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Top 7 Tourist Destination Of Uruguay


Have you ever stuck with the idea of visiting an eccentric yet fabulous place for a family vacation? We are here to help. Countries from South America are quite fascinating and tourists friendly. That means there are quite a few places, landscapes, landmarks and monuments for you to visit and ensure a fabulous day. With no second thought, Uruguay is one such country. However Uruguay is an easy affair for travellers, the country would cost you a hefty amount to tour around. And without any say that plays an important role in the country’s economy. Try to visit Uruguay during January and February for a better experience.

let us look into the top seven tourist destination of Uruguay

Montevideo – The Capital City

Montevideo / Image credit:

Uruguay’s capital city Montevideo is a bliss to watch. The art deco city with beautiful beaches and an artistic old town. The most important landmark is the Plaza Independencia, a square standing at the heart of the city. The attraction is the statue that is impaired in the Plaza monument. People also love to visit the historic old market Mercado del Puerto and shop their heart out. The market has some best meat market to their credit. Another market Mercado Agricola is famous for its local items and is known for its beautiful gift shops. The Palacio Legislativo is a historically significant monument and legislative palace of Uruguay. The monument was built around 1908 to 1925. The Palacio Legislativo is one of the main and important landmarks of the capital city.

Punta del Este – The Resort City

Punta del Este
Punta del Este / Image credit:

Punta del Este is all about beaches and islands. People come here to chill out and relax on the sandy beaches and to take chances to swim. The is a seaport that is famous for seafood and fresh fish and some happening restaurants across the streets. Gorriti island is a small island that lures tourists to enjoy a fantastic evening and explore the nearby itineraries. However, the famous landmark of the city remains the exotic finger sculpture, La mano by a Chilean Sculpture artist. The finger sculpture on the sand looks the modern yet old artistic way of expressing the significance. The sculpture was completed in the year 1982 and thereafter within no time became one of the prominent landmarks of the city.

Rio de la Plata – The City Of beaches

Rio de la Plata
Rio de la Plata

Travelers love Rio del la Plata for its beaches and tranquil waters. The De Los Pocitos, Playa Malvin and Ramirez are a few beaches that are quiet and relaxing to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The Isle de Flores is a lighthouse 34 kilometers from the Punta Carretas. The lighthouse is known for the historic significance and ruins that have to say different stories.

Cabo Polonio – The City of Sealions

Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio / Image credit:

Cabo Polonio is majorly known for the protected areas and nature. The small city is mostly walled with beaches, museums and lighthouses. Travellers come here to get a glimpse of the sea lion which is in abundance in this area. Other than that there are no many things to see around. The beaches and nature are the tourist’s significant places here at Cabo Polonio.

Salto – City known for theatres

Salto / Image credit:

Salto is one of the best places to visit with your family particularly kids. The Aquatic Park is a water park with a hot spring. Kids love to enjoy time playing and swimming. If not check the Salto Municipal Zoo that is famous for beautiful peacocks walking along with humans. There are other wide animals as well and walking around the park literally feels like strolling through the Jungle.

Carmelo – The City for Wine and Vineyards

Carmelo vineyard Uruguay
Carmelo vineyard Uruguay / Image credit:

The Carmelo Bridge is a popular landmark of the city. The night view of the bridge is spectacular and fascinating. Musse de Madera, the Museum and art gallery is a prime tourist spot in the city. However, the highlight of Carmelo is the tasty wine ad the vineyards. Taste the best wine and try to shop some to bring back home. Tourists can go around the vineyard and tour the vicinity and sip some handmade wine.

Fray Bentos – Hot spring and Riverside

Fray Bentos
Fray Bentos / Image credit:

Fray Bentos is a small town that has no many tourist spots. But if you are looking for someplace to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city then this is the right place. One can stroll around the riverside and click some pictures under the Libertador San Martine bridge. Fray Bentos do have some clubs and are quite well known for nightlife too.

Uruguay may have overshadowed by two neighboring countries ad their popularity but it is nevertheless one of the most sought places in terms of tourism. The country has a reputation for cultural integrity and sophistication. People are tourists friendly and that makes the place safest for tourists across the globe. Now pack your bag and visit Uruguay!

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