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Explore Belarus – Heart And Soul of Europe


Belarus is a country located on the eastern side of Europe. Earlier Belarus was known to be White Russia or Belorussia. You will be amazed to know that Belarus is famous with the name as Lungs of Europe also!!

The reason behind visiting Belarus is its landscape, wealth of backwoods, lakes, and soothing environmental factors. Belarus is eminent for its Stalinist design and stunning natural scenes. Belarus is full of dazzling beauty scenes like a lavish forest, lakes and mountains. There are so many modern cities to explore in Belarus.

Belarus Tourism
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To fill your bucket list with ideal spots to visit in Belarus, here are the top 10 places that you should visit in this wonderful city of Europe.

1. Minsk, The Capital city of Belarus

Minsk is established on the primary transportation courses interlinking the parts of Western Europe and East districts of Baltic states and the Balck Sea.

Belarus Minsk
Belarus Minsk / Image credit:

Minsk is the capital of Belarus comprises various tourist attractions. One of the largest public squares in entire Europe. This place is perfect for evening walks enjoying the water fountains with beautiful colorful lights. The corridors of Minsk are the main spot for visitors to spend quality time at cafes, shopping malls, clubs, and musical concerts.

2. Minsk Sea

From 10 kilometers away from the city Minsk, this beautiful Sea named as Minsk Sea is located. In the year 1956, this artificial lake was constructed to stop floods of the  Svislač river.

Enjoy Summer Vacations in Belarus
Enjoy Summer Vacations in Belarus / Image credit:

The Minsk Sea is one of the places in Belarus to capture sunset photographs along with dense forests. Feel the fresh water on the tremendous seashores. In winters, most of the areas here are canvassed in snow. This section will give you the exciting sensation of grim winter fantasy.

The activities you can enjoy here at Minsk Sea are Volleyball and take a rented bicycle. The bankside is also on the top-rated party destinations in Belarus.

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3. Holy Intercession Cathedral

Belarus is also famous for Orthodox churches and one of them is the Holy Intercession Cathedral of the town. These ancient churches have many historical facts to be known.

Old World Wedding Inspiration from Belarus
Old World Wedding Inspiration from Belarus / Image credit:

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the wonderful art of Baranovichi. Showcasing the incredible culture which interlinks many people at this common point.

4. Mir Castle

Mir Castle is the only palace that has a traditional military design that showcases the long history of this region. It was built in the sixteenth century with a wonderful lakeside. The building has a total five pinnacles made of substituting blocks and huge rocks.

Belarus Mir Castle Complex
Belarus Mir Castle Complex / Image credit:

The castle also has a burial vault of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky Princes. This landscape is designed with an artificial lake and Mir ghetto memorial.

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5. Polotsk

The oldest town of Belarus is Polotsk. Polotsk is the best city with having beautiful history for the attraction of tourists. The amazing social occasions are world-famous.

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One of the famous organ performance “St. Sophia’s Bells”, which is being conducted every November at Cathedral of St. Sophia.

6. Lida Castle

Lida Castle was built in the mid-fourteenth century which is serving the rich history festivals. The celebration with high competitions draws the members from Belarus in European nations.

Knights' Festivals in Belarus
Knights’ Festivals in Belarus / Image credit:

Today Lida Castle became the seasonal vacation spot, attracting thousands of visitors each year. In summers, knights’ tournaments are commonly held in this Belarus palace. This place is perfect for ice skating sports for adventurers.

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7. Trinity Hill

Trinity Hill is charming with amusement of Minsk’s pre-war structures on a beautiful twist at the north side. This hill has so many options to explore that no get bored once hitting on this hill. The streets full of cafes and shops will let stop you spend an entire day over here. The most famous  Island of Courage and Sorrow is also referred to as the Island of Tears which adds extra charm to Belarus.

Trinity Subrub, Belarus
Trinity Subrub, Belarus / Image credit:

There are so many historical centers available which showcase the tales of Belarus. Not only this, a classical book shop and drug store highlighting an assortment of drug utensils. Another tourist attraction is the place of nature situated inside the temple. This region also has some modern architecture buildings for open public shows and ballet dances.

8. Brest Railway Museum

Are you a train lover? So this Brest Railway Museum will attract you for sure. This museum is designed in such a way that railyard loaded up with in the form of trains from past many years. This is the only solitary open-air railroad gallery in Belarus. This museum has a significant identity which is only found in Belarus in whole Europe.

Sightseeing in Brest, Belarus
Sightseeing in Brest, Belarus / Image credit:

This museum holds so many historical instruments which give evidence of World War II. You will chance to discover the two German steam machines in this museum. From the 19th century, the old telegram machine will surprise your visit over here. This museum is the perfect destination for a history researcher.

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9. Braslav Lake Area

Braslav Lakes National Park was established in the Belarusian Lake Area in 1995. The lake is very pleasant and if you can closely look into the scenic beauty of this place which depicts the formation of an Ice age.

Braslav Lakes Braslau National Park
Braslav Lakes Braslau National Park / Image credit:

The icy mass, a large portion of the Braslav Lakes has a very sophisticated structure with bluffy banks. This spot is full of amusement with fun activities like fishing and water sports. The mountain climber and hikers usually visit here for their adventure passion. In summers, one can take a cruise tour on Drivyaty Lake which is associated with the place also.

10. Tower of Kamyenets

The unique piece of defense architecture can be seen in the form of the town of Kamenets, Brest Oblast. In the late thirteenth century, the tower was built in Romanesque style. This makes the pinnacle a remarkable fascination in the country.

Kamenets, Belarus
Kamenets, Belarus / Image credit:

The Kamenets Tower comes under UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. And that is why this amazing historical monument is exceptionally marked in the Middle Ages in Western Europe.

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The country Belarus is a perfect blend of historical touch and natural charm. If you an ancient evidence lover or a nature photographer, this is the place where all your passion gets a single destination in the whole of Europe.

All Belasrus Festival of National Cultures
All Belasrus Festival of National Cultures / Image credit:

So what are you waiting for? Make a plan explore this amazing multi-cultural country  with your partner for sure.

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