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Explore Joinville – Santa Catarina, The City of Dance


Joinville is the largest city in Santa Catarina state, in the Southern region of Brazil. The city has a beautiful landscape rich in cultural activities, which became an attraction for tourists for a long time.

Comprises with hidden islands and caves to explore, you will be surprised by some unique activities to do over here. The city is a treasure box, land has so many things that are never seen before in life.

Pebble Island Photograph by Thomas Girondel
Pebble Island Photograph by Thomas Girondel / Image Credit:

Let’s not create much suspense about Joinville, in this article we had covered the top 7 tourist attractions at Joinville.

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1. Estrada Bonita

Estrada Bonita is located 20 kilometers from the main entrance of Joinville, in Santa Catrina. The overall path is beautifully designed enhancing the natural charm of the European look in Brazil.

The German Styled house architecture gives a magnetizing look for a tourist to stay over here and relax in a manicured garden.

Casal Gustavo e Julia - Estrada Bonita, Joinville
Casal Gustavo e Julia – Estrada Bonita, Joinville / Image credit:

If you’re looking for things to see and do in the area, you might like to visit Opa Bier Brewery and Joinville Garten Shopping Center.

2. Praia do Vigorelli, Beach

In the lap of ocean slopes, the mesmerizing beach Praia do Vigorelli is present. The quiet ocean around the little town, Vigorelli is considered the prominent seashore of Joinville.

Relatorio de balneabilidade aponta Vigorelli como propria para banho
Relatorio de balneabilidade aponta Vigorelli como propria para banho / Image credit:

The famous food over here is fish with drinks. One can enjoy these along the side of beaches. This beach is so relaxing that it became the picnic spot of tourist

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3. Morro da Boa Vista Viewpoint

Take a view of the city of Joinville, Morro da Boa Vista Viewpoint is the only place to visit here. When you reach the top, it was constructed in such a way that the review stage is inclined with 360 degrees views over the whole city, lakes, islands and mountains.


Morro dos Ventos Photo by Mato Grosso
Morro dos Ventos Photo by Mato Grosso / Image credit:

There is an option to visit by transport if anyone is interested. However, the path is easily walkable to reach this viewpoint. The beautiful water fountain will welcome you on the top once you hit there.

4. Parque da Expoville

Parque da Expoville is famous for its open spaces landscape in Joinville. To explore this place,  you can take a paddleboat to explore the various tourist points like ecological forest, verdant and rollerblade. At some places, you can choose cycling also and enjoy a picnic with your friends and family.

Parque de Atividades Expoville
Parque de Atividades Expoville / Image credit:

Apart from all these, there are various shopping center is present with traditional delicacy items.

5. Parque Zoobotanica

Parque Zoobotanica is a graceful park probably the greatest fascination and an incredible recreation region for the groups of Joinville. A spot that unites the individuals who either prefer climbing or running can be done without any stress. Commonplace of the interaction with animals and greeneries.

Zoobotanico e parques serao reabertos na proxima semana em Joinville
Zoobotanico e parques serao reabertos na proxima semana em Joinville / Image credit:

This is planned in such a way as to satisfy a need from the city’s occupants, the Zoobotanic Park was made with the target of upgrading the remainder of the Atlantic Forest. Also giving a recreation territory to guests that would permit direct contact with nature.

The combination of animal exhibition, the resting space, hiking, and an open-air gym will make your holiday complete for sure.

6. Gutbrau

Gutbrau is a common destination of a miniature distillery, café, bar, adventure across the place. The facilities over here are reasonable in terms of food and other services.

10 melhores pontos turisticos de Joinville cervejaria gutbrau
10 melhores pontos turisticos de Joinville cervejaria gutbrau / Image credit:

The friendly gesture with the European touch in the overall atmosphere will stop you to spare some time here.

7. Joinville Portico

Joinville Portico is one of the central attractions of the city. The one who arrives here through their vehicles can easily reach this place.

Portico Joinville, Santa Catarina
Portico Joinville, Santa Catarina / Image credit:

The building was made up of utilizing the half-timbered method, influenced by German and Dutch architecture formulas. Furthermore, the landmark traces back to 1979 and as of now houses the city’s Department of Tourism.

Cultural life at Joinville

Joinville is not only known as “City of Flowers” but also famous as “The City of Dance”  and “City of Bicycles”. This city is the most interesting zone concerning cultural and adventure events.

The Bolshoi Theater School became the attraction point for the artist to join at Joinville. What else a theatre lover needs i.e. curtain goes up, the lights turned on, and a huge round of applauds from the audience. The stunning groups from across the world come here to perform their dance on stages in Joinville.

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This school of dance became the hub for ballet dance lovers for teaching and learning. Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil, the region is a fundamental step for any Brazilian huge name artist, just as a couple of worldwide artists, similar to American David Parsons and Russian Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Dance Festival in the City of Flowers Joinville
Dance Festival in the City of Flowers Joinville / Image credit:

Gala Night invites dance artists that every tourist must-see on their trip to Joinville. Such names as Paula Alves, Cícero Gomes and Mayara Magri, significant artists in Brazil and around the planet, ran into each other in Joinville while attempting their first jumps and turns.

The entrance to the city is styled in German style, including the scenes like rivalries, workshops that are held at squares, shopping centers and markets.

When to visit Joinville

The city of Joinville is rich in hosting cultural heritage events. In the second half of the year, around July, the world’s biggest Dance Festival happens every year which lasts for 11 days. The admirers of body art reserve their seats in advance to attend this dance event.

Moreover, in November, there is the Flower Festival. The city uncovered a progression of uncommon blossoms, orchids, etc. In expansion, it has an occasion that incorporates different components, like dance, gastronomy and music.

Grupo Metal Brasil - Estudo Felipe Mortiz
Grupo Metal Brasil – Estudo Felipe Mortiz / Image credit:

Last but not the least, we have the Jazz Festival in the city, which happens in October for three days. Workshops are conducted for the artists to showcase their creativity in the world of dance.

Joinville Flower Festival
Joinville Flower Festival / Image credit:

Hope you enjoyed the city which holds multiple titles and world-famous gala nights culture. The city has perhaps the best quality of living in Latin America. The fusion with German Culture with Latin American style will amaze you in terms of ancient German architecture, local cuisines, and local lifestyles. Your trip to Brazil may be incomplete without hitting the land of dance i.e. Joinville.

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