Travel DestinationsMust Visit These Beautiful Botanical Gardens of World

Must Visit These Beautiful Botanical Gardens of World


Botanical Gardens are the locations that are preserved for research. Tourists can witness various surprising plant and tree species through recreations. Here all kinds of plant species are maintained and are designed in such a way that they serve the purpose of the public visits too. Tourists can visit these gardens for rejuvenating themselves in the soothing ambiance surrounded with lush greenery and beautiful waterfalls or other lovely decorations.

There are around 1770 botanical gardens worldwide, but few of them which are loaded with luscious flora, dazzling views, amazing flower species and aromatic aura which drew visitors attention.

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Let’s have a look at some of the important botanical gardens of the world

Most Famous & Attractive Botanical Gardens

Have you visited any yet ?? If not!! take a look at the popular & beautiful botanical gardens all over the world, which you can add in your travel bucket list.

Dubai Miracle Garden 

Located at the deserted land near Arabian Ranches, the Miracle Garden of Dubai is the largest natural flower of world garden sprawling over 72,000 m². Its major appeal is its 109 million flowers which is a sight to behold. This garden was inaugurated on the auspicious eve of Valentine’s Day in 2013 and from there it is attracting millions of visitors every year.

Dubai Miracle Garden / Image Credit:

Floral Castle, Aerial floating lady, Disney Avenue, Life-Sized Emirates A380, Butterfly Passage and Hill Top are the main highlights here. Nature-lovers and photography freak must pay a visit to Dubai Miracle Garden. Voyagers, even whole day is not enough for you to appreciate the beauty of the garden loaded with the enchanting aroma of flowers.

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Berlin Botanical Garden

Berlin Botanical Garden is spread in around 43 hectares with astonishing flora. It is the largest botanical garden in Europe and 2nd largest in the world. It has an exquisite tropical house and fields with 20,000 plant species. Established in 1679 as a kitchen garden and became the best hoping spot for beer brewing. It houses a colourful array of gardens, sixteen greenhouses, and landscapes that show a perfect illustration of the diversity of nature. It is home to flowering vines, waterfalls from rock cliffs, timber bamboo extending to the sky, and a carpet at your feet with grasses, orchids, and bromeliads.

Berlin Botanical Garden / Image Credit:

A bamboo bridge is also there, which carries sightseers across the basin. The Victoria House offers a proper tropical setting. Do not miss the Wonderful Pavilion, which is the largest glasshouse in the world. Apart from these witnesses, the giant water lilies and collections of carnivorous plants.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Adore the panoramic cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, situated in the Prospect Park neighbourhood. This wonderful place treats visitors with more than 200 cherry trees and a wide range of plant species spread around 52 acres. Founded in 1910 and welcome millions of travellers every year. Aside, cherry trees, it also includes 42 different species and elegant plant varieties. Thus making it one of the best places to see the Cherry flowering outside Japan.

Sit under the cherry Blossom at Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Image Credit:

Besides this, Steinhardt Conservatory is another highlight of this garden which houses an extensive collection of indoor plants in 3 climate regulated zones. one for tropical, another for warm temperate, last one for desert floras. Also, pay a visit to the in-house art gallery and the oldest Children’s Garden.

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Cosmovitral Botanical Garden

Fully designed with colourful stained glass art on windows which soak this botanical garden in cosmic light which enhance the beauty of the flora. Cosmovitral botanical garden is harboured in an old market place of Toluca, Mexico. In the botanical garden has more than 500 species of plants, mostly native to Mexico, and several fountains and bridges are arranged across the area.

Cosmovitral Botanical Garden / Image Credit:

These colourful windows display many subjects regarding man and his universe perception. A massive central glass wall known as The Sun Man is the centrepiece of the collection. The building is bombarded in deep reds and warm blues as the sun shines through the windows, making the artistic garden feel both natural and mystical.

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Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens, beside the Thames River in Kew, England which boasts the largest and most diverse botanical collections in the world. Founded in 1840, this garden is famous around the world it for housing 50k different kinds of plants, largest herbariums and a library with over 750,000 volumes, including the priceless treasure of text by famous botanists- Joseph Banks.

Royal Botanical Gardens Kew / Image Credit:

Other highlights include Water Lily House, a Temperate House, a Palm House and climate-controlled Wales Conservatory. The glasshouse has 3 zones out of which one is dedicated to carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps and another to dry tropics such as succulents and cactus. The last one is growing Victoria Amazonica, the world’s largest Waterlilies.

Kirstenbo National Botanical Garden

Established at Cape Town’s Table Mountain, South Africa, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is one of the captivating & most biodiverse gardens of the world. It was the first garden to be listed under the UNESCO world heritage site. It has unbelievable types of flora and plants, which have been grown since the beginning of the 1900s.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden / Image Credit:

Explore at ground level or from above along The Boomslang, a treetop walkway or the Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful sculpture garden includes a half statue of Nelson Mandela and dazzling Mambo figures, engraved from opal stone. This National Botanical Garden is gifted with postcard-worthy collections of Protea and Cycads, hiking and mountain biking trails, extensive picnic lawns, and a 427-foot tree-top walkway arcing over the canopy of the arboretum.

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Singapore Botanical Garden

The Singapore Botanic Garden is the only UNESCO World Heritage-listed tropical botanic garden and the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Singapore. It is considered as the crown jewel of Lion’s City. It is considered as the Mecca for Orchid lovers as 20,000 varieties of this flower spotted around the garden which is a visual treat to the eyes.

Singapore Botanical Garden / Image Credit:

This 183-acre botanical garden consists of an evolution garden, a ginger garden, a rainforest and children garden. You will also notice troops of wild monkeys wandering around the garden. It also has a pair of Amsterdam swans, a national flower named Vanda Miss Joaquim, and a garden of the mist of its own. Also, pay a visit to The National Orchid Garden with more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids on display.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden in Canada was established in 1931 and remains a popular oasis in the heart of the city. It includes a Chinese Garden with an exquisite array of Bonsai and Penjing. This Japanese Greenhouse, which is inhabited entirely by Canadian plants, is inhabited by Japanese plants and a First Nations Greenhouse.

Montreal Botanical Garden / Image Credit:

The park’s strange art installations also make it popular. Visitors should move in and experience Quebec’s mammals, birds and insects for the type of accommodation that they want.

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Jardim Botânico

Jardim Botanico is located at the foot of Corcovado Mountain, under the watchful eye of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Stretched around the 346 acres, Jardim Botânico is home to over 6,500 species of plants. It opened in 1822 and continues to be one of Brazil’s most important sites for botanical study.

Jardim Botânico / Image Credit:

Birdwatchers, who come to observe the unusual white-necked hawk that is easier to spot here than in the wild, are also common in the gardens. It is the Avenue of Royal Palms garden that is highly popular on Instagram. Its unusual bromeliads and traditional Japanese garden are not to be ignored.

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Nongnooch Tropical Botanical Garden

The Nongnooch botanical garden is positioned on 500 acres of rolling hills and valleys behind Pattaya. It is the birthplace of Mrs Nongnooch, who was inspired to turn her fruit orchard into a tropical garden of ornamental flowers and plants with the elegance of world-renowned gardens. Opened in 1980, it rapidly became one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Nongnooch Tropical Botanical Garden /

The gardens are a beguiling blend of Thai architecture and gardens in the European style. Tropical surprises include a flower valley, orchid garden and there is a French garden and a European garden. A dinosaur valley is a new addition to the attractions of the park, including life-size replicas of oviraptors, styracosaurus and cyrolophosaurus.

Arctic Alpine Botanical Garden

The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden is located at Tromsø, Norway. It is the world’s northernmost botanical garden which showcases classic Perennials and herbs from the tippy-top of Norway. Its amazing array of plants from other continents can also be viewed here. In early May, in the midst of the frost, the flowering season starts, rewarding visitors with displays of violet saxifrage and yellow cushion plants, passion flowers and other flowering varieties.

Tromso Alpine Botanic Garden / Image Credit:

The garden consists of 25 sets, each including different cold-weather or area species including Himalayan, the Arctic and other extreme climates, and typical Norwegian plants. Among its most common species are the giant Tibetan blue poppy and a wide variety of cold-hard rhododendrons.

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