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Escape to the Netherlands for a Refreshing Holiday Vacation


A tiny country of Europe, Netherlands is loaded with quite friendly and refreshing atmosphere with lots and lots of exceptional travel attractions. This Dutch country has hidden so many secrets in its gulf. Panoramic canals of Amsterdam, eye-catching tulip fields, postcard-worthy windmills, upbeat cheese markets and citizens riding bicycles all over the Netherlands in the fantastic ambience will definitely set up your mood. These are a few highlights from this Dutch nation.

For a rejuvenating holiday plan an itinerary to Netherland and explore amazing Dutch Icons with your beloved, here in this blog!!

Quick Take of the Netherlands

A northwestern European nation, officially known as the Kingdom of Netherlands and in some region still is called by its old name Holland. Most probably this dutch nation is renowned by its capital city Amsterdam but still, there are other cities too which need to be unveiled. It is known for its charming villages, towns set in a gorgeous landscape and impressive castles The best way to capture and explore the alluring beauty of this country is by cycling. Come with us and explore popular cities and their attractions!!!

Explore the Capital City – Amsterdam

The capital city is abode to the captivating canals running along its 400-year-old streets and thus it is known as the “Venice of North”. Every corner of Amsterdam is bustling with architectural masterpieces, heritage buildings, ancient museums, art galleries and spectacular theatres which will blow your mind. When you start your cycling tour in its unique landscape, you will witness different styles of Canalside mansions cafes, stores and hotels constructed by famous artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer which are also a sight to behold.

Couples at Amsterdam Canal Crossway / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Visit the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum and EYE Film Museum which are a treat for art lovers.
  • Explore Jordaan for beautiful bars, restaurants, antique shops and courtyard gardens.
  • Take snapshots at Keukenhof the botanical garden of known for Tulip Fields in Lisse.
  • Enjoy a Canal Cruise ride across the canal belt in Amsterdam.
  • Go on a day trip to Zaanse Schans windmills.

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Ride Boat through the Canal of Leiden

After Amsterdam, Leiden is the only city of Netherland with the most astonishing bridges, canals and moats. Sightseers can step into Rembrandt’s hometown and explore Leidens rich history. They can wander around its attractive canals and the ancient streets located in the centre. Leiden’s moats are among the biggest city fortifications in Europe with an intact structure. Discover Leiden’s scenic university with its endless stunning museums, canals, and courtyards.

University of Leiden Netherlands / Image Credit:

Popular Things to do at in Leiden, Netherlands

  • Visit the Fantastic City Park – The Plantsoen
  • Discover The Zijlpoort, Hortus Botanicus Leiden and Leidse Schouwburg.
  • Enjoy boating in the city, cross beneath the remarkable bridges, such as the Visbrug and Koornbrug.
  • Rembrandt’s hometown is worth a visit.

Discover the Architectural City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second-largest city of the Netherlands, dwelled on the banks of Nieuwe Mass making it a popular and world’s largest port city. It is renowned for trendy nightlife city and extraordinary artistic architecture. Rotterdam is as popular for its vibrant travel options as it is with its many fine museums, beautiful buildings and maritime attractions in and around the city centre. You can enjoy shopping, eat well at various dining options. Watch modern houses and stroll on its bridges.

Cube Houses Rotterdam, Netherland / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions in Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • The Old Harbor and Marine Museums, Museum of Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • Visit Rotterdam’s medieval building – Great St. Lawrence Church which was destroyed during WWII and icon of Dutch modernism – Van Nellefabriek
  • Create Snaps outside the enchanting Cube Houses.
  • Take the wonderful sight of Erasmus Bridge.
  • Shop at impressive indoor market Hall.

Relax on the Beaches of the Hague

The Hague is the only major town of Netherland with a shore immediately located on the coast of the North Sea. The city boasts plenty of landmarks and trendy inns for its travel guests. It houses the historic Binnenhof from where the government operates and the King’s office palace is on the Noordeinde. Visit Scheveningen Pier from there the tram takes you to Kijkduin at both places, you can cherish the sunset, relax on the beachfront. The Hogue Veluwe National Park is the Netherlands’ largest nature reserve known for cycling, bird watching and biking.

Scheveningen Pier, The Hague / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions in The Haque, Netherlands

  • Admire the biggest Mondrian collection, Royal Picture Gallery of Mauritshuis and the Kunstmuseum in The Hague.
  • For Beach Lovers – Kijkduin & Scheveningen Pier are the most pleasing.
  • Explore Madurodam the miniature city inside The Hague.
  • Tour the Omniversum dome movie theatre.

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Utrecht – An Offbeat City of the Netherlands

Utrecht is a lively city located in the heart of the Netherlands. It was built around the Dom tower, from there you can see any point in the city. Utrecht boasts beautiful canals with extraordinary dock cellars housing cafes, beautiful and terraces across the water. Utrecht boasts hundreds of other monuments that each contribute to the special ambience in this centuries-old university town.

De Haar Castle Utrecht / Image Credits:

Popular Attractions in Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Visit De Haar Castle which is the largest and most luxurious castle of the Netherlands.
  • Explore Railway museum and The Miffy Museum with your kids in Utrecht.
  • Spend some time at the Oude Hortus botanical garden.
  • Go on a boat excursion to cherish every corner of Utrecht province.
  • Watch Trajectum Lumen which is a light-art pathway that enlightens Utrecht.

Uncover Medieval Era & Vibrant culture at Maastricht

Maastricht is one of the oldest cities of the dutch nation which offers an amalgam of medieval era architecture with vibrant modern culture. Travellers can discover when strolling through the historic inner city visit stunning churches, click selfies at painted city walls and enjoy shopping through various shops. Stroll and dine out at the market of Maastricht. Enjoy the landscape of the city via cruise ride.

Cruise Ride at Maastricht Netherland / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions in Maastricht, Netherlands

  • Visit Bonnefantenmuseum and discover its impressive modern art collection.
  • Pay a visit to historic Basilica of Saint Servatius, Centre Ceramique, Saint Peter’s Fortress and Het Vrijthof.
  • Learn more about Maastricht and Limburgs’s cultural heritage in permanent and temporary exhibitions.
  • Enjoy the most recognised square and caves of Maastricht.

Visit the City of Cheese – Alkmaar

Alkmaar is best known for its demand for cheeses and cheese market, which is the Netherlands’ oldest cheese market. You’re delighted with its beautiful old town with loads of courtyards, waterways and hundreds of terraces. It has many historic landmarks, fantastic shopping districts and countless cafés and restaurants making it easily accessible for any budget traveller. If you want to get out of town for a bit, there’s the beach and dunes in this Dutch town.

Cheese Market Alkmaar, Netherland / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions in Alkmaar, Netherlands

  • Museums which must visit in Alkmaar are Cheese Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Beer Museum and Beatles Museum.
  • Adore the buildings of Hofje van Paling en Van Foreest and St. Laurenskerk in Alkmaar and know the history of the city.

Eindhoven – The Design Capital of the Netherlands

Eindhoven city of Netherland is a perfect blend of with creativity, unique attractions and design innovation with a touch of the untouched panorama. It is a city of unparalleled events which combine design and technology but also a city which offers excellent food and shopping. This mixture of the modern city and traditionally Brabantse ambience makes Eindhoven one of Netherlands’ most exciting cities. Uncover the city’s beautiful bike path and relax in Het Groene Woud Park’s natural surroundings.

The Blob Eindhoven Netherland / Image Credit:

Popular Things to do at Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • Head towards the Creativity region of The Stripp S.
  • Discover the Evoluon, an educational museum.
  • Attend the largest Dutch fashion week.
  • View the spectacular architectural building – The Blob.
  • Learn culture and design art at the Van Abbemuseum and Designhuis.

Best Time to Visit the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most visited countries during the peak summer months. Apart from summers, you can pay a visit in Spring months which is perfect for witnessing the abundance of greenery and gorgeous Tulip fields.

There are more cities in the Netherlands like Amersfoort, Delft, Den Bosch, Arnhem, Groningen City, Nijmegen which you can also visit. The popular one we have mentioned above for small holiday vacation. Till we come with the next blog, keep reading and stay connected with us!!

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