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Right From The Heart Of Croatia, A Small Island To Fall For – Šolta


Šolta is one of the undiscovered islands of Croatia, and it is exactly what makes the place a perfect place for vacation. There are several exciting things to indulge, no matter if it’s a day’s stay or a couple of days…

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Geographically know the place

Šolta in Croatia belongs to the Dalmatian archipelago. The island fits in the area that ie 58 .98 km² with only 1700 people living there. The major settlement residing at Šolta is Grohote. The island is comparatively near to Slipt in the south. Beaches with crystal clear blue water, farms, picturesque landscapes, and the best wine to sip are some factors that lure tourists here around the year.

Let’s check what is going to make you visit the place often.

The beauty of beaches and bay

Solta Beach
Solta Beach / Image credit:

Šolta has some perfect beaches to its credit. Stomorska a village in Šolta, Croatia is a hub odd sailing harbor and beaches. Tatinja is yet another town that ensures beautiful beaches filled with pebble pave. If you are in a mood to stay more on the beach, take a ferry to connect with other beaches as well. Stay till evening and enjoy the scenic beauty of sunset reflecting through the waters.

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Snorkeling, scuba, and other water activities

Šolta Sailing Adventure
Šolta Sailing Adventure / Image credit:

Beaches means exciting water activities. Book yourself for snorkeling and scuba diving and explore the exotic marine life. There are few professional Snorkeling centers at your service and allow you to explore and enjoy with all safety aspects. Jorja bay is one of the favorite bay as there are quite colorful and vibrant coral deep in the water and snorkeling and Scuba diving ensures a beautiful experience.

Outdoor activities – Hike through the hills and ride a bike to Stomorska.

Solta hiking adventure
Solta hiking adventure / Image credit:

Cycling through the Šolta bike routes is an adventurous and enthralling experience. Take about through tarmac road and reach Stomorska. Riding through groves and stone paths to curving roads and watch beautiful sea and beaches too. The highest point of the Šolta island is Vela Straza. Hiker often comes here for a wonderful hiking experience and for the mesmerizing view from the top.

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Visit Ostrich Farm

Ostrich farm, Solta
Ostrich farm, Solta / Image credit:

It is quite amazing how giant bird-like Ostrich adjusting to the humid, sea weather of the Šolta. There is a large Ostrich Farm near Gornje Selo in Šolta. It is much unlikely to go near them, of course, but you can click some pictures and add them to the memory book.

Boating and fishing

Tourists taking a halt for the day a two at Šolta enjoy boat sail and fishing in the Šolta sea waters. It will be an inexpensive yet extremely delighted experience. The fishermen of Šolta are friendly and easy-going people. Just relax and make sure you catch a fish or two!

Accommodation at Šolta

Solta Accomodation
Solta Accomodation / Image credit:

It all depends on the extent of your vacation. Of you are for a day you basically need an Apartment arrangement that is available in Šolta for quick to freshen up. There are some fabulous resorts and hotels with amenities and luxury facing beautiful beaches. Book prior arrival for a hustle free stay.

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Food and shopping

Solta Food
Solta Food / Image credit:

Try traditional and authentic dishes of Šolta. There are several restaurants and cafes emerging in the city to explore the Croatian cuisine. Seafood is on high demand the tourists who visit the island. The island produces the best red wine right from the local grapes. Authentic honey and extra virgin oil are popular in Šolta, don’t forget to shop for friends and family.

A vacation on the island feels right from movies. Beaches, sunrise, waterfalls, sea-facing resorts make every inch of stress to evaporate. Plan a yearly vacation with your loved one or go solo and experience Solta for a lifetime!

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