists in Ashmolean Museum While Touring Oxford/Image Credit:

If you seek the modern, you won’t be disappointed as there is the foremost collection of contemporary Chinese paintings and western art. Catching up to see the museum is a treat when touring Oxford. With all the moving around, you could take time out and sit down to grab a bite at the rooftop restaurant in the venue and have a fine European dining experience.

Shop on Cornmarket street

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Shop Till You Drop on Cornmarket Street while Touring Oxford/Image Credit:

After all the sightseeing, a little shopping is a must, so your next stopover would be Cornmarket Street. The place seems filled with independent boutiques, department stores, and amazing gourmet food stalls that satiate your hunger pangs after extensively shopping in Cornmarket street. If you are a book lover, you could go over to the first-rate bookshops on the street. It could be a good idea to pore into every edition that gets found there and get your favorite copies. The eclectic mix of shopping places and eateries makes it a charming experience you can treasure while touring Oxford.

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For travelers who want to get back to checking on university life or want to see an age-old building still in pristine conditions or even a Harry Potter fan, your best bet is Oxford town. As you get into the hustle and bustle of popular town life, you will feel more at home as the place has familiar settings. There are several cultural activities that you could be part of and enjoy delectable European food served. If you want a stopover, there are several bed and breakfast places for a break and you could continue touring Oxford town.


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