NewsKashmir: Something Big Is About To Happen

Kashmir: Something Big Is About To Happen


Kashmir has always been a controversial mark in Indian history. Right from when it became a part of India and till date, the problems and suffering don’t seem to end. Now as the NDA government has come into action a lot more changes are now visible in the area. As the government has been discussing the issues and problem in Kashmir, a major step that is to be taken is the removal of Article 370. Now as it is being proposed in Rajya Sabha, Kashmir will gain the status of Union Territory of India.

Updates So far

Home Minister Amit Shah proposed to evacuate all arrangements of antagonistic Article 370 of the Indian constitution in the Rajya Sabha on Monday in the midst of challenges by the Opposition. Article 370 of the India Constitution gives an exceptional status to Jammu and Kashmir. Prior, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led an urgent gathering of the powerful Cabinet Committee on Security at his habitation at the 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. The legislature has likewise somewhat suspended portable and internet providers and forced Section 144 in Jammu and Srinagar given the present circumstance in the Valley. Area 144 was forced at 6 AM on Monday and security has been fixed to foil any untoward occurrence after the Center’s choice to deny Article 370. The Riot under control vehicles has likewise been kept on reserve in certain territories where trepidation of peace unsettling influences is more, state reports. Moreover, schools and universities have been shut until further notice. Top state pioneers including National Conference boss Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti among others have been put under house capture.

Things That Have Surfaced In Media

Jammu & Kashmir Division, 2 new Union Territories Created

Home Minister Amit Shah made the staggering declaration while presenting two statutory goals in the Rajya Sabha – the primary which annulled Article 370 and the subsequent that bifurcated the State and made two separate Union Territories.

Division Approved By The Government

“The people of the State were not getting any benefits. The politicians were promoting corruption. Article 370 was brought in with an understanding that it will eventually be removed. But no political party had the will to do it. The BJP has the will and the strength to do it,” said Shah.

Government has asked all its MP’s to be present in the house from Aug 5-7

Modi government has asked all its Member of Parliament to be present in the house from Aug 5 to Aug 7 as they are seeking to pass the bill and really want to get Kashmir what it has deserved from a very long time.

Now as it is important for all the MP to be present for getting the majority and passing the bill which could really be a stepping stone in the future development of J&K.

Amarnath Yatra Stopped and Tourist Places Has Been Blocked

The J&K government has reduced the current year’s Amarnath Yatra two weeks in front of its planned conclusion following reports of security powers that fear-based oppressors could target it and disturb harmony in the state.

Security Measures For Amarnath Yatra

The legislature had before suspended the journey till August 4 because of terrible climate yet explorers and sightseers have now been approached to diminish their stay in the valley as well. The request has activated frenzy and energized dread among the people a noteworthy declaration was in the offering.

A huge number of Indian students and tourists were escaping Indian-controlled Kashmir throughout the end of the week after.

Tourist is on hold.

The legislature requested travelers and Hindu pioneers visiting a Himalayan cavern hallowed place ”to diminish their remain” in the contested domain, referring to security concerns.

Added Security measures in the area

Around 28000 soldiers have been deployed in the area. The Union home service conveyed 28,000 paramilitary workforces in Jammu and Kashmir.

Troops Deployed In Kashmir.

The abrupt ending of powers started alarm in the Valley and hypotheses of the annulment of Article 35A.

Amit Shah asking for the removal of Article 370

Amit Shah moves a resolution in Rajya Sabha stating that all clauses of Article 370 will not be applicable to Jammu & Kashmir.

Through article 370 the Kashmir has always got a special status state, which used to run under the ruling of three families that have always fulfilled their own deed and done nothing for the state he added.

Mehbooba Mufti & Omar Abdullah house arrest before the decision-making process in Rajya Sabha

National Conference head Omar Abdullah and PDP boss Mehbooba Mufti have been put under house capture as the specialists forced confinements on the individuals’ developments crosswise over Srinagar. Versatile and internet providers have likewise been suspended in the Valley.

“Previous CMs Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti not to be permitted to move out of the house as severe time limitation to be forced at the break of day, ” the police said.

“I trust I’m being put under house capture from 12 PM today around evening time,” previous Jammu and Kashmir boss priest said in a tweet.

He included that the “procedure had just begun for other standard pioneers”. “No chance to get of knowing whether this is valid however on the off chance that it is, at that point I’ll see every one of you on the opposite side of whatever is available. Allah spare us,” his tweet read.

Omar Abdullah, notwithstanding, requested that individuals resist the urge to panic. “To the individuals of Kashmir, we don’t have the foggiest idea what is available for us yet I am a firm adherent that whatever Almighty Allah has arranged it is consistently to improve things, we may not see it now but rather we should never question his ways. Good karma to everybody, remain safe and most importantly PLEASE STAY CALM,” he said in another tweet.

PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti additionally shared her worries on the reports of check-in time like circumstance in the Valley. “Hearing reports about web being snapped before long including cell inclusion. Time limit passes being issued as well. God realizes what anticipates us tomorrow. It will be a taxing night,” she said.

“How unexpected that chosen agents like us who battled for harmony are under house capture. The world looks as individuals and their voices are being gagged in J&K. A similar Kashmir that picked a mainstream majority rule India is confronting the mistreatment of inconceivable size. Wake up India,” Mehbooba Mufti said in another tweet.

Individuals’ Conference chief Sajad Lone has likewise been put under house capture.

Congress pioneer Usman Majid and CPI(M) MLA M Y Tarigami have likewise said that they are under house capture.

Curfew-like restrictions implied in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Authorities have clamped prohibitory requests under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which precludes get together of multiple individuals at once.

Versatile and internet providers have likewise been suspended in the Valley.

Government has forced confinements in Srinagar with impact from 1200 Hrs on August 5, which will stay in power till further requests.

According to the request, there will be no development of open and every instructive establishment will likewise stay shut.

There will be a finished bar on holding any sort of open gatherings or mobilizes during the time of activity of this request. Character cards of basic administrations authorities will be treated as development passes any place required.

Jammu DC has likewise prompted instructive organizations o stay shut. “All schools, universities and scholarly establishments both private and government are encouraged to stay shut as a proportion of alert,” the warning said.

The requests come in perspective on the increased pressures in the territory over the organization of security troops and gossipy tidbits that the administration was wanting to scrap Article 35 An and Article 370, which accommodate extraordinary status to the province of Jammu and Kashmir.


So as this decision comes in, we do expect something big is going to happen in the area. It could be anything but as far as government and local citizen is concerned it should be with the development part of this part of India will now be under the president rule, hence moving forward with the ruling and procedures. Many people have been deprived of their right in J&K, many Hindu families were on the run from the human slaughter. Many of them have returned and many more returns. So let us hope that from now we can see Jammu & Kashmir as a more secure and beautiful place as it should have been.

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